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Rajveer takes Pari’s chain and ring in which Manjulika is and adds it in bowl. Arhaan tells Pari he will remove ring when his turn comes. Shakti says they will pick jewelry from box with closed eyes and whoever’s jewelry it will be can order the other person to do whatever he/she likes. Natasha’s turn comes and she picks Pari’s ring and chain. Pari asks her to mimic her serial’s scene. Natasha does. Minty picks Arhaan’s chain and does what he says. Pari picks Raajveer’s chain and Ria asks her to kiss Rajveer. Pari kisses Rajveeer hesitantly. Arhaan picks Rajveer’s ring and Rajveer asks him to arm wrestle. Arhaan does. Pari sees Natasha taking her ring and tries to go behind when Shakti stops her and says he will get it. Arhaan wins game

and everyone clap. Rajveer gets sad.

Shakti goes to his room and searches ring. He finds ring on table and picks it. Saudamini comes and praises him, but disappears seeing Pari coming. Pari enters and leaves taking ring. Shakti asks why did not she stop Pari. She reminisces seeing Manjulika in Pari’s ring and says if they snatch ring, Pari will get suspicious and will take ring to Heera.

Arhan and Pari leave to meet Heera. Rajveer sees them and thinks if Pari’s happiness is i Arhaan, he will divorce Pari and wants to see her happy even if sheis with Arhaan. Arhan takes his real huge frm and carries Paari on his palm towards Hanuman mandir. Saudamini comes and starts torturing Pari. Pari falls down, but Arhaan holds her on time and fights with Saudamini. He chants hanuman chalisa and throws power on Saudamini and speeds up. Saudamini shouts to stop. He smiles at Pari and says don’t worry, be happy. Once Saudamini comes under temple radius, she is stopped by superpowers. They both meet Heera who says Arhaan is an angel sent by god. Arhaan says tomorrow is pooranmasi. Sauudamini goes to tantrik and tells they took Manjulika to Heera, what she should do now. Tantrik shows her Heera telling Pari and Arhaan that Manjulika entered Pari’s body when she invited her, so she has to remarry Rajveer to get rid of Manjulia on pooranmaasi. Saudamini shouts she will not let this marriage happen.

Pari and Arhaan reach home and she asks Arhaan to let her go in, else Rajveer will beangry again. She gets inside thinking she will convince Rajveer somehow. Whole family says suprise,,,today is Pari and Rajveer’s 6 months’ anniversary. Arhaan asks to call husband also. Raajveer comes and Ria pushes him towards Pari and asks to cut cake. Jagath comes and says only cake, tomorrow they will party. Everyone jump in hapiness. Pari goes to her room and thinks how to inform Rajveer about second marriage. Rajveer comes and asks he cannot stay with her under one roof, he saw her happy with Arhaan, so he will divorce her. She says Arhaan is not her happiness. Rajveer says after tomorrow’s function, he will give her divorce papers. She is shocked.

In the morning, Pari sadly reminisces Rajveer’s words and thinks once Manjulika is destroyed, she will tell Rajveer everything. Daadi and Janaki come in and gift her gold jewelry as 6 month’s anniversary gift. Pari says she does not need jewelry, she needs something else. They ask what. She tells them that she wants to remarry Rajveer. They say that is all, they gather whole family and tell Rajveer that they are recelebrating Pari and his marriage today. Rajveer says but…Everyone clap. Rajveer sees Pari and Arhaaan laughing and get tensed. Saudamini fumes on Pari. Shakti sees Saudamini signaling him and goes to store room. Saudamini asks him to stop this marriage at any cost if he wants to save his sister and tells her plan.

Pari gets ready as bride. Saudamini comes and says she will not let her marry. Pari says today her marriage and Manjullika’s destroyal is for sure. Saudamini says let us see. Pari goes down with youngsters. Elders smile seeing her. Pari thinks during pheras, she will drop ring in havan and destroy Manjulika. Marriage starts. Pandit asks to exchange garlands. Pari is about to dorn garland on Rajveer when he stops her and throws it. Eeryne are shocked. He gives her divorce papers. Shakti takes papers and asks why divorce papers. Rajveer says he needs divorce from Pari. Pari asks what joke is this. Jagath shouts at Rajveer if he has gone mad. Rajveer says Pari loves Arhaan. Pari says he is mistaken. Rajveer says he is not and walks out. Arhan tries to stop him, but he gets into car and leaves. Natasha starts badmouthing Pari and alleges her character. Pari says it is enough, she is alleging her wrongly. Natasha asks her to tell truth then. Pari thinks she cannot tell truth before destroying Manjulika and says she will know truth when time comes. Natasha continues alleging Pari. Pari’s mom says she will not let her stay here. Daadi stops her and says Pari is her bahu and dignity of her house, she will connffront Rajveer once she comes, till then nobody should tell Pari anything.

Rajveer stops car near clifff and looks down. Arhaan comes there and says Pari loves only Rajveer and she brought him here destroy evil spirits and he is a jinn and not human. Rajveer asks to stop joking. Arhaan says he will come in his real form to get him back to mantap and takes his real form. Rajveer throws something on him and smiles. Saudamini comes out of Rajveer’s body and says he musst be thinking if she killed Rajveer or not and reminisces capturing Rajveer via her tantrik guru. Guru gives her ring and says until it is with her, she can posess anyone’s body and gives her red ash to throw it on Arhaan. He says once she throws red ash on Arhaann and bring him here, he will destroy Arhaan forever. She reminisces Rajveer crying reminiscing his time spent with Pari, she goes and possess his body and thinks when marriage pheras will not happen, how will Pari destroy Manjulika. She comes out of flashback and says she and her daughter as evil spirits and many jinns came and got destroyed, she will kill him first and then destroy Budela family. She throws ash on Arhaan and confines him in a cage.

Precap: Saudamini gives Arhaaan’s cave to Shakti and asks to give it to her gurudev. She asks guru how to get Manjulika out of ring. Guru says if they kill Rajveer whom Manjulika loves most, she will be freed. Pari watches their drama.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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