KB- Angry birds! OS


Abhi and Pragya’s fight….

A: Y u can’t see that I am not like that!
P: No! U are just being ridiculous!
A: Listen! I am telling u many times that I cant be like that!
P: Why u cant be like that? Just becoz u are a rockstar it doesn’t mean u cannot be like that! It’s just a simple thing to do!
A: But don’t u dare throw my stuff that u are holding onto now!
P: I will! As u are not listening to me!!!
A: No!! Its my number 1 mobile! Iphone! I cant bear to see its fall!!
P: Then u should leave my Number 1 novel!
A: Like seriously just becoz i am holding onto this book? U are gg to throw my phone! And number 1?
P: Ya its number 1 and best selling novel in US!

A: In US not here so I don’t care!
Dadi just entered the room and yelled ” U two are like angry birds!! Why are u all shouting like this!! Don’t u all know that guests are in the living hall! And everyone can hear your fight!!”

Both Abhi and Pragya were looking at all directions to hide their embarrasement….

Dadi ” Now tell me what is the matter that two of u fighting about?”

Abhi ” Its….actually…about….”
Dadi ” I know u won’t tell Abhi…Pragya at least u tell about it”
Pragya ” Actually dadi…its…about…” Dadi was losing her patience and said ” If u two never tell then I will call all the guests here to ask about that!”
Both Abhi and Pragya were shocked and said at the same moment ” Actually we forgot what we were fighting about….”

Dadi laughed out loud and said ” U two fight until that u all forgot about the matter for which the fight started for!! Now just forget about this and come down to have dinner!”

Both nodded their head in response and were about to follow dadi to leave the room.That’s when Abhi hold Pragya’s hand and stopped her for a while.
A: Wait! I want to ask u something!
P: What now?
A: How did Dadi know about Angry birds?
P: She is playing that and very crazy about the game!
A: What? When did this happen?
P: When u passed your old mobile to her!
A: Oh I see! Ok now have to control from playing that game! She also looked like a angry bird just now!
P: Really? If she hears this then she will surely turn into one!
A: Pls don’t tell her! I will buy u all your favourite author’s novels!!
P: That’s nice to hear

Both went to have their dinner and finding it a bit awkward as all the guests knew that they were fighting very loudly….

I wrote 2 OS so far in different name to destress myself…and the second one is so boring…I am not in a mood to update my ff as i am busy studying but will do it once my mind is free but until then u all can expect for random OS…now its back to my study mode again! Goodbye! Sayonara! And i really dont know whether this OS is nice or not…if its not nice so sorry for that…i wrote in a rush of 15 mins…thats my time limit ???

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Soooo funny yaar……..

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  8. I actually wanted to thank u all for the OS that I posted recently in this period, Love is felt not said….

    1. I had already thanked u all under the name of better not to be known but i felt that i should do it again for that one!?

  9. so funny…..????????????

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  11. For this one I have nothing to say! If u all enjoyed it then I am happy!? If not so sorry? for the disturbance thr this OS. And Saranya as I said earlier ff is possible after 14 june…so sorry!

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