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Pari walks in jungle worrying for Rajbeeer’s life. She reminisces asking her mother if she is immortal. Mom says angel’s life is long, but not immortal, they will die only if they want. Arhaan comes and asks if she is ready to come with him. She says never and says we human can do anything for their love and even sacrifice their love. She says she will never come to his world leaving Rajbeer. She walks out. Arhaan thinks he just wants to help her.

Pari goes to Saudamini’s cave and sees Rajbeer tied and unconscious. She starts crying. Manjulika comes and Pari asks what is she doing to Rajbeeer. Manjulika says she is marrying Rajbeer. Pari starts her confrontation. Manjulika says Rajbeer will become spirit and will marry her. Saudamini comes and ties Pari to

a pole. She asks Manjulika to sit in a pooja after which they wil become very powerful. Pari thinks how to save Rajbeer now. She thinks only Arhaan can save Rajbeer, even if she does not stay with Rajbeer, he will be safe. She frees her somehow and tries to run out. Shakti catches her and pulls her legs. Pari hits him with stone and leaves. Shakti looks at his forehead injury and calls his mom and sister for help. Saudamini asks Manjulika not to get up and scoldss Shakti that he got hit by a woman.

Pari goes to hanuman temple and calls Arhaan. Arhaan comes. Pari says she is ready to come with him and he has to save Rajbeer from Manjulika and Saudamini permanently. Arhaan agrees and walks with her. Saudamini continues her havan and orders Shakti to stop Pari. Pari warns Shakti to dare touch her again and provokes to stop her if he can. She walks towards Rajbeer. Arhaan freezes Saudamini and Manjulika and frees Rajbeeer. Pari cries for Rajbeer. Arhaan says Rajbeer is safe now and she has to follow her promise. Pari holds Arhaan’s hand and walks. Rajbeer wakes up and sees them going. Aye dil hai mushkil….song plays in the background. Rajbeer gets teary eyed and thinks he will never love any girl again.

Pari walks out with Arhaan. Arhaan says she has to walk with him 6 steps to enter his world. She takes 1 step. Arhaan stops her and shows that she is stepping down a cliff. He says she has to hold his hand and close eyes. She closes eyes. He takes her 1 step and says she has enered pret lok/spirit world. He takes next step and says their one step is equal to one month of her world. He says she will forget Rajbeer and her body will go back from here and the memories and feelings attached to it. Pari starts crying. Arhaan says his world is more beautiful than her world, then why can’t she forget her world. He sees her crying and says he promised to give her happiness and he cannot see her crying. He tought his love will change her, but she loves Rajbeer and will not change, she was right love is not made on conditions. He asks her to go back to where her love is says usual dialogue smiling Dont worry, be happy. Pari leaves and Arhaan thinks let Pari be happy in her world and he will be happy in his world.

Pari reaches back Saudamini’s cave and calls Rajbeer. She does not find Rajbeer there and thinks Arhaan must have ended evil spirits, then what must have happened. She then reaches home and sees house decorated with flowers. She then is shocked hearinng Rajbeeer telling family that he will divorce Pari and has already signed papers.

Precap: Rajbeer asks Pari to get out of his life. He then holds a man’s collar and asks why did he make his sister pregnant when he did not want to marry her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shakaib

    OMG! What happened to rajbeer , I think saudamini is inside rajbeer. Rajri rocks but no more than Rivanya, 2 episodes are remaining, let’s see either it will end or continue by changing time. Let’s see.

    1. arahan said ki 1 step = 1 month insani lok ka. she 6 took 6 steps there. it means ki insani dunia me se pari ko gye hue 6 months ho chuke h. rajbeer k hisab se wo 6 mahine pehle hi arhaan k sath bhag chuki h. t ab 6 mahine baad wo wapis ku ayi uske pass.

  2. This Rajbeer is total bullshit

  3. i want pari to be with arhaan instead of rajbir

  4. Shakaib

    Please update 1st October 2016 episode H Hasan.

  5. Please update next episode

  6. Ya plssssss update

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