KaYa continued (Reporters) — episode 5


kabir was so tensed thinking what would happen to ananya she should be safe as without her I will be no more. In kkn all are thinking where did kabir and ananya went without saying or informing us.Then sunny says may be they went out for a romantic date.Then Richa says if they plan something like this then ananya would surely says to me.
she goes nearer to baljeet saying that she was feeling so tensed thinking that if ananya was in any problem.

On another hand ananya was shifted to ICU and Dr says to kabir she was meet with a severe accident and she was bleeding severally.To save her first we have to an operation in which she can be saved.That also she have 50:50 chances to survive.By hearing this kabir was shocked and says to Dr to save ananya and also says please start the operation immediately. Then Dr goes to operation theatre and the operation starts.

knowing this ananya’s mom and arman arrives to hospital.seeing them kabir narrates the story happened.Then ma says nothing will happen to my daughter god will help us to handle this situation don’t worry.

Khalid comes out of his cabin and he says guys one bad news then sunny says sir whether u r going to be married. all starts laughing.then he says it was something serious and ananya was meet with an accident then all runs to hospital.
All starts praying god to save ananya.

as kabir does not believe in god but he too starts praying god to save her life that is his life.
The dr comes out of the operation theatre saying that the operation was success and she should need bed rest for two days. all feels happy and thanks god

precap: kabir goes to ananya and propose to her then she says I was already in relationship with someone and asks who r u and showing to a person she says see he is my boyfriend.

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Credit to: nandu

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  1. sorry guys actually I don’t no his name its not baljeet its daljeet.

  2. Pls dont make ananya lose her memory!pls,pls,pls.

  3. Wait a second, why would Kabir propose Ananya? He is already his gf or wife, depending on your plot, then why would he propose her?

  4. Hi friends I know that it has been a long time since I have wrote. By end of march I am planning to start new ff. Reporters: the age of prejudice with new plot and characters how many are supporting me?

    1. Im wif u priyanka

      1. I am sorry ananya if I’ve hurt ur feelings last time. I’ve sent something to u on your Facebook account. Kindly accept it as an apology

      2. Hurt my feelings?

      3. Yeah. Actually u said the Kabir saving ananya part was boring but I said I wanted to sound realistic. For that

  5. Actually my fiction is like this:
    Tara Rohtangani whose brother Ashok Rohtangani used to work in MMM news which has been a leading news channel of the nation for almost 10 years. But due to his false involvence in a renowned politican’s murder was sentenced to death for 8 years and was subjected to lot of humiliation. Tara is tore up between good and bad and is all ready to make her way in MMM news by getting admission in MMM college of mass and communication which is in linkup with the news channel to prove her brother innocent and discover the truth. Will Tara be able to succeed? To find out try Reporters: the age of prejudice.

  6. If you all like it then do comment.

    1. ??Full marks, English topper

    2. Everyone here wants Kaya to be the lead actors. If u insert this then certainly Kaya’s role would reduce.

      1. Yup i agree with reetika..

  7. Dear reetika thank you I know what you mean to say. you certainly continue your fiction this one is just for a change. This one has nothing to do with kaya. I will be starting this with new topic. I wish that
    you continue with your fiction and have a good luck.

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