A KAYU FS (Episode 1)


Hey guys… this is saasha presenting u guys my first fs [ few shots ]….. I know I am taking a lot of time to complete the ff sorry for that…. And my special thanks to madhushree di, shab di, suman di and ayeshu di for commenting in my ff as well as my os’. Guys I know the serial is getting worst day by day and I can clearly see it through ur guys comments and I to am on ur side infact I have stopped watching the show…. Just to keep intouch with u guys I write down my stupid ideas as ff or os or fs so guys pls do comment… And one more thing it is my request to all of u try to create ur account in tellyupdates pls pls….. And yeah silent readers try to comment I know I don’t have much silent readers but pls try to comment…. And yeah enough of my bak bak so let’s start……

Yug is standing before a photo….
YUG – Y did u leave me? Why did u go along with dadi. U knew very well I can’t live without u then y why?? And dadi why did u take her along I hate u guys …..
Just then gauri enters and sees yug crying…
GAURI – Yug stop thinking about the past. Move on with ur life. I can’t see my brother in such a condition.
Yug hugs gauri and cries…
YUG – U know very well how much I loved her but see what happened? She left me never to return.
Just then a little girl comes running…
GIRL – Mumma see na reyaan is not giving me the chocolate…
And a boy comes running behind…

BOY – Mumma this is my chocolate.
Yug wipes his tears and smiles seeing them.
GAURI – Naina stop eating to chocolates and reyaan stop fighting with her.
NAINA – I want the chocolate.
REYAAN – No I won’t give.
Yug snatches the chocolate from reyaan.
YUG – Now u both won’t get this chocolate.
NAINA – But mamu this is our chocolate.
REYAAN – Yes mamu this is not fair, give it back. I promise to share it with naina.
YUG – Pinky promise???
REYAAN – Pinky promise!!!
Yug hands over the chocolates. They run out.
GAURI – Take care I am leaving….
YUG – Thanks for ur support.
——————————————————————————————————————————————A call comes to yug and he drops the phone.
YUG – Kali!!!!
Gauri rushes to him.
GAURI – Yug what happened?
YUG – Kali and dadi….. kali and dadi…
GAURI – What happened tell me..
YUG – Kali and dadi are no more.
Gauri falls down. Nandu rushes to her.
NANDU – Gauri sambhal ke!!! U r pregnant!!
She cries holding nandu.
GAURI – U heard him kali bhabhi and dadi are no more.
She cries. Nandu gets tears in his eyes.
YUG – Even now I can’t believe u r deads. It was a happy moment as they announced gauri pregnant but along with it came the news of my wife and dadi dead. I won’t believe this until I am dead. I am waiting for your return. Please come back….

What happened 8 years ago?
Why isn’t yug believing kali is dead?
Is it his love?
To know more stay tuned to “ A KAYU FS “

And how was it? let me know it through ur comments…

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  1. Please Sasha stop calling me di you can call me shab or shabana but not di because I’m just 15 and your story is awesome keep posting soon


    Nice one! Keep it up!

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