A KAYU FS (Episode 2)

I am here with the second shot. Without any further delay let’s start…

A few months pass by. Suddenly one day a news comes.
GAURI – Yug!!!Yug!!!
Yug comes.
GAURI – yug! U won’t believe!!
YUG – What wouldn’t I believe?
Yug stood there dumbstruck.

YUG – I knew it. I knew it. Where is she?
GAURI – How do I know.
YUG – Then how did u know she is alive?
YUG – But there are many kali chaudhary.
GAURI – U won’t believe right? See this pic.
She shows the pic.
YUG – gauri is this some kind of joke. U know how serious I am about this matter.
Gauri bursts into laughter.
GAURI – Oh bhaiya seriously!!!

YUG – Yeah yeah it is funny right laugh laugh as much as u want.
GAURI – Bhaiya!! Kali bhabhi is dead. U heard me she is NO MORE.
YUG- Just leave it and from when did u start calling me bhaiya. It doesn’t suit u.
GAURI – Ok then shall I call u dada. Dada is the word used to call brother in bengali. I think it suits u. Yug dada!!!!
YUG – just scam u spoilt brat!!
Gauri leaves laughing. Yug smiles. At that time a little girl comes knocking the door.
GIRL – Hello uncle!! My name is raina. We have shifted recently to the house next door. My mother sent to ask whether u have milk?
YUG – Oh u r soo cute!! And yes we have milk. Gauri gauri bring some milk.
Gauri brings the milk and gives the milk to raina.
RAINA – So then I’ll take a leave then.
She leaves.
LEELA – Yug I’ll not let u enter so easily.
YUG – Dadi……
LEELA – No. Kali kick the kalash and enter.

Kali does that and enters.
YUG – Dadi what is this? Let me enter…
LEELA – Oh so my grandson got angry. Ok but on one condition.
YUG – What?
LEELA – Lift her in the arms till ur room.
YUG –No dadi.
LEELA – Then stay out. Bye.
YUG – Ok.
He lifts kali in his arms. Darkhaast plays.
YUG – Hogaya!! Shall I let her down?
LEELA – Yes.

Yug lets her down.
LEELA – Enjoy ur first night. Bye.
She leaves.
YUG – Tum moti hogayi ho. Utha nahi saka.
KALI – Then u shouldn’t have lifted me.
YUG – Par biwi ke bina neend nahi aati hai.
Kali punches him and smiles.
Very soon naina and reyaan befriend naina. They all have a great time when they are together.
RAINA –Pata nahi maa ko kya hua? Whatever it is it must be in the diary….

Who is raina?
What happened to her mother?
What is in the diary?
To know more stay tuned to “ A KAY U FS “

So guys how was it????


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.