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Police arrests Pari for attempting to murder Jagath. Shakti says Pari is innocent and asks family to watch CCTV footage again. They watch CD. Shakti says woman’s face is not clear and it cannot be Pari. Rabeer says it is Pari’s kurta and he saw her wearing same kurta that time. Shakti says many people wear this kind of kurta, even Natasha wears it during shooting, that does not mean it is Pari. Inspector says he cannot arrest Pari without solif proof and leaves. Janaki apologizes Pari for doubting her. Pari asks Shakti how he realized she is innocent. Shakti says when he saw CD and realized it cannot be her. Pari says someone from family is behind it. He says they both will find out. Family sits for dinner and Pari checks everyone holi thread to find out who is

betrayer and sees everyone’s thread intact.

Saudamini in Pari’s body works in kitchen yelling that she will mix poison in food and kill whole Bundela family. She hears Manjulika calling her and reaches cave where Manjulika is trapped in a web and asks how did this. Manjulika says Pari and Heera and says when she was about to kill Pari, some savior saved Pari. Saudamini says she hopes it is not him. Manjulika asks who is it. Saudamini nervously says nothing and goes back to Bundela house and meets Pari. Pari acts Manjulika and says mom you came back and asks who is helping them in this house. Saudamini realizes Pari wants to know who is helping them and asks to tell herself who is it. Pari gets nervous. Saudamini says it is Rajbeer who is helping them as he wants whole property to himself and wants them to kill his whole family. Pari is shocked and thinks it cannot be Rajbeer. Saudamini enters Rajbeer’s body and speaks over phone to a broker to sell his haveli, he will handle Shakti and others. He then hugs Manjulika and laughs that he brought her and her mother here. Pari is shocked. Rajbeer then goes to washroom and Saudamini gets out of his body and laughs with Manjulika that Rajbeer is a fool.

Pari goes to hanuman temple in a shocking state reminiscing Rajbeer’s new avatar and thinks Rajbeer loves his family so much, why will he try to harm them. She prays god to help her protect her family. Pandit gives her prasad and she returns back home and then her room. Rajbeer yells at her to get out of his room, else he will leave and walks out. Pari stands crying. Manjulika comes and tortures her and then enters her body. She goes out and sees Rajbeer sipping alcohol and starts drinking with him. Rajbeer reminisces Pari hates alchol and thinks how can she change so soon. She dances with Rajbeer in rain sensuously trying to lure him. He walks away. Manjulika comes out of her body and starts torturing her and strangulates her in air. Savior comes there again and saves Pari and drops her on bed and leaves.

Pari wakes up in the morning and finds herself on bed. She reminisces savior saving her from Manjulika. She thinks Rajbeer did not come to room whole night and goes out to see Rajbeer coming in and walking towards room ignoring her. Shakti comes and Pari says it is Rajbeer who is trying to harm family. Shakti says he cannot believe it is Rajbeer and must be someone else. She goes to room and sees Rajbeer sleeping on bed, walks out thinking her heart cannot believe Rajbeer can harm his family. Rajbeer wakes up and thinks same.

Rajbeer comes for breakfast. Janaki asks if he slept for so long. Shakti says Rajbeer was working whole night. He takes Rajbeer aside and asks him to sort out his differences with Pari. Broker comes with papers and says Rajbeer he called him. Rajbeer asks he?? Saudamini enters his body and says this property is his dad’s and he has right to sell it. Shakti says how can he when papa is in hospital. Rajbeer says power of attorney is with him and Shakti and orders Shakti to sign it. Uncle and aunty say property belongs to even them. Rajbeer shouts to shut up and says this property is worth 70 crores. Shakti signs papers and says uncle that he trusts Rajbeer and he cannot take wrong decisions. Natasha yells Rajbeer will gulp whole property. Rajbeer goes to his room with papers, Saudamini gets out of his body and says this property is hers and nobody can take it. She gets back into Rajbeer’s body and laughs.

Precap: Saudamini injures Rajbeer and warns Pari that she told her not to play smart with her. Pari asks Manjulika if she really loves Rajbeer, then how can she let Saudamini injure Rajbeer. Saudamini and Manjulika fight. Pari thinks she wants them to fight among themselves.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks for updates .. It a easy to watch a serial in 5 mins only rather than wasting compete hour…but wats happening in show is totally bull shit..aatma goes in aatma goes out…wat s this??ekta Kapoor has gone mad…but tellyupdatea s amazing…the scriptwriter and dialogue delivery is very poor…mona singh not a good choice…she is too old fr this role…no comparison with mouni Roy and naagin s concept..

    1. Nandhini

      Totally agreed! Wat i had in mind has came out through ur words…watching that rubbish for one hour is a total waste of time….rather than reading it in telly updates for few minutes far is more better …..

  2. Shakaib

    Love this show

  3. i raelly luv this serial an also your updates

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