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Manjulika tells Rajbeer that she loves him and will get him at any cost. Pari says untils he is alive, she cannot get Rajbeer. Manjulika angrily creats a storm. Pari, Natasha, and Rajbeer pray god to save them. They hide under a hut and it starts burning. Pari sees a glowing tree and says that is their kawach. Natasha says what if they die there. Pari says roof is falling down. They all run under tree. Pari sees Bhavya there and thinks what is she doing here. Natasha falls unconscious. They rush her to home. Bhavya receives them and asks what happened to her, if evil spirited harmed her, she told to keep a watch on evil spirit. Pari thinks how can she be in both places and why she is acting as Natasha’s aunt, she will ask her later.

Manjulika thinks how can they escape,

Rajbeer must have got superpowers. She will find out via Pari. She then gets afraid thinking if Pari has got taweez and she may get electric shock. She tests by throwing black power on Pari and Pari feels it. Manjulika starts torturing Pari next and shouts. Bhavya comes to rescue her and multiple herself as many Paris. Manjulika shouts she knows she is not Pari and is some superpower, she escapes from there shouting she will come back and confront her.

Pari watches everything and asks Bhavya who is she, she saw everything. Bhavya changes to a pari and says she is a Pari and like evil spirits, she is a good spirit and loves to help people. She reminisces how she helps a woman from a goon and tells her story that she fell in love with a human and got pregnant, but then she had to follow her world’s rules and leave her love. She delivers a baby girl and exchanges with a dead baby. Babies parents name her Paridhi. She tells she is that Paridhi and her daughter. Pari is surprised to hear that. Bhavya says even she has inborn kawach in her as she is half pari, evil spirits can harm her a bit but cannot kill her. Pari hugs her mother. Bhavya says she sent Arhaan to help her. Pari says evils killed Arhaan. Bhavya says Arhaan can come back if she calls him. Pari says she can do anything to call Arhaan. Rajbeer comes searching Pari. Bhavya changes to human again. Pari walks with him. He says he has to get up early and sleep.

Pari meets Bhavya again. Bhavya performs prays and asks Pari to keep holy ash under a circle. Pari keeps it. Bhavya asks her to call Arhaan. Arhaan comes and touches Bhavya’s feet and thanks her for calling. Bhavya says Pari called her. He says how can she being a human. Bhavya says Pari is her daughter, so is a half pari. She says Arhaan he has to protect Pari. Arhaan says even she must be having superpowers if she is half Pari. Bhavya says she will realize her powers eventually, till then he has to protect her.

In the morning, Rajbeer wakes up and thinks she is in kitchen. He sits for breakfast with family and family informs that Pari is not at home. Pari is with Arhaan and their discussion continues. Arhaan says she will find him in store room whenver she needs him.

Saudamini fumes how can Bundela family escape from their attack, they need to find out who is protecting them. She will do severe meditation to get more black powers. Arhan goes to cave to get his powers back from a skull. He sees Saudamini there and calls Pari to meet him. Pari returns home and sees family with pandit planning to perform pooja. Rajbeer asks wherew as she. She says she went to meet Heera. He asks her to get ready for pooja. Family sits for pooja and Daadi asks Rajbeer to call Pari. Pari goes to store room and asks why did he call her. he says his powers are in skull and he has to get them before she completes meditation. She asks why did not he break skull then. He says he cannot and as a half human and half pari she can break it. If Saudamini completes meditation, she will be very powerful and destroy everything. She says they will not let that happen. He says don’t worry, be happy and leaves. Rajbeer come sand asks what is she doing in store room. She says her ring fell somewhere, so she came here searchingg. He says he heard a man’s voice. She says no one is here except her. He starts searching. She says they have to join pooja and takes him down. Arhaan comes out from hiding.

Pari walks at night silently thinking once Arhaan’s powers are back, she will inform about him to Rajbeer. Rajbeer seees her going out of house and follows her. He thinks where is she going at midnight without informing him. Arhaan sees Rajbeer following Pari and thinks genies travel world to save people, Rajbeer not letting his wife even go out of house. He thinks he has to stop him, else he may be at risk. He burns leaves on ground and creates smoke. Rajbeer stops and then starts searching Pari again.

Precap: Arhaan asks Pari to hide until Saudamini and team goes out. Pari scolds Rajbeer to stop pestering him. Saudamini says skull has broken, means genie is out again, someone is helping Pari and genie and she has to find out who is she/he.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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