Kawach 9th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Rajbeer is possessed by evil spirrit. He fakely apologizes Pari for misbehaving with her. Pari falls for his fake apology. He then takes Pari to a bed, plays music and gets intimate with her. Pari at first enjoys but then see him getting rough. He smirks and says he is not Rajbeer and she should love him like she does to Rajbeer. She pushes him and runs out locking door. He comes in front ofher and says if she thinks she can escape, then she is wrong. He turns into Saudamini and she yells that she will torture Pari so much that she will neighter die nor be alive. She then turns back as Rajbeer and continues torturing Pari. Pari runs into home temple. Rajbeer gets a shock when he tries to cross temple line and shouts to come out. Daadi watches hiding and something falls down. Rajbeeer

shouts who is it and checks. Daadi hides. He goes back thinking something fell due to air.

Pari sleeps in temple itself whole night. In the morning, Pari wakes up and sees bight light falling from window. She with a bit of courage walks out of temple calling family members. Rajbeer comes and asks why did she sleep in temple and hugs him. Uncle brings Tipsy from hospital and Pari ass how is Tipsy now. Uncle yells that Tipsy’s condition is because of her and yells to stay away from Tipsy. Rajbeer lifts Tipsy and says he wil take care of Tipsy from hereon. He enters temple with tipsy to take god’s blessing and takes her to his room. Daadi tells Pari that she saw what all happened. Rajbeer just went out of roo yesterday and she saw other one on another side, so realized there are 2 Rajbeers. Pari says Saudamini has come back. Daadi saays she was destroyed. Pari says no, jantar mantar did not effect her at all. Daadi says she consulted her Panditji who told Rajeer is posessed by evil spirit. They willl go to Panditji again tognight.

Pari goes to Rajbeer’s room and feeds Tipsy. Tipsy insists for her doll. Pari says she will get her another doll. Tipsy insists for same doll. Rajbeer says let her get her doll. Pari says no. Their argument starts. Tipsy laughs on them that they are fighting like kids. Pari hugs Tipsy and apologizes her and says she loves her a lot. Tipsy also says even she loves her a lot.

Pari walks out. Ritu stops her and yells that she is trying to snatch Rajbeer from her wrongly, but soon she will flop her palns. Rajbeer passes by and asks what is happening. Pari smiles at Ritu and leaaves. Ritu acts in front of Rajbeer and tells him that Pari taunted that she has entered Rajbeer’s bed and soon she willl enter his heart and will kick out Ritu. She continues yelling that Pari is a big trouble for him and his family and should get her out of his life. Rajbeer angrily says shut up, he loves Pari. Ritu asks what about their marriage. He says he was marrying her to safeguard Shreya and it was just a mutual understanding. He lovees only Pari and nobody can come between them. Ritu fumes and walks away. Pari catches her and asks if she heard whar Rajbeer told, so she should stop her dirty tricks and get out of their lives.

Daadi and Pari go to Panditji who does pooja and says Rajbeer is posessed by evil spirit. Pari says evil spirits enters Rajbeer’s body only at night. Panditji asks her to keep Rajbeer at temple whole night somehow, he will destroy evil spiri with his prayers.

Shreya and Rajbeer try to feed Tipsy. Tipsy insists she will not eat until she meets papa. Rajbeer promises her. Shreya asks if he will take Tipsy to jail. He says no. He calls his lawyer and asks him to get Shakti out for 1 day citing his daughter’s illness.

Ritu fumes in jealousy. She goes home and thinks Pari’s Rajbeer will himself come to her now. She calls Rajbeer and says she loves him, but he broke her heart by saying he just was trying a mutual understanding to get Shreya married. She is suiciding now and though of speaking to him last time. Rajbeer says he is coming right now and ask her not to suicide. Ritu smirks. Pari and Daadi return home and see Rajbeer hurrying in his car. Pari asks Daadi to go in while she follows Rajbeer. She follows Rajbeer’s car, but someone comes in front and she applies brakes. She searches Rajbeer’s car and finds it and then follows. Ritu waits for Rajbeer and just when she hears him coming acts as trying to hang herself. Rajbeer comes and tries to stop her and she shouts she does not want to live without him. He asks her to calm down and think of his parents. She says there is nothing left in her life and before she dies, she wants to spend some time with him. Pari enters. Ritu gets a shock.

Precap: Ritu over hone informs her brother that she tries to get close to Rajbeer, but Pari ruins her plan. Panditji tells Pari over phone that he is going to start pooja now. Saudamini kills Panditji. Evil spirit in Rajbeer tells Pari that he will kill everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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