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KB- My Dairy….SS/OS! Part 3


Who are We?

Yeah I know Diary, i m late but what to do works and loads and all, in short a hectic day! The thought that arose in my mind today is who we actually are? I know you will answer humans, haha yeah we are humans but who we actually are? Who you actually are? You are the person that you are to world or you are the person that you are to yourself? A human naturally has many faces, not just 2 but many! Different faces at different situations of life! It makes me confused who I am? A jealous person? A helpful person? A hurting person? A curious person? A desperate person? A Happy person? A sad person? Seriously Who Am I? A friend? Enemy? It confuses me, sometimes i feel like i m lying to myslef! I m a different person to world at different events of my life! We as a human have a very bad nature and that’s we look for our advantages in every point of our life! Even if we remember God it’s only for our benefit ,i m not saying it’s wrong i m saying we are selfish! Sometimes selfless too! We are always coming up with mixed emotions! I still do remember When i was kid, Tania(my sister) was born, i was so jealous as she was actually like a soft kitten, she was so cute, everyone used to give her the attention that i was always given! I was always jealous of her and this sounds so bad but at some situations of our life, we are forced to feel jealous even when there’s no need! When your bestfriend gets more compliments than you, there’s a part of your heart which gets jealous! I m not saying all but majority of us are selfish at some points of our life hence this concludes that it is a human’s nature! And Nature comes Naturally so we can’t change it Right? Who we are to world? As for me i think i m a different person, sometimes Talkative ,sometimes silent! Sometimes Rude! Sometimes funny! Like i said we have different faces, some of them we show to world, some of them we show to ourselves! You know, when you try to hurt someone ,you feel a little pain too even if you hurt your enemy a part of your heart feels pain! Always! If you hurt your mother with your harsh words, those harsh words not only Echos in your mother’s ear but yours too, because more than your mother you feel pain! We are also unfaithful sometimes too! We were never unfaithful yet we can’t become faithful! We even suffer from the punishment for the sin we even have never committed! But That’s you actually are! You are sometimes so busy in being someone else that you forget what you actually were! So whom to blame? Ourselves? Not really, we have different natures so we actually sometimes are jealous ,sad, desperate and so on… Okay So enough of thoughts now diary you know what Happened I met him, he was so Weird! Last night Tania took me out for the movie right? I met him there ,actually he was sweet but weird, his name was Abhi, actually what happened i was talking over phone and so unlucky i collided with him ,so his all popcorns got wasted, i accepted it was all my mistake i even said Sorry! But he asked me to get another deal! I said him i had no money but he started shouting! But he was so childish! He? why am i talking about him! You know i think i have met him before too but i don’t remember!

Have your dinnerrr pragyaa diii!

Pragya: Comingggg Taniaa!

May be i met him, but i don’t know but it’s dinner time so need to go, so bye bye!

Pre recap: I met her! She still looks same!


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Credit to: SA

  1. amazing like always loved it carry on the way it is. First time reading q so touching ff . loved i know i am sorry for not commenting on others ff as i dont get time i will try to comment sorry

  2. Trisha

    Superb SA???… Loved it… As usual it was well written… Love your thoughts… All the best and keep up the awesome writing???


    perfećto fantastićo yo it was no no why should I say it was actually it is I must say this is it… and the charm of the stor is this diary which is actually making this interesting and me desperate yes I eagerly wait for the next page of diary as I am in love with this You are TA person didn’t got it right let me tell u it is,truly amazing yes u are truly amazing wonderful thoughts of a wonderful person ??????

  4. Prathi

    Why was Abhi yelling at Pragya for spilling his popcorn!? ??Small boy

  5. Every line is perfect.U have said exactly right.Tum ne bilkul perfectly explain ki hai hum sub ke views jo hum sochte hai.Tum ne bilkul sahi kaha bohat selfish hai hum ke GOD ko bhi sirf apni zarorat ke waqt yad karte hai.This is so amazing.Seriously,i just ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????luv it.Yr bohat acha se bhi acha explain kiya hai.??

  6. its awesome dr….

  7. Superb….

  8. Maahi

    yaar I am srry but somehow I flt tht u may be my SS srry fr tht yaar but u know wat UR A MIRACLE IN MY WORLD BCOZ I REALLY FEEL PLEASURE TO NJOY UR WRITINGS OOPSS WAT I SAID WRITINGS HAA NO DR ITS UR INCREDIBLE THOUGHTS R I SAY UR BEHAVIOUR ND u knw wat daily I use to question myself tht y shld I act before others leaving behind wat I am soo I nvr act soo I use to get scoldings frm my teachers fr being silly but wat to do thts wat my nature nd I dont want to change tht fr others yaar nd uu said right tht smetimes v forget being ourselves in our busy schedule nd I pity on myself fr tht but ur Incredibly Incredible u just stole my heart nd the best part is ur gvng attention to society rather than being it fr abhigya nd thts wat I loved a lotttttttttttttttttt keep rocking dr loads of love

  9. superb

  10. Nice one yaar… These random thoughts has got some beauty in it… ?

    1. What u have said?These random thoughts have some beauty in it.I think this line is perfect for it. ??

  11. Reshma Pradeep

    I Really Dont know who you are……….But your thoughts are Trulyyyyy Amazingggggggggg yaar……….I am in LOVE with your Diary……..Bcoz, Everyday it force me to think about your questions…….Todays was AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!Loved it to the core♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  12. nice……… intersting

  13. amazing dear………

    wondrful thoughts……….

  14. Sharaya


  15. RiyaDcruz

    Soooooperbbbb yaar just nw I read all ur episodes oops sorry thoughts those are amazing I just luv ur thought nd ur narration is perfect Pls update regularly……….

  16. Riyashri

    Seriously Extremely very very SORRY !! I actually thought u r My Somiya di at first but then today seeing your reply I came to know that I was wrong !!! Sorry again !!
    And U no need to be sorry as U had become one of My sis/bro long ago so whatever u call me ….. I would be very Happy with it !! ???So now coming to the fact Your updates has become something soooooooooo Special to me !! Till now u hav really made be Amused with your Amazingggggggggggggg Thoughts !!!?????? And I am very sure U would continue the same with more of Your Extraordinary Thoughts !!??? Today’s update ………………….. I Loved it sooooooo soooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much !!???????????????????? Each & Every Line is making me to think more & I am really getting confused about who am I now ??????
    But for now I hav turned into The Bigggggggggggggggggggggggggest Fan of This Wonderful Writer !!!!! ??????Love u Loads !!!??????Be Awesomeeeeeeeee Always !!!! ???
    Very Sorry for the late comment !!

  17. Awesome episode really ur way of writing s really impressive thn u SD 100℅ true no one vl b gentle all the time n also no human vl b rude in all the time I really liked ur way of writing yaar

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