KaYa continued (Reporters) — episode 4

Recap:Tinu shows a cd in which clearly a minister is exposed killing a guard.
Present story:
After calling to manav ananya calls kabir who says he is in hurry to meet his khabri lakshman for a new leed and he says bye to her.
After then she thanks tinu and leaves.
On other side minister comes to know about this and he says his people to kill ananya.
kabir comes to a cafe and sees ananya who meat with an accident and sees that her things were jumbled. he takes her to hospital.
meanwhile sunny and all others think that ananya did a great job and manav telecasts the cd brought by tinu. it was actually ananyas plan of sending cd with tinu.the minister was arested.

Precap : Dr says ananyas life was in danger

to save her we should do operation then also she will have 50:50 chances to live
please comment guys

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  1. Okay..nandu…firstly the story is too short.this cannot run for 30 minutes if u see.secondly,there are a lot of spelling errors like leed instead of lead,meat instead of meet.thirdly,i dont think that this was the precap …ananya was alr in icu in the precap.so i hope you understand what im trying to say.

    1. Hey ananya, r u d same who comments on my ff of Pyaar ko ho jaane do ……..

      I think we have similar choices …. First reporters and second PKHJD

      1. Yup same one

  2. Plsss….save ananya…
    n request from me plsss…update regularly

  3. Person who started this FF

    Well, u continued my ff ….. I m happy with that fact………… But i think that u should improve ur writing skill ….. U have potential….. U can do much better …. Pls try …. And its very short

  4. thanks for all ur comments.firstly ananya I agree with only for my spelling mistakes because im not that much good in english because I was just eleven.and nextly I will try to improve my vocabulary.
    if there is same precap shown then what’s the problem. sorry if I hurt u..

  5. Nandu even I am not a professional writer or someone, but ur story is way too short. Before one even gets a link of the story that you wrote, your story ends. It can’t bring out the element of romance, drama or anything. U have not explained anything perfectly.

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