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A poojari performs pooja and says today is auspicious day as navratri is starting today. Ladies asks what is the importance of it. He tells navratri’s importance. On the other side, injured Pari wakes up and walks into temple. Pooojari continues telling 9 dev’s names and their mporrtance. Pari touches devi maa’s feet and stands up with great difficulty. Poojari says a fierce battle happened between maa ambe and mahishasur for 9 days and she beheaded mahishasur, that is the day we celebrate vijay dashami. Devi maa comes in a woman who is pure hearted and pati vrata.

Tantrik with his puppets does black magic on Rajbeer. Pari reaches temple. Poojari asks what happened, who injured her. Pari takes lamp and says durga if she loves her husband, this lamp will not blow

off, until this lights, her husband’s breathing will continue. Ladies runaway seeing storm. Poojari asks Pari to go home. She says she will not go and will beocme her husband’s kavach/protection. Poojari says maa will help her for sure and leaves suggesting her to stay back here. Pari continues praying god to proect her husband and falls on feet. Devimaa comes behind on lion and shows her 9 forms. She enters pari Tantrik is about to sacrifice Rajbeer when devi maa comes there and kills Tantrik’s puppets. Tantrik tries his black magic on her but in vain. She kills tantrik with her trishul and says whenever mahishasur comes, durga will also come to killl her.

Devi maa gets out of Pari and Pari falls down. Rajbeer is freed and he falls down. Pari wakes up and tries to wake up Rajbeer. She sees tantrik dead onn floor and think who killed him, who helped her. She reminisces praying devi maa and devi maa enterinng her body and killing tantrik, thanks devi maa for protecting her suhaag. She thinks she saw this aghori tantrik in dreams, what is the link. Rajbeer wakes up and asks how did she come here, Tantrik was about to kill him. Pari says she knows. He says they were about to marry, then how did he come here. He just remembers thinking of not divorcing him as he loves her, even though she loves Arhaan. She says she loves only him and says Saudamini did all this. She tells him whole story about Manjulika and Saudamini, how they killed Saroj and entered her body. He asks why did not she inform hi. She says Saudamini would have killed whole family, so she didn’t. He apologizes her and hugs.

Janaki gets worried for Pari and Rajbeer and thinks why did not they come home yet. Saudamini comes there and tortures her. She throws ghungroo in front of Janaki and orders to dance, else she will see her whole family dying. Janaki starts dancingg. Saudamini lifts her in air and throws on floor. She falls near home temple steps. Saudamini tries to lift her again, but gets electrocuted. Janaki holds idol and asks Saudamini to come. Saudamini says whenver she will come out of temple, she will die.

Pari tells Rajbeer that he should act as knowing nothing. How will he. She says they should keep a code word, she will sing jab koi baat bigadjaye when they are around and when they are in her body, she will sing different song. Rajbeer says let us go home, they may harm family.

Saudamini fumes in front of Shakti that she will kill Janaki at any cost today. Shakti says they will find a way. She says she found a way, he will kill Janaki and asks him to reminisce how Janaki troubled him mother, he will enter temple and kill Janaki. Shaki goes near temple and calls Janaki. Janaki calls him to come inside temple as Saudamini is around. Saudamini comes behind Shakti and Janaki says she is behind him. Shakti acts as seeing nobody is there. Janaki says she is right there. He says nobody is there, let us go out. She says she will not, Saudamini pushed her. He pushes her and asks like this. Janaki is shocked to see Shakti’s true face. Shakti says he is Saudamini’s son and not her son. He strangulates her neck and she dies reminisces how she took care of him since he was born. Baghbaan song plays in the background.

In the morning, family mourns Janaki’s death. Saudamini in Saroj’s body thinks she is at peace killing her enemy. Chacha asks Shakti where is Natasha. Shakti says she is out of city and will come back soon. Pari and Rajbeer come home and are shocked to see Janaki dead. They both hold Janaki and cry. Rajbeer angrily walks towards Saudamini, but Pari stops him. After funeral, Shakti asks Saudamini how did Pari come back. She says she does not know and will find out via her gurudev. She asks to take care of evidence Natasha. He goes to store room and tells her that he will kill her after 2 days, till then she will be tied here. She asks why did he kill Janaki. He shouts to keep her mouth shut, else he will kill her. He takes selfie with her and leaves.

Rajbeer goes to his room and cries loudly. Pari tries to console him. He says he will not spare Saudamini. She stops him and asks not to do anything that Saudamini will know that he knows about her and harm whole family. He says yes and cries hugging her.

Precap: Saudamini shouts seeing her gurudev dead and tortures Pari, says she will free Manjulika soon and will kill Rajbeer first. Shakti stabs Rajbeer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shakaib

    Love you rajbeer and Pari. There jodi is best. Hope Pari will get know about shakti in today’s episode. Natasha will free please don’t kill her. Hit in my opinion.

  2. yes i like Natasha,. in between the chaos that is going on with the series the only relief is seeing her and her comdy timings

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