KB- My Dairy….SS/OS! Part 2

A different thought!

I hate those people who believe that we are gonna die next second! Wait wait wait what i said? I never meant it! What i wanna say is not this that forget the death the thing which i wanna say is God has created us Right? So we should live this life rather than thinking that it’s useless to live the life because you will die and what’s the need of this life? Being religious is not the thing you need to be, contributions into religion is not a difficult task at all man! If you can go at moon if you can accomplish that difficult task why not this? Well religious is not all you should be you should always be confined to God and i think that’s it! First 5 years of your life you don’t know what you are up to ,but still those 5 years you contribute each and every second of yours into your parent’s life!

Your first cry made others so happy, your laugh, your first word , your first step, your innocence ,your cuteness ,your silliness is loved by all and then at age of 5 you are sent to school ,that’s a happy moment for your parents, because they have the dreams with you, till age of 18 you are often praised! Objurgated! Insulted ,criticised but everything has it’s own enjoyment , when you are praised your heart glows up! When you are insulted you feel low and exhausted but to overcome that insult you work hard and that makes you, afterall this is a life! After 18 you work hard for the career yeah it depends if you waste your time you waste your life because we all have to work hard for our careers if you aren’t working hard it’s somehow advantageous too ,don’t take me wrong like for the upcoming generation your time wasting would be a lesson for them! But never that much advantageous! Okay when you reach 25, you are enough mature for the new life like marrige and all but it depends upon you whether you want to move on with this decision or would work hard for the rest of career! Here comes the Society , To which i have definition: A place created by us and destroyed by us!

Afterall animals never make societies ,we make it and then we blame it! Isn’t that funniest thing? After you are 30 it becomes a task for you to get married but still it’s just a task right and yeah people force you but until you don’t want to you shouldn’t feel forced though! Right after that if you choose to be Married ,you live a pleasant life even then,but it’s pleasant if you choose the right soul partner but i don’t believe in this all! Okay after that you have kids you enjoy every moment with them! Inbetween this you are often forced to face many challenges of life, you live the life and you also face the life! That’s more likely a roller coaster! You fear it but still enjoy it! Oh wel i forgot something and that’s emotions! Emotions? What are these? Ever thought? Happiness? ,sadness? Possessiveness? Love? Hatred? Are these emotions? Exactly they are but Memo tell me what do you mean by Emotions? Strong feelings they are, the feelings at different circumstances, different situations , different events! You go through different emotions for example heartbreak ,loneliness and many more but you overcome them and this is indeed the great thing in you! Overcoming heartbreak isn’t easy but once you do it you make your life easy! To be very honest….

Abhi still Talking with Memo? Com’on man we have to go for the movie, you promised us Yaar!

He’s my brother Sooraj ,who is always asking me to stop writing everything in diary ,but Memo: My diary i always share these things with you! So would be continuing it tomorrow with new thoughts! Till then Good night, Sleep tight! Haha how can a diary sleep?

Abhiiiiiiiii i will burn your diary!

Abhi: Cominggggggg
Memo don’t be afraid, he is jealous of you!byeee will be back with new thoughts!

Pre recap: I met him, he was so weird!

Guys all of you are really sweet! I want to thank every person who read last part of this story! I was so glad that you guys actually liked the last part! And yeah sorry silent readers i really don’t know your names so can’t thank you individualy so Thank you so much Silent readers! And the one’s who commented:

Saakshi: i m glad you found it interesting and as you found my first part interesting tell me whether you found this part also interesting? Would be waiting for the comment ,Thank you so much ?

Prathi: Thanks for the encouragement! I loved your comment! ?

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Maahi: I love you for this ? your comment ?? and to you too keep rocking with your one shots!

Trisha: Thank you so much! Yeah this truth! We rarely accept it! Keep rocking with your ff!

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Sharaya: Thanks Girl ? waiting for your ff!

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Guys sorry if i didn’t mentioned anyone’s comment ,it’s because i only got these 14 comments till this time! And to all Silent readers Thank you so much ? you guys made my day! Byeee and do comment!

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  1. Most boring serial in the world#kumkum

  2. Trisha

    Thank you so much SA?… Part 2 is just as awesome as Part 1… Love their thoughts… Well written… Keep up the good work dear???

  3. Nice work yaar… Ur way of writing is something different…. I liked it…. ?????

  4. Amazing yaar loved it . No one can stop me from commenting. It’s so touching. Loved it

  5. Riyashri

    Really Awesome!!!! I loved it Sooo much!! Keep Rocking!!!!

    1. Riyashri

      I am now pretty sure who the author is !! Becoz u had typed My name wrongly in your above reply….But the truth is u hav typed it correctly … Only one person knows my name !! So if u see this time tooooo your Shun found u !!!


    u rocked it yr genuinely I am telling it first of all write the narration which is thru diaries and u r writing the same so obviously I am loving it and then ur way to write its damn awesome I want to do this ????????????????????????????????????????????????? It was perfect without any doubt ?

  7. Prathi

    Hey so both have same thoughts!!! Wow excited for their meeting… Awesome Yaar keep writing

  8. Wow awsm aftr saumia ,u r my fav writr SA!

  9. Nice yaar…

  10. Reshma Pradeep

    Your thoughts are just AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!! Each & Everything is Narrating as much of PERFECTNESS……..Loved it………

  11. Maya

    Perfect narration with so much of perfection and the way u express their thoughts is so perfect!!! Perfectly Perfect with so much of uniqueness and sensibility! I loved it to the core! Eagerly waiting for the next one!

  12. It was so perfect!! Really loved it…

  13. Super…

  14. Maahi

    yaar ur highly incredible in ur thoughts but dont knw yy I strongly feel tht ur somu srry if I am wrong but I still feel soo ….but girl who ever ur trust me society would gets its pride by the meaning u define it bcoz nowadays v ourselves destroyed its pride so society would be thankful to uu girl who respected it in diff means hatsoff to ur dizzz thought but the precap seeems sooo intrtsng I once again say UR A MONUMENT OF INCREDIBILITY BY UR THOUGHTS nd omg u read my OS haaaa I am soo glad dr it means a lottttt keep rocking dr loads of love

  15. Somiya,u have write it perfectly.ur everyline is just completely perfect.Keep writing and rocking as there r many fans of urs.I am waiting for next update.i seriously luv it from heart ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????:-)

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