Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega ,Jaise main karti hoon- Introduction


Hey all. Fatarajo is back. Ya ya again back with my stories sorry ?. Frankly speaking i was not at all in mood to write a new ff but after EDKV ended I am missing the show so badly. So that’s why I decided to write this ff.

An independent young woman who lives in India and currently pursuing her studies.The perfect lady anyone would want. She have a dream. But she have a so called ‘flaw’.
A young man who recently graduated and also did army training. Well he lives overseas and now is having a break as he graduated. He is an Indian living overseas but he hates India.
You all know who am I talking about, right!
And then the young man and woman meet each other and then you know ?
But the way they meet and what happens will be totally different and unexpected maybe.

So here is the brief intro for the characters
Suman Tiwari (Nikita Dutta)
Name: Suman Tiwari
Age: 22
Profession: 2nd year Student, helps in the family business
Family Members: Mother, Father, Younger Sister, Younger Brother
Nationality: Indian
Residence: Delhi, India
Interests: Cricket, Cooking, Talking, Smiling, Bollywood Movies
Hates: Arrogance, Hindi Serials, Showoff people
Nicknames: Sumo, Jhalli

Shravan Malhotra (Namik Paul)
Name: Shravan Malhotra
Age: 25
Profession: Graduated Student, for now part time gamer
Family Members: Father, Mother, Younger Sister , Cousin
Nationality: Indian
Residence: Singapore
Interests: Car Racing, Gaming, Food, Photography
Hates: Things related India, Talkative people, Drinking
Nicknames: Shravu, Lambu, SM

Here is the brief description of the characters in Suman and Shravan’s Family.

Suman’s Family
Tiwari Family
A well-established family in India and lived happily in a small house.
Suman Tiwari
Well you all know a lot about her now. So to say more most of the family members here are dependent on Suman and Suman is like the helping hand of her Mom. She is the most loved due to this.

Priya Tiwari
She is the Mom of Suman. She is a single Mother and single handedly bringing up Sumo and her two younger kids by running a family business of a cake shop.

He is the Grandfather of Suman. He supports his Daughter, Priya and grand-Daughter Suman in all possible ways. He loves his grandchildren a lot. He wants to see Suman getting married soon.

Preeti Tiwari
She is the younger Sister of Suman aged 19. She just finished college. She is opposite to Suman. Naughty, irresponsible. But she loves her Sister and family a lot.

Daboo Tiwari
He is the youngest one in the family , the only Brother of Suman aged 9. He is cute, adorable and also naughty. He loves his Suman Didi the most.

Shravan’s Family
Malhotra Family
Another well-established happy family living in Singapore.

Shravan Malhotra
Well you all know a lot about him too. Well in his family Shravan is the word that people get to listen to the most but he stays in his house the least due to hanging out with friends and part time job. He also have a Girlfriend.

Ramnath Malhotra
The Father of Shravan. He is a kind hearted and nice person the only one who can stop his family Members from fighting.
He is a professor in a university and loves driving cars. He loves his children the most.

Nirmala Malhotra
The Mother of Shravan. She is also kind hearted and nice person but her character is totally Punjabi. Loves India.She always dons a braid as her hairstyle. She is like those loud Punjabis. Always over-concerned about her children.

Sasha Malhotra
Well this is a new character. She is the younger Sister of Shravan aged 18. She recently finished her college. She is closest to Shravan her Brother. Well she is kind of like those spoilt girls. Just that she is kind hearted.

Pushkar Malhotra
Cousin of Shravan. He lives with Shravan and his family for some reasons. He is also nice here. Aged 23. Also studying second year like Suman. He is the only one who loves India among the young ones. He has Sister and his parents in his family. His parents send him abroad to study.

Here is the brief description of Suman and Shravan’s Family. Well there is 5 more new characters in this story which will play a huge role in Shraman’s story.

Ovi Singh
She is the relative of Shravan. She is a very good Friend of Suman. Yes she will play one of the linking characters to Shraman. She lives in Singapore and her family and Shravan’s Family are Neighbours. Aged 23.

Shravan Reddy Aryan
He is the Best Friend of Shravan and his name is also Shravan. But his nickname is Aryan so all calls him Aryan. He is a nerd wearing glasses and all that. And he is not at all a good student. He and Shravan are totally different from each other but they are best friends. Aged 26.

Aditya Ahuja
Well here someone else is gonna play the role of Aditya. He is the Best Friend of Suman and is her Neighbour. Have a very soft corner for her from day one. Aged 26. Will play a huge role in Shraman’s story.

