Kayamat-Jindagi Aur Maut Ki Episode 1

Arjun comes inside room and sees his beautiful wife still sleeping then he comes to her and sits beside her and kisses her neck and Tanvi wakes up and sees her beloved husband and hugs him.

Tanvi:Good morning Arjun.

Arjun:Good morning baby.Now get up its morning.

Tanvi:You also sleep with me know.

Tanvi kisses Arjun’s lips and he kisses her back.They break the kiss.

Arjun:Now wake up baby.

Tanvi wakes up and kisses Arjun on his cheek and winks and goes from there.

Tanvi comes out and sees a card on table and when she opens it,it is written

Baby your my life I want to stay with you for my all births.

Tanvi smiles and gets happy.Arjun hugs her from back.

Tanvi:Arjun is there anything special?

Arjun:No nothing you are special Tanvi.

He kisses her neck.Tanvi says

Tanvi:Go to office you are not getting late?

Arjun:I don’t want to go to office just want to stay with you.

Tanvi:Please go.

Arjun:Okay but…………

Tanvi:No but go………………

Arjun goes to office.Arihant comes to Tanvi.

Arihant:Tanvi beta I want to talk to you something.

Tanvi:Yeah what you want to talk Chachu?

Arihant:My Arjun’s life is in danger.For 5 years he have markesh dosh in his kundli and you have to protect him.

Tanvi:I will protect Arjun if life gets in danger then also.

Arihant:Thank you Tanvi.We have nothing did for you but for Arjun you are putting your life in danger.

Tanvi:Chachu I love Arjun and you gave my love you made him marry me and that’s the big thing you did for me.

Precap:Tanvi and Arjun’s romance.Tanvi to get kidnapped by goons.

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