KaYa continued (Reporters) — episode 2


Malvika meets ananya richa baby sunny and daljeet

Anaya says she is glad that malvika has returned. Richa says me too. Baby says manav have changed, marry him . Sunny says baby ji is right. Daljeet smiles. Malvika blushes and goes to her cabin.

Manav goes to kabir and invites kabir to his home for dinner. Kabir agrees and ask if there is a special reason. Manav says yes. Kabir asks what? Manv says u just come … When u will come, i will tell then only … Kabir smiles and says sure.

Kaya leave after the office hours to their homes… Kabir drops ananya and tells her about manav’s invitation. Ananya says enjoy there. Bye… Kabjr replies bye

Kabir reaches manav home …. Manav opens the door and smiles . He takes kabir to his room. Kabir sees a mess there. Clothes were lying here and there in the room . Kabir asks why is so much mess here ? Manav tells kabir about malvika’s invitation… Kabir congrats manav. Manav says thanks … Manav asks kabir to help him choose his clothes and asks him how to impress kl…. How did kabir impressed ananaya’s mom. Kabir laughs and then tells manav what to wear from the clothes manav shortlisted and gave him some tips to impress kl.

Next day
Ananya n kabir are in kabir’s cabin. Kabir tells about his dinner with manav to ananya. Anaya also laughs. Ananya says she wants to see the latest romantic movie tonight with him. Kabir agrees and book tickets.

Malvika calls manav and asks him whether he is ready or not. Manav says yes. Manav reaches malvika home . Malvika opens the door and says come in .

Kabir picks ananya from her house for the movie .

Precap — manav grts nervous seeing kl. some goons evetease ananaya when kabir was not with her.

Credit to: Muskaan

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  1. aaw sweet story movie must be dilwale <3

    1. Hahha…must be

  2. Wonderful job muskaan.i knew that you would be as creative as delima.keep up the excellent work.not to be rude,just focus on the spelling and gramatical errors.otherwise storyline is great.enjoying it.

  3. Awww….so cute

  4. Yaar your story is way too offbeat. Did you all watches reporters just for the sake of their romance. The show was far more mature and more of professional

  5. I agree. In the actual reporters they will not show all sort of this. It has always dealt wid real stories. If they put this genre of story into reporters they will have to change the name by putting the title.. ‘ love is in air?’

  6. Completely agreed with reetika that’s what is my point

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