Urvashi Oberoi
Here someone else is gonna play the role of Urvashi too. She is also an Indian living in Singapore. She is the Girlfriend of Shravan. Shravan truly loves Urvashi but Urvashi likes Shravan only. Aged 22. She will also play a huge role infact a positive role in Shraman’s story.

Vandita Malhotra
Someone else playing the role of Vandy too. She is the elder Sister of Pushkar but she lives in Australia. She comes to Singapore for visiting Pushkar at times. Well her character will play a pivotal role later on as she will be suffering from depression due to some reasons.

What is Suman’s flaw and what is the reason why Shravan hates India will be revealed soon.

Here are the ones who r gonna play the role of the New characters

Sasha: Eisha Singh (Rani in ETR2)
Ovi: Riddima Pandit (Rajni in BHRK)
Aryan: Shravan Reddy (Aryan in KD)
Aditya: Mohsin Khan (Karthik in YRKKH)
Urvashi: Jigyasa Singh (Thapki in TPK)
Vandy: Tejaswi Prakash (Ragini in SR)

Here are the promos.
Promo 1: A woman is shown sleeping. Just then Priya, her Mom comes and wakes Suman up. Suman wakes up and yawns. And again sleeps. And then her mom wakes her up again. Suman wakes up and goes for her classes. And then she goes to the cake shop and runs the business. Like taking money from the customer. And then she comes home and teaches Daboo. The clock strikes at 8 and Suman and Daboo look at each other and watch Cricket. They cheer for their team. And later she serves dinner to all and sleeps at night. One day Suman comes in saree as a guy comes to see her. The guy’s family is happy and says that it’s a yes from them. Suman smiles and says but I. She tells them something.This makes the family angry and shocked. Suman’s Mom and Grandfather becomes sad Instead of being sad Suman is happy and she walks on the roads and goes for work, and Aditya smiles looking at her.

Promo 2: An old guy is shown giving a lecture and says that the topper is Shravan Malhotra. Shravan comes in the stage in his graduation outfit and all claps for him. Shravan’s Family also comes and takes a picture with Shravan. Nirmala fixes Shravan’s hair which irritates Shravan. Later at home, Ramnath is saying Shravan you have to pay the electrical bills and Nirmala is saying Shravan clean up your room. And Sasha is sitting in the sofa and checks her tablet and says that her Brother haven’t download the movies. And she tells them that Shravan went out. Nirmala and Ramnath gets angry. Later Nirmala finds the room tidied up and Ramnath finds out the bill being payed. Sasha switches on the Tv as she is bored and realise that the movies are downloaded in Tv and gets happy. Shravan is outside and he does car racing. Later he is in cafe with his friends and Urvashi, where he lovingly stares at Urvashi. Later he takes pictures and smiles.

So what will happen when these two completely different personalities meet?

Actually whenever i write ffs I write them together but this time this is the only ff I will be writing. I know the story may sound boring but hopefully you all will like it later on.

This time I will make the no. Of episodes infinite. I mean to say the no. Of episodes will be based on the no. Of comments and response I receive.

But one thing i am confused. So i need ur help regarding this. Whoever read my KRPKAB and EDKV combo ff and my five shots (the devil-angel one) should I use the writing style the one i used for my combo ff or the one i used for my five shots? The writing style that most of you will choose I will use that writing style for my ff.
And the most important question. Should I continue with this ff?

If I am continuing this fan fiction I will publish the first episode on Sunday, 16th October.

Thank for taking your valuable time to read this ff and please do comment ?? thank u ?
and yes criticism is open ?

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  1. which serial is kd
    nice starting

    1. DevSona

      KD-‘Krishna Dasi’ 🙂

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey manasa thanks for commenting
      Happy u liked the starting
      Well kd is Krishnadasi that comes on Colors
      Thanks devsona for helping out 🙂

  2. Sandra Antony

    yes please continue the promos are very interesting

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Sandra thanks for commenting
      Will continue 🙂
      Happy u found it interesting

  3. WeirdSister

    Hey fatarajo…
    Glad to hve u back..!
    Well I would prefer five shot style..
    Its up to u anyway..!
    This is not boring…
    It sounds hell interesting to me..!
    Excited for it already..
    So post really soon..
    Love u loads..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey weirdsister thanks for commenting
      Well I will choose the style majority prefers as I like both
      And happy u liked it
      Well i may get late in posting due to my root canal surgery

