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Saudamini brainwashes Shakti’s daughter Tipsy. Tipsy asks her whom to kill now. She says her whole family. Pari goes to jail to meet Shakti and asks how is he. He asks how dare she is to come here. Pari says she came to request him to take his voice recording for Tipsy, Tipsy lovs him a lot. He asks to get her out of jail then and asks her to get out. Pari walks sadly and clashes with an old woman. Old woman clashes with her and apologizes. She says it is okay and leaves. A prisoner notices her keenly.

Pari reaches Bundela house and sees whole house well decorated. She sees Rajjbeer and asks what is happening. Rajbeer says hsi marriage and says she left with her boyfriend in front of him and is returning after 6 months. He has moved on in his life now, today is his and his

sister’s marriage and he wants her to pack her bags and get out of his house. Pari walks out crying. Rajbeer cries reminiscing his happier days with Pari and looks at their marriage photo.

Natasha (actress changed now) leaves Tipsy in Kammo daadi’s room and asks her to take care of Daadi while she is asleep. Tipsy says okay. She then chats with a black magic doll.

Pari walks towards her room and hear Rajbeer’s would be wife and her brother who is marrying Rajbeer’s sister Shreya. Woman gets very excited seeing her bridal jewelry and dress and says they trapped very rich Rajbeer and will get lots of money. Brother says he played love game with Rajbeer’s fat sister and impregnated her. He says this is just the beginning, their future is well setlled on Rajbeer’s money. Pari rushes and informs Rajbeer about them and forcefully drags them near their room. They change their tone seeing Pari and Rajbeer. Sister says she is very lucky to have Rajbeer in her life and brother says same for Rajbeer’s sister. Rajbeer scolds Pari and says it is enough of her now and asks to get out of his house as he does not want any problem in his and his sister’s marriage now. Pari walks crying.

Tipsy continues chatting with her talking doll. Rajbeer gets reay for marriage. Daadi asks him to rethink about Pari. Rajbeer says he has decided he does not need Pari in life after 6 months.

On the other side, Pari goes to Rajbeer’s new fiance’s room. Fiance says if she came to get her ready as bride and accepts that she is behind Rajbeer’s money. She snatches Pari’s purse and asks if she is trying to record her confession. Pari says she herself is enough to tackle her and does not need any recording. Their fight starts. Rajbeer waits for his fiance in mantap. Daadi asks Natasha to bring bride. She goes in and brings bride. Tipsy drops her doll on floor purposefully. Doll sees bride’s face and says it is Pari. Tipsy says she will first find out bride and get her in front of Rajbeer chacha to expose Pari. Fiance is tied and tries to free herself yelling Pari smelled her choloform and tied her. She frees herself somehow and sees door locked. She knocks door. Tipsy opens it. Rajbeer and Pari’s pheras finish and Rajbeer dorns mangalsutra and applies kumkum on Pari’s head with veil on Pari’s face. Pandit says marriage is finished now. Fiance comes and shouts to stop marriage. Rajbeer and family are shocked and see Pari as bride instead.

Pari tells Rajbeer again that his fiance and her brother are fraud. Rajabeer does not listen to her. Fiance’s brother says Rajbeer that though he did not marry his sister, he will marry Shrey as Shreya is pregnant with his child. Pari says no..Rajbeer drags her and locks in a room. Shreya’s and Rajbeer’s fiance’s brother’s marriage finishes. Brother emotionally blackmails Rajbeer that his sister is broke emotionally now.

Pari in her room cries. Tipsy comes there with her doll. Pari gets a dream of Rajbeeer romancing his ex-fiance. She wakes up worried and thinks if it is true. She reaches the place, opens room and is shocked to see Rajbeer really romancing his fiance.

Precap: Rajbeer removes mangalsutra from Pari’s neck and strangulates her neck. He asks her to prove that he is possessed by evil spirit within 24 hours, else get out of his house. He emotionally says Pari that he needs her and smirks hugging her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think kavach should end today

    1. Shakaib

      No vandara , kawach will continue by changing time from 8:00 to 7:00.

  2. Shakaib

    Hi guys! Are you ok? The story line is going so good. I guess that why arhaan realize his mistake because he has to too shoot for naagin 2.
    Hope Pari will prove. I think tipsy is brainwash by Saudamini that her father is in jail due to bundelas that’s why. I think Manjauliaka is in doll. What you think guys? Well I’m going to create a family here name “kawach family”. Who will join it?

  3. Hi Shakaib nice to see you , yes I’ll join kawach family. Episode rocks.

  4. Hi! Shakaib, I’ll join kawach family. Who will leader of this family. Tell me please and yes you’re right that you think.

    1. Shakaib

      All are leader of this family.

  5. Kawach needs to end. Pari looks like Rajbeer’s granny. They should have got a better actress. Anyway Saudamini needs to come back and finish off Pari and Rajbeer.

  6. When will it finish? what is its extension date?

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