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Saudamini goes to her tantrik guru’s cave and sees him dead on floor. She shouts Pari killed her gurudev, if Pari thinks she will get afraid and not think of freeing Manjulika, then she is thinking wrong. She will kill Rajbeer and whole family. She searches ring in which Manulika is and gets it , cries that Manjulika cannot hear her.

Jagath cries reminiscinng unable to save Janaki. Rajbeer also cries. Shakti consoles him. Saudamini comes to Pari and shouts she will kill Rajbeer first. Pari says she cannot kill Rajbeer. Saudamini says she will not kill, but Pari will and gets into Pari’s body and tries to attak Rajjbeer but could not. She asks Pari what she did with Rajbeer that he is safe. Pari says untile she is alive nothing will happen to Rajbeer. Pari then goes to

temple with Rajbeer and thanks devi maa to protect her husband. Poojari comes and says her pure love for Rajbeer saved him. Pari asks how will she protect her husband from evil spirit again. Poojari gives her devima’s rudrakhas mala and asks her to tie it to Rajbeer like a janivar, it will protect him from any evil spirit.

Pari passes by store room and sees it locked. She asks servant to bring key. Servant says all keys are present except store room key. Pari asks him to break lock. Once he breaks lock, she enters and picks someting from suiticase and is about to leave when she hears someone’s gurgling sound. She sees someone tied and removes mask and is shocked to see Natasha tied. She frees Natasha and asks who tied her. Natasha says Shakti tied her and he killed Janaki. Pari asks how can she doubt her husband and thinks Saudamini must have entered Shakti’s body. Natasha says she is sure it was shakti and he warned that he will kill her in 2 days. Pari asks her to hide somewhere for 2 days. Natasha says she always insulted her, but she saved her today. Pari says it is okay and asks her to go carefully.

Pari sees Shakti going to Saroj’s room and follows him. She hears Saudamini and Shakti discussing to kill Rajbeer first and then Pari. She realizes Shakti is the culprit. Shakti leaves. Saudamini drags Pari to Saroj’s room and says she will kill Rajbeer now. Pari cries not to kill Rajbeer. Saudamini tortures Pari and Pari shouts to leave her.

Shakti and Rajbeer go to immerse Janaki’s ashes in lake. Shakti asks Rajbeer to go and immerse ashes. Rajbeer immerses ashes in lake reminiscing Janaki’s love for him. He turns and Shakti stabs him. Pari at home cries not to harm Rajbeer. Saudamini locks her in suiticase. Rajbeer is shocked to see Shakti stabbing him. Shakti stabs him repeatedly and he falls down in water. Shakti looks at blood on knife and smirks.

Natasha walks in haveli weaaring shawl and thinks of living in Saroj’s room. She opens door after a bit of drama and sees Saroj dead on floor. She hears someone in suitcase and opens it. Pari comes out. Natasha asks if Shakti locked her in. She says no, but she is right Shaki killed Janaki and wants to kill Rajbeer now, she has to save Rajbeer at any cost. She asks Natasha to hide somewhere in haveli and not go to her mom’s house.

Shakti comes back and tells he killed Rajbeer and asks if she killed Pari. She says she locked her in suitcase. She says now Manjulika will be out of ring, but she does not. She asks if she really killed Rajbeer. He says he stabbed Rajbeer 5 times with big knife and he cannot be alive. They see Pari out and he asks how come Pari is out when she locked her in suitcase. Saudamini says she did and goes to check if Rajbeer’s body is in lake or not.

Pari comes near lake and calls Rajbeer. Saudamini comes there and says she tortured and tried to kill her many times, but she comes back safe, how. How did she come out of suitcase, who got her out. Pari tries to leave, but Saudamini holds her and says she is evil and cannot escape from her. She laughs that Rajbeer is dead. Pari says no… Saudamini says she killed Rajbeer herself and crocodile must have eaten his body by now. Pari says she knows Rajbeer is alive, else she would not have worn ring and Manjulika would have been out of ring. Saudamini strangulates her neck and shouts she can kill her easily, but cannot until Manulika is freed. Saudamini’s ring and chain falls down and Pari silently picks it. Saudamini shouts to get up and fight with her. Pari says she does not have time. Saudamini laughs. Pari shows ring and throws it in water and asks to save her daughter first now. Saudamini shouts Manjulika….. Pari sees Rajbeer’s shoes and rudraksha mala. She then sees Rajbeer floating in water. Saudamini shouts she will not let Manulika drown and will find out ring at any cost. She enters lake and gets ring out. She then sees Pari missing and yells Pari drowned her daughter in water, now she will drown Pari. Pari gets Rajbeer out of water and shakes him. He does not wake up and she cries holding his head. Saudamini comes and says husband and wife met finally, but their story is incomplete. She will send to her husband now. She says she thought crocodile will eat Rajbeer, but he is in one piece. She will take Rajbeer’s dead body as punishment and will throw him from cliff. Pari says she cannot do this. Saudamini says he can and lifts Rajbeer’s body and throws throws it in water. Paari cries Rajbeer..Saudamini says she is going to free her daughter and once she her daughter is out, she will kill even Pari.

Precap: Pari cries that Rajbeer promised to be with her always, but broke his promise. Saudamini thinks she found solution to save her daughter Pari thinks who saved her. Saudamini says even she wants to know who is saving Pari and wants to kill Shakti.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hope Saudamini kills Pari and Rajbeer. Saudamini is the true star of the show.

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