A KAYU FS (Episode 3)


Hello everybody. I am back with third shot. Guys seriously I was pleased with the comments I got in previous shot…… but I didn’t get as much comments I expected in my last epi of kaala teeka an unusual story….. leave all that I’ll start my third shot….

Raina shares a good equation with yug and gauri. One day while playing……
YUG – No raina. No cheating.
RAINA – But bhaiyaa its not my chance.
YUG – See after naina its ur chance. That was only decided.
RAINA – Tumi ekdom impossible.
YUG – What did u say right now?
RAINA – What?
YUG – U said something right now what did u say?
RAINA – AH!! Tumi ekdom impossible

Yug and kali are fighting for t.v’s remote.
YUG – Kali give it to me.
KALI – If u want come and get it.
Yug runs behind. His leg hits the table.
YUG – Ow!! Ow !!.
Kali rushes to him.
KALI – Kya hua? Is it paining?
YUG – Nahi !!
He snatches the remote.
KALI – Yug tumi ekdom impossible.
Yug laughs.
RAINA – Bhaiyaa what happened?
YUG – nothing.
They continue playing.

At night little raina goes to her mother’s room and sees her asleep. She goes to a drawer and takes out a book.
RAINA – Mil gaya mumma ka diary.
She takes it and goes to her room. She turns to the first page and reads
“ I am Kali Jha. My life was full of hardships and struggles. From my childhhod days I grew up without my father. In my school days I suffered a lot due to my poverty. My mother toiled a lot to make me grow. I grew up into a pretty girl…..”
Raina heard some noise and closes the diary. She keeps the diary back and dozes off. The next night she again takes the diary again and read
“ in college I loved a boy and very soon we got married. I was pregnant with raina. Myself and my mother-in-law were returning to give this good news but an accident caused me to lose my mother-in-law. After few days I returned to home. I couldn’t find my hubby but a shocking incident took place there. I left that place in silence. I was helpless. I couldn’t do anything. Till today I weep at the incident that took place there. “

Raina hears footsteps. She keeps the diary under her pillow and pretends to sleep. Her mom comes there and leaves. Raina gets up and reads once again
“ I left that place and moved to mumbai. I started to work and I earned enough to support myself and raina. We lived a peaceful life but….”
RAINA – Oh no mumma has written only half. I need to find out what happened.

What happened 8 years ago?
Will raina find out that yug is her father?
What is there in the incomplete story?

For ur answers keep reading “ A KAYU FS”

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    keep it up dear!!!!

    1. Saasha123

      Thanq di….

  2. NIce dear and i get to know about ur CM jayalalitha it’s bad but good to u have school holidays i m also expecting coz bangalore is near tamil nadu na so but no holidays my friends said modi should die not jayalalitha she is so good and we will surely get holiday he is PM na 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Saasha123

    Thank u di for ur comment and yes she was a great cm unfortunately she had to die….. I agree with u and ur friends that pm should die… He gives us only problems…

    1. Hey Sasha eppadi iruku school padikiradhulayum concentrate pannu enna kala teeka lost its charm no one are interested so no one comments but I really love ur ff but please don’t waste ur time for one or two members if u r free write os it’s short and sweet and ff are time killing so as a well wisher I say concentrate on studies

      1. Please don’t mistake me i just feel to comment so I did don’t take it seriously???by the way a mysterious story nice keep it up

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