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Shakti thinks once family will know about Rajbeer’s death, their mourning will start ad he may not be able to sleep peacefully, so he will sleep for some time. He leans on bed and heaars someone crying. She goes and asks is she. Woman turns and he is shocked to see Natasha. He panics and says she is dead. She says she could not see him so happy, so she came back. He cries not to come near him. She says she will die today. He calls his mother Saudamini and tires to hide under bed. He then gets up and sees Natasha not there. Nattasha calls from behind and says again he will die today. Even Rajbeer comes there. Shakti gets more afraid and runs out of room. Rajbeer says Natasha it is enough for today and they both walk out via window. Shakti runs in corridor panicked and clashes

with his Pari and younger brother Nitish and shouts someone is in her room. She asks who is it. He says he does not know but someone is there for sure. They both check and don’t find anyone. Nitish asks if he was sleeping. Shakti says yes. Nitish says then he must have dreamt and asks him to rest now.

Natasha, Pari and Rajbeer meet and Natasha says she is very excited playing chudail. Rajbeeer says Saudmini is doing meditation for 24 hours, so they have to frighten Shakti so much that he should accept his crimes. Pari asks how will he do alone. Shakti says he will take Nitish’s help. Nitish who is a horror film director makes arrangements with props. Natasha frightens Shakti again and Nitish pulls furniture via thread. Shakti runs out. Pari throws bearing balls on floor and Shakti falls down. He gets up and tries to run. Nitish closes door via thread. Rajbeer comes and sits on chair. Nitish lifts his chair in air via ropes and ties Shakti in air. Shakti pleads Rajbeer to forgive him as he did not kil him and was someone else in his body. Natasha comes flying in air. Rajbeer asks if he means he even did not kill Natasha. Shakti cuts his rope and runs out. Rajbeer tries to run behind Shakti and Pari tries to stop him. Rajbeer asks to trust him and follows Shakti.

Shakti reaches Saudamini’s den and shouts to help him. Saudamini is busy performing havan and gets Manjulika out of ring. Rajbeer sees them and leaves from there. Saudamini scolds Shakti why was he trying to break her meditation as if he was going to die. He says yes…two spirits are trying to kill him. Saudamini says let us check and leaves with Manjulika. Shakti shouts even he needs super powers to come along them. Saudamini comes back and says her powers are weak as guruji warned that she will go weak for sometime after meditation. On the other side, Rajbeer informs Pari that he saw Manjulika and Saudamini and it is difficult to catch Shakti now. Pari asks how can she see them. He says with Heera’s given holy ash, he can see them. Saudamini with Manjulika comes to Shakti’s room and sees furniture on place. Shakti says his life is in danger and they need to protect him. Their discussion continues. Saudamini gives him evil ash and asks to draw its line around room, no spirit will enter room.

Pari hides Rajbeer and Natasha in a temple and asks them not to come out until she comes back. If she does not go out, Manjulika and Saudamini will doubt them. She goes to her room. Manjulika comes and says she came back, enters her body and searches Rajbeer. She does not find him, so she gets out of Pari’s body and asks where is Rajbeer and torutures her. Rajbeer tries to come out of temple, but Natasha stops him. Manjulika strangulates Pari’s neck and asks where is her Rajbeer. Saudamini comes and shouts ot kill Pari as she is very intelligent and escapes attack every time. Manjulika says once she spends night with Rajbeer, she will kill Pari in the morning. Pari says she can kill her and should ask her mother first why she killed Rajbeer. Manjulika asks if it is true. Saudamini shouts yes, she killed Rajbee as she had to free her from ring and gurudev said she can only do it after killing Rajbeer. Manjulika pushes Saudamini and says she is not her mother now, she snatched her love from her, so will snatch he daughter from her, she will go to her hideout and will never come out.

Pari goes back to temple and says Rajbeer and Natasha they should hide somewhere else from Manjulika and Saudamini. Rajbeer says he will confront Shakti at any cost and will make him agree his sins. Shakt draws a line of evil ash around his room and sleeps on bed thinking Rajbeer and Natasha cannot come in. Rajbeer comes. Shakti laughs that if he crosses ash, he will burn. Rajbeer crosses line and Shakti tries to run, but Rajbeer pushes him on floor and says he killed his mother and him, now he will die. Shakti runs out of room and sees Manjulika and Saudamini fighting. He picks tulsi leaves and takes it Manjulika and Saudamini. They both feel the shock and fall down, shout what is he doing. He says life is in danger, but they are busy fighting instead of protecting him, even evil ash could not stop Rajbeer from entering his room. Rajbeer watches everything and thinks he cannot come in front of Shakti as spirit now.

Precap: Shakti tells Pari he will face Shakti directly. Saudamini tells she wants to check why Rajbeer’s spirit is behind Shakti instead of her and Manjulika.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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