Kayamat-Jindagi Aur Maut Ki – Prologue (Similar to Naagin)


Character Sketch

Arjun Raheja-He is a rude,arrogant but good by heart.His parents died when he was small now he stays with his uncle.

Arihant Raheja-He is Arjun’a uncle who adopted him after his parents death.

Kritika Raheja-She is Arjun’since aunt who loves Arjun very much.

Tanvi Singh-She is a good and bubbly girl but she have a power that normal human don’t have.

Karam Singh-He is Tanvi’sees father who knows about her powers.His wife died when Tanvi was born.

When to whom we love there life gets in danger we have to become their protector.Tanvi is a girl whose power are very powerful.She is unaware of her power but when she falls in love with Arjun.He gets in danger and to protect him her power gets activate and the power comes like this power was given to her to protect Arjun from all bad.


Hope you guys will like it and it’s similar to serial naagin.Please read and comment.

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  1. nice please continue and post the first episode fast ?

  2. Friends please comment or I will not be able to continue this ff ????????

  3. Wow siddhi u are just an awesome actor I just want that u continue this ff and pls don’t stop writing as u are a good writter.

  4. Just awesome just wish to meet u and take writing tips from u.Prologue is nice hen I am sure episodes will be very very awesome.

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