KaYa continued (Reporters) — episode 3


Kabir and ananya were watching dilwale. When, the romantic sing gerua was on the screen … Kabir tried to be romantic with Ananya when ananya tells him that there are so many people in the movie hall. They can romance somewhere else. Kabir gets sad. Ananya pulls his cheeks and say Awww……

Manav enters malvika’s home. He drops the bouquet which he bought after he saw kl. manav picks the bouquet and says sorry. He gives it to kl. kl asks that is he his gf that he is giving him flowers.
Manav says sorry and guves it to malvika. Malvika thanks him and controls the situation.

Its intervel in the movie when kabir goes to buy popcorn for him and ananya. Some goons come there. One of them comes to Ananya and sits beside her which was kabir’s seat. Ananya says Excuse me … Someone is sitting there already. The goon says dont worry darling.. The one who is sitting here can sit somewhere else. He holds ananya’s hand and says I love u jaan. Tere liye main kuch bhi kar sakta hoon. Ananya stands up freeing her hand and slaps the goon tightly. The goon got angry and was about slap her when kabir comes there and hold’s his hand. The goon ask him not to interfere. Kabir asks him how dare he holded ananya’s hand and tried to slap her. Ananya smiles. The goon gets more angry. Kabir and goon have a fight. Kabir beats the goon and the goon runs away from there. Ananya hugs kabir.

Kl, manav and malvika take dinner when kl and manav start duscussing about cricket. Both participayed well in the discussion. Kl gets glad and agrees for their marriage. Manav and malvika gets happy and thanks him .

Kabir and ananya come to ananya’s home and tells her mother about their decision to marry ( was shown in epi 1 ) her mother gets glad and agrees.

Next day,
When Armaan was going to college, he took a shared auto in which he saw a beautiful girl. He was meerised with her beauty. The entire day he tjought about that girl.

In office , manav announced his marriage with malvika. Everybody gets happy and congratulate both of them.

Daljeet asks richa out for dinner. Richa blushes and agrees.

Ananya gets a call from tinu. He informs her about a murder which none knows. He tells her that a person was murdered 6 months before. None knew about it. The murderer is a minister. He has got proof. Ananya asks tinu to meet him at the tea stall.
Ananya tells manav about the new lead. Manav gives her a green signal.

Tinu tells her that the person who was murdered was the minister’s security guard. He was not having any family. One day a theif very smartly entered the house and stole around 30 lakhs. None knows about this too. It was all black . No news channel even knows about the theft. The ministers called the guard and shot him with a gun. After some hours, he realised that his reputation can go down if anyone knows about it. He ordered his butlers to take his body away from the city. One of his butler was my friend. He met me yesterday and told the whole thing. He also shoot a video of the murder secretly to expose him. He was not able to meet me for some months. So, he met me yesterday. He shows ananya the video on his mobile on which a ministers is shown shooting a man with a gun and asking his butler to take the bidy away. Ananya smiles and calls manav and tells ger everything. Mamav says great. This can be the greatest news of the week. We have proof also . Just awesome. Come to office and show the video to me.

Precap- kabir donates blood to save ananya …. Ananya is in ICU ( u will get to know why in the next episode ) the chances of her survival are very less

Credit to: Muskaan

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  1. Wao… bt ananya is in i.c.u.
    Oh my god….

  2. Great job muskaan. But i pray to allah that ananya is fine…i know she is just actibg but sometimes i just get involved in it.

  3. Why is everyone trying to kill Annanya in their fan fictions, the same thing is being repeated. Your story started well but ended up in trash in the precap. There is a need of improvisation.

    1. Why dont u do a fan fiction priyanka and see how difficult it is to impress..well basically muskaan is trying her best to bring that ananya save kabir and kabir save ananya concept so that depicts the love they have for eachother which we all want to see.obviously muskaan wont kill ananya and all.its just that ananya is in danger and she will be saved by kabir in the end.if u cant enjoy the suspense,love,drama etc.like i suggested earlier,dont read or be a silent reader(without commenting

  4. Why can’t u all build concrete stories? Is every1 here jealous of Kabir and Ananya’s relationship?

  5. So ananya.. We read the fan fiction or not is none of ur concern. In schools, we get practice to write stories and believe me even a 1st grader can write a much sensible story. Reporters don’t keep on romancing everyone. If u have seen the episodes of reporters they always do not romance. They bring attention of everyone to the problems in our society, the crimes and so on.. Yeah ur say is in a way true but u can’t always make them prove their true love.

  6. Dear Annanya, I know that building a fan fiction is very difficult but try to understand that the same thing is being repeated in all fictions if you have the same thing again and again then start writing only one fiction or just stop writing it and we all saw in the serial that kabir cares for aanya and hence he saved her from bomb but they didn’t show that thing again and again. It was already proved.

    1. Priyanka try to understand that muskaan is not a proffesional but a fan.muskaan also wants to see romance and love between KaYa(unless she looks for proffesionalism like u.)all the KAyA fans get excited when some romance goes through when kabir or any other reporters read the news .so like that muskaan wants to write more love stories,more that news stories.im not trying to be rude here priyanka,but im a person who cant bear it without proving her point.

      1. Look ananya or whatever ur real name is. Just stop acting like an utter shit. Priyanka is my friend and from ur comments it sounds that u and muskaan r frnds too. Well then let me tell u this friendship in this ff is not acceptable. And to say sum1 that u should not comment or ignore is none of ur concern. Reporters does have good stories part from ur friend’s stories. This website can b availed by any1, and evry1 has the write to express his or her opinions. I have replied to u a lot times. But now I make myself clear that u show ur friendship on Facebook but not here.

  7. And I totally agree with reetika

    1. Muskaan is not my friend…i dont even know her…but i support her …and i have full authority to support her even if im not muskaan’s friend.

  8. Reetika has written exactly what I meant. Proud of you my friend

  9. If you love story lover then stop giving your fiction the name reporters please I request you because the plot nowhere suits the title. If you then the genre of the serial was newsroom drama and not love story drama.

  10. I mean u all r dancing over head yaar. Is there some problem wid u all? Or maybe in practical life too u all r obsessed wid romance and so u all write love stories. What people comment is none of our concern on YouTube. People comment on their romance does not necessarily mean that they watch reporters just for the sake of romance. If u know they r critics in this world, so not all vl like plain romance otherwise every serial would start commenting that the genre of the story does not match it’s title. If u like muskaan’s stories which way too r like Romeo and Julie love and so on,.. Then God save ur Fandom of reporters. Like I said even a 2nd grader( the ardent fan of reporters) can write a sensible one

    1. Actually u r right reethika..if I spelt it right.the goons part was a bit to filmy but….but u have to agree that muskaan tried her best and will also include all the leads and all like she did in this episode.

      1. My name is Reetika and not reethika. Yeah I do agree that muskaan had tried her best but these stories do not make sense with the way the characters are actually portrayed in the serial. So pls….

  11. aw shooo sweet It gave me many flash backs of 18th December when me n captain were watching dilwale and same things happened till goons appearance really loved the update

  12. Thanks ananya at last you agreed to something then you should also understand that we being a reporter’s fan cannot tolerate to see her in danger in so many fiction. We are just expecting to see their strong trust relationship rather all these things. sorry for my earlier comments but now on to the point. Don’t you think that this trend needs to change for better.hoping to get a comment from you.

    1. Im sorry but which trend?

      1. The trend of putting Kabir or ananya in danger

  13. Muskaan when r u writing next?

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