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Rajbeer stops Ritu from hanging herself and tries to console her. Ritu starts her fake acting and says she wants to spend some time with him before dying. Pari enters and says she can live this moment who knows she may be alive or not. She asks if she loves Rajbeer so much that she wants to die. Rajbeer asks Pari to go, he is handling situation. Pari says if Ritu wants to die, let her die. She picks knife and asks Ritu to stab herself. Rajbeer says he is trying to save Ritu, but Pari is forcing Ritu. Pari asks if he cannot see Ritu’s lie, Ritu and her brother want to rab his wealth. Ritu yells if she had not interfered, she would have married Rajbeer. Pari says she will not let her fool her husband and keeps knife on her. Rajbeer drags Pari and takes her from there. Ritu is shocked.


asks Pari what she wants to prove. Pari says that Ritu is trying to fool him. He says he does not love her. She says he just acts, but he loves her. He expresses in front of others, but does not in front of her. She heard him telling other girl but did not even ask once why she went away for 6 months. She wants to save him from Saudamini. Saudamini is back and is using Tipsy via her doll. She has even sent an evil on him and he does not know what is happening to him. She asks if he remembers what happened to him at night. He says he slept in hospital corridor. She tells what he did last night and says he needs to stay in temple before evil spirit posses him. She says it is turning dark and they need to reach temple.

Ritu calls Kabeer and says she will kill Pari, Pari always takes Rajbeer from her, Rajbeer still loves Pari. Kabeer looks at Shreya and says he knows Rajbeer loves whom most and asks her not to worry much.

Pari takes Rajbeer to a temple, calls panditji and say she has brought Rajbeer to a temple and he can start pooja. Panditji asks them not to leave temple before he completes pooja. He starts pooja.. Hanuman chalisa plays in the background. Saudamini comes there and spoils Panditji’s pooja. Panditji gets afraid. Saudamini says he is the one who is trying to save Bundela family from her. She continues her lengthy diaglogues. Panditji runs and Saudamini kills him. Rajbeer says it is enough now, he is going. Pari thinks Panditji’s pooja is finished and now Rajbeer is free from evil spirit. They both walk toward car. Saudamini comes there and says she killed Panditji and says Pari must be thinking why evil spirit did not possess Rajbeer yet. Rajbeer calls Pari and asks what is she doing there. Saudamin asks her to go soon, what if someone in her family met with an accident.

Rajbeer and Pari reach house and see an ambulance out. They run in and see Ritu being taken on stretcher. Shreya runs and hugs Rajbeer. Doc says Ritu has lost a lot of blood. Kabeer starts his dialogues and blames Pari for Ritu trying to suicide. He yells that he does not want to see Pari’s face and asks Rajbeer to decide whether he wants Pari or him in this house. Rajbeer takes Pari to a room. Pari says evil spirit has done all this. Rajbeer smirks meaning evil spirit already possessed Rajbeer. He says he would have killed that woman, but Rajbeer would have been caught. Like Pari trapped him, he trapped her. She asks who is he. He tortures her and asks if she will take Rajbeer’s body from him. She asks who is he, who is he. He strangulates her neck and says if he can come into Rajbeer’s body, he can come even in her body, then everything will be finished. He tortures her more and acts. He then runs out and Pari runs behind him. Saudamini laughs on her.

Shreya cries and Natasha consoles her. Shreya cries if Kabeer leaves, what will happen to her child. Pari comes behind Rajbeer and asks family to stop him. Rajbeer says he is going to meet Ritu. Uncle asks to go. Daadi comes and Pari pleads her to stop Pari. Daadi slaps her and says she tried to kill Pari. Kabeer comes and yells at her. Pari looks at Daadi’s face. Daadi reminisces window opening and evil spirit writing something on mirror with sindhoor.

Pari is arrested and locked up. Inspector questions her, he gets a message that a driverless car killed baba. Inspector leaves. Pari realizes Saudmini killed baba. Saudamini comes and says she killed Panditji, but Pari is responsible for his death, nobody can kill her.

Bundela house is decorated for Shreya’s goad bharari. Natasha asks Rajbeer to take food for Ritu in a hospital. He asks what, why Ritu is admitted. Ucle gives him headache medicine. Natasha says she cannot believe how can Pari kill Ritu. Rajbeer thinks how can Pari attack Ritu when she was with him.

Kabeer goes to Ritu’s room and asks how can she allow Pari attack her. Ritu asks what is he talking about, she does not understand anything. Kabeer says Pari will be in jail forever. Rajbeer comes there and Ritu looks at him.

Precap: Pari acts as ill in jail and is taken to hospital. She escapes from there. Saudamini tells her a puzzle and challenges her to save her family members if she can with this puzzle.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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