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Pari wakes up and finds herself on bed still in bridal attire. She thinks she must have gone unconscious due to tiredness. She then gets afraid seeing Manjulika and asks what is she doing here. Manjulika says she called her. Pari says she called her for marriage. Manjulika says she invited to enter and live in her body. She further says she will enjoy marriage with Rajbeer in her body, it will be Pari’s body and her soul. She will torture her body so much thatshe will neither die or live peacefully. She enters Pari’s body. Rajbeer enters room. Manjulika in Pari’s body acts sensously and romances him while Pari’s body suffers. In the morning, Pari wakes up in the morning afraid and tries to wake up Rajveer. She removes blanket and does not find anyone in. She sees

Manjulika on ceiling fan. Manjulika says shecannot forgo her. Pari runs into blanket. Manjulika twists her hands and tortures her. Rajbeer comes and Manjulika goes back on ceiling fan and warns Pari not to tell Rajbeer or anyone about her, else she will kill Rajbeer. Rajbeer gets romantic, but just then his neice knocks door and he walks out.

Pari runs out and tries to tell Saroj what Manjulika is doing with her, but Manjulika comes and warns he not to, twists her hands and pushes Saroj from her hands. Saroj falls down from stairs. Natasha sees that and shouts. Family gathers. Natasha shouts Pari pushed Saroj baisa. Mom says she is jealous of Pari, so she is alleging her. Doc treats Saroj. Saroj wakes up and says she slipped herself by mistake and Pari did not push her. Mom scolds Natasha again and whole family leaves. Saroj asks Pari what she wants to say. Pari tries to speak again, but sees Manjulika stabbing Saroj’s leg with knife. Pari runs from there. Saroj holds lemon and chants mantras and sees lemon turning red and realizes an evil spirit is around. She thinks of taking Pari to temple at any cost today.

Rajveer comes to room and shows his love bites to Pari. Pari asks who did this. He says who else. She asks who.. He says one who spent night with her. Rajveer goes out. Pari sees Manjulika sitting on tree. Manjulika laughs on her and says she will enter her body at night again. Daadi comes to Rajveer and Pari’s room and says they have to go with her somewhere before party. Rajveer hesitates. Pari says they will go wherever she takes them. Neice says even she will come with them. Pari agrees.

Rajveer drives car with Pari, Daadi, Saroji, and neice. Lag jaa gale..song..plays on FM. Rajbeer tells Pari that wen he prosed her, this song was playing in background. Manjulika tells Pari she will enter her body at 7 p.m. Daadi asks Rajbeer to stop car near temple. It is 6:55 p.m. Pandit in hanuman temple sees lamps flickering and says a strong evil spirit is outside temple. Rajbeer and others enter temple, but Pari’s dupatta stucks in car door. She thinks she has to enter temple before 7 p.m. Manjulika tries to stop her and tortures her. Rajbeer sees her and asks what happened and takes her in. Manjulika fumes seeing this and thinks of getting Pari out at any cost. She enters rabbit’s body. Neice sees rabbit and runs behind it. Rabbit jumps over ditch and neice falls in ditch. Pari sees her missing and asks Rajbeer to go out and bring her. Rajbeer goes out. Manjulika gets neice out and she runs back into temple. Pandit says it is god’s miracle and cleans neice in pond. Pari sees speeding truck towards Rajbeer and runs towards him. Truck hits Rajbeer and he falls in ditch. People throw bamboo and pull him out. Manjulika enters Pari’s body and tortures her.

Daadi thanks Saroj for bringing Rajbeer and Pari to temple. She asks where is Pari. Pari comes and shouts at Daadi how dare she is to bring her to temple, why she thinks a black evil spirit is possessing her body. Rajbeer comes. Pari starts emotional atyachar and cries that Daadi thinks she has evil spirit in her, so she brought her to temple. If daadi does not trust her, she will enter temple. Rajbeer stops her and says she does not have to prove herself. Pari smirks. She weirdly looks at Saroj. Saroj reallizes evil spirit has possessed her. Pari smirks.

At home, Pari looks at herself in mirror and says herself she will get ready for party so well that everyone will look at her. Natasha in her room tells Shakti that her black designer sari is missing and Pari must have stolen it. Raj asks her to stop alleging Pari and get ready for party soon. Party starts and gets gather. Pari walks down sensual wearing Natasha’s black sari with revealing blouse. Saroj is shocked seeing her new avatar. Rajveer gets mesmerized with her beauty. Natasha sees Pari wearing her sari and scolds how dare she is to steal her sari. Shakti takes her from here. Rajbeer tells mom Pari does not like saris. Mom says it is fashion now. Rajbeer’s siblings complement Pari. Natasha starts yelling at Pari that she is poor broke, phatichar, stole her sari, etc. Pari starts confronting her and reveals how she got TV serial roles by having affair with 4 producers, how she took pics with her boyfriend in compromised position and blackmailed him to marry her, howmuch boyfriends she had, how she mixes rum and coke and drinks, etc.. She snatches Natasha’s drink and gulps in 1 sip and leaves. Shakti taunts Natasha that at last she found someone to confront her. Saroj watches Pari’s changed behavior carefully.

Precap: Saroj thinks something is wrong in this house. Manjulika romances Rajbeer. Rajbeer says he feels weird. Manjulika says he wants to see body’s power and now she will show it. She romances Rajbeer more and throws mangalsutra. Pari tells Manjulika if she wants to be with Rajbeer, so she will not go in front of him at all. Manjulika tortures her more.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Waha waha kya episode hai…. maza aa gya with horror…. full of horrror and mazedar episode…

    Hey frnds of kawach, kawach beats YHM in trp… YHM is 3.1 and Kawach 3.5 at ratings…. yapieeeee yapieeeee

    1. Taani

      really????i thought no one would be watching it as they miss naagin…..kawach is nice….


        Yes… but everyone is liking as it is different as compared to saas bahu and naagin….

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      I also like kawach it’s going good infact I like it more than Naagin , and also fan of Mona and Vivek , and Mahek doing a great job as Churail also

  2. Missed the epi.. Does anyone know when is the retelecast?


      On sat and sun at 11am…

  3. Come on what’s happening here?? If The lead heroine is being possessed and tortured by the evil spirit, then who will save her?? It’s ridiculous. They must show like manjulika haunting rajbeer and pari saving him


      Kawach is what lead will get from evil… this show is mixutre of film bhul bhuliya and anamika tv show

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        It reminds me of the zee tv horror show shree and yeah Bohol Bhulaya I agree

  4. Happy for kawach success, but they should some comedy scenes etc to make it more intresting


      This show is based on horror…. i do not think there can be comdey secenes… but writers can do any thing….

  5. Its awesome serial love it. You can too watch it on filmazia on 11a.m and too on 4. p.m. rap are best.

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