KaYa continued (Reporters) — episode 1


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The story is continued after the last episode of reporters …..

Kabir and Ananya go on a romantic dinner as promised by ananya in the last episode … Kabir pulls chair for ananya …. Kabir takes his seat and they have an eyelock … Kabir says i love u …. Ananya says i love u too …. They order the dinner ….. Suddenly kabir stands up and sits on his knees in front of ananya …. Ananya was surprised …. Kabir took out a ring and proposed ananya for marriage ….

She hapilly agreed and kabir made ananya wear the ring …. Everyone in tge restraunt claps … Ananya blushes ….. They both finish the dinner and go n sit in the car …. Ananya hugs kabir in the car ….. Kabir kisses her on her forehead …..

Next day :
Kabir n ananya reach office … Ananya tells her friends about kabir’s proposal whereas kabir reaches khalid’s cabin. Richa tease ananya about kabir . Daljit says congratulations . Ananya thanks him… Kabir is surprised to see malvika sitting there… He asks when did she came ? She said just now …. Kabir n malvika hug … She says khalid told me aboit everything that happenned here. I m glad that shreya is in jail now. Kabir says me too and ask her if she is again joining kkn … Malvila says yes … Khalid n kabir gets happy. Kabir asks malvika to go n meet manav, the new editor in chief of kkn ans says He she should marry him , he is really changed . Malvika blushes and leave.

Malvika go to manav’s cabin . Manav suddenly stood up n hugged makvika tightly. He says i missed u so much . They have an eyelock . Manav says i was just thinking to call u to ask a question .. Malvika says ask now ….. Manav sits on his knees n says i love u , will u marry me? Malvika was surprised. Manav ask her to answer. She thinks a lot n was about 2 say something when manav says i have really changed. Malvika says i know. I will marry u …. And u r invited for dinner tmrrw at my home …. From my side, the answer to ur proposal is yes and it is confirmed when u impress dad for our marriage. Manav smiles and promises for impressing her dad……

Precap : manav meets kl ( malvika’s dad ) whereas kabir and ananya spend sone moments together….

Credit to: Muskaan

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  1. Muskaan plsss…dont stop writing…i m big fan of kaya …
    n to ur story It is very interestin good going…keep it up!!!

    1. Thanks sanyu

  2. Ummm…muskaan..im really very sorry if you think im rude.since the previous writer,delima,was already at the 15 th episode of season 2(fan fiction),and started a story already,woudlnt it be better if you continued that with the precap helping?if you think im wrong please correct me.thank you so much if you take this suggestion into thought

    1. Thanks for the suggestion anaya but i think that delima is very creative and i should not continue her ff. I will make sure that u enjoy my ff too

    2. I would defenitely love your ff muskaan.cant wait to see what story you write.im sure you will have a great sense of creativity.all the best.

  3. Nice muskaan …. U r doing a great job

  4. Hi muskaan ur ff is amazing plz continue with it I’m waiting 4 ur next update……

  5. Very nice episode….

  6. Yrr plz continue it

  7. really cute <3

  8. Why didn’t you all mention how Mallika returned back? She said she wanted to reform herself and she was going to Singapore. So u mean he travelled all the way to Singapore? Cuz she had also mentioned in that episode that her father was there.

  9. Sorry she’s Malvika

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