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Pari says Rajbeer. She sees Rajbeer saying I don’t want to know about my past, I want to divorce, it since 6months, she not come. Pari say Rajbeer. Dadi says Pari. Pari says what are you saying rajbeer? Rajbeer confronts her and says where were you since 6months?pari says in that cave…. Rajbeer says. where you leave me for dying. Pari says Saudamini was…. Rajbeer tells Pari that he kill that evil spirits in that cave. He recalls,FB starts…
Rajbeer throws some type ash on Manjauliaka. Saudamini shouts no! Rajbeer then kill Saudamini.FB ends.
Pari says I leave because arhan said that he’ll save you when I will form with him Rajbeer says is he superman? Pari asks all and all say yes sh leave since 6 months ago! Pari goes to shreya. Pari thinks, how could it be? how

can I leave six months ago? She was to leave but tipsy comes with Natasha. Tipsy hugs Pari and says Chaci come! chaci come! Natasha says Come tipsy, change dress. Dadi stops Rajbeer and says we can’t do anything for her favours. Rajbeer says if its your decision then OK! but I’ve no feelings for her now!
Pari says for which I come then there is no need that I live here! Dadi say there are some secrets for which there is no answer and asks her to stay at home.
Shreya is seen. She calls someone. And says we can’t talk now secretly we have to do something, Tipsy comes and asks shreya to join her doll’s hand. shreya says bring glue. tipsy puts doll in window and leaves. Kabir’s sister comes and ask him to bring mother’s medicine.
tipsy comes to shreya and says where is my doll? shreya says if it not there then find anywhere else and asks her to leave.
Pari sees tipsy and aks her whats is she doing here!tipsy says all at eleving me and now my doll tto. Pari say may be doll in garden. they reach garden and starts finding doll. Pari says to tipsy to sleep and promise her that apshe will bring doll back! Pari sees Rajbeer and walks towards him but Rajbeer ignores her.
Doll sees pari from window. Pari wakes from sleep and sees from window. Pari hears sound and follows sound. she reaches Rajbeer room and sees Saudamini stabbing Rajbeer. Pari shouts Rajbeer. Pari wakes from dream and leaves. tipsy wakes and sees her doll been in her rooms and becomes excited.
Pari comes to Rajbeer and says that saudamini…. Rajbeer says I’ve killed them.
doll talks to tipsy and asks her to do what others say.
Pari says what happened to you shreya. shreya tells pari that she is pregnant. Rajbeer comes and confronts shreya. All comes. Dadi says what are you saying Rajbeer? Pari says it my house too! and says we will call that man and make them marry!
Next morning, Kabir comes with her sister. Rajbeer comes. Tipsy is seen playing with her doll. doll calls her and asks her to kill her.
kabir says i want to marry shreya but first I want that My sister marry. Rajbeer confronts him. kabir says I want to marry shreya but can’t durpe to his sister.
Tipsy is riding on cycle and shouts see, my feet are not on paddles but then…. dadi tries to save her but gets hit by cycle. Tipsy comes and says you sit and I bring cream for you.
Pari says shreya can take care of her but she wants marry as you’re his responsibility. Kabir says I love her much that’s why I ask her to abort and says that my sister has a horrible past. he was to leave but stops kabir and his sister and says he will marry his sister. Rajbeer says , so , if you’ve no problem with divorce then I can marry your sister. kabir says OK.Labor thanks her. Pari says how can you marry other girl? Rajbeer says you can leave with other guy so I can marry other girl. Song plays, Humsafar Mera….

Precap: Shakti says to Pari after sending me in jail , you want to see how I look here? Rajbeer says to Pari that he have no feelings for her. kabir says to her sister that Rajbeer has earned much. Pari overhears that.

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  1. This is getting boring just get to the main point already

  2. Rajbir acting is always boring…. and it’s seems everyone acting is fake, in this show…..sory is not bad… but don’t know I am not attracted in this show..but when Arhaan and parri I liked it….

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