  4. Aarion

    Hey fatarajo…..
    I am happy that you came up with another ff…..glad to know that……and its awesome…..the full story is flipped upside down….and the I am thinking how will shraman meet…….oh I am so curious…..and why are you posting on Sunday….pls post before that….I am eagerly waiting for it……i am also sad that edkv ended…and my wish is that you should go with combo style……because if you end your story fast like how edkv did…I will be heart broken….so pls do it in the way you wrote combo episodes….eagerly waiting to know what is in your story…

    With love

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Aarion thanks for commenting
      Well i wasn’t ready for another ff but then I had this story in mind for long and well i would love to post before but i had a root canal surgery recently so i may get late
      Well i ended that one soon as it was for finite series this one hopefully I won’t end soon as this will not be finite
      Love u too

  5. pretty preeti

    Krishnadasi Aryan in edkv see it is another show which I watch.
    Sedmz interesting
    Kitne log.
    It is cool.
    Loved It
    Post soon Jo.
    Remembering characters will be tough but interesting.
    Loved it.
    Post soon

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Actually my Friend is a big fan of Aryan so she requested me to include him in my ff so I thought what was the harm well i didn’t watch Kd much so I don’t have much idea about Aryan just saw his previous show Manmarziyan where he played Neil which was my fav show before EDKV
      Well i know it’s difficult i won’t introduce all at one go this all will make entry later on so that this ff doesn’t end soon ? Well focus will be on Shraman mainly
      Will post in on Sunday due to my surgery

  6. Angel20

    Heya! You are back! I’m very happy! The promo seems interesting! Post the episodes soon!

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Maria yes i am back
      Happy u liked the promos
      The episode will post it on Sunday due to my surgery

  7. Joyee Aapi!!!
    Ypu are back!!!
    I am so happy!!!!
    And the characters???
    So very unique!!!
    And and and…please use the dialogie style…I mean the one u used for ur combo ff…
    And and and…love u?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey laddoo
      Thanks for commenting
      Happy u liked the characters
      Well I will choose what majority says
      Love u too dear

  8. DevSona

    Amazing storyline Fatarajo…I’ll be great to see how Suman and Shravan will react when they’ll meet and other characters are also great I love it. 🙂

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey devsona thanks for commenting
      Well yes i know their meeting is most awaited
      And other characters will play a short role in their story

  9. Fatrajoo…
    I thought u may b in some trip..as u mentioned in one comment in edkv last page..but very happy to see you back with a bang..????????
    Seriously..urvashi…jigyasa Singh..I thnk they will have huge height difference..do you thnk she is fit for the charectors?
    And I loved the intro and promo..
    Go with ur writing style of krpkab and edkv..one..???????
    Its my suggestion??

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey sona thanks for commenting
      Well i just came back from my trip few days ago
      And hmm u r right yeh Toh Maine Socha nahi thanks for pointing that out okay I will think of some other actress playing the role of Urvashi . Well I don’t watch Hindi serials much these days so just know the ones the show i used to watch well besides Jigyasa, Helly Shah came in my mind but hers also same problem height problem by first episode i may have some actress in mind to play the role of Urvashi and I will mention the change
      Thanks for helping out 🙂

  10. Ariana

    it’s sooooooooo good. How come u said it’s boring? I’ll pull ur ears nxt time u say tht. Superb. I loved the way u introduced each character. Sounds like I’m reading their files. The promos r also very interesting. Pls pls pls post the epis sooooooooon.
    loads of love
    take care

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Ariana thanks for commenting well i just thought it may be boring okay okay baba sorry please don’t pull my ears i just did surgery and happy u liked the promo will post on Sunday as i m recovering love u too

  11. Nice start keep writing

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey devgyani thanks for commenting yes will keep writing

  12. Fanficoholic

    Hey fatarjao. Well ur name is a bit difficult to type. So plz tell me ur actual name r suggest a nick name bu which i can call u. I loved the intro. I am very mich eagerly waiting fr the frat episode. And yah plz post it sooner that sunday. I am very much impatient to read tis. And i sincerely hope u wll post regularly. Pls dnt be irregular dear. Okay so everyone is positive in tis ff? Well good. Bt i seriously liked tis very much. And i dnt knw wat had got into that sony fellow that he has stoppd such an amzing serial like ekdv. Bt looking fwd to ur ff. Post soon

    Love u

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey fanficoholic I m so happy u commented on my ff 🙂 I used to see ur comment in other ff like arshi’s ff and also anjali’s ff btw have you read my other ffs before ?

      1. Fanficoholic

        Yah. As soon as i read this I went to ur profile and read all the 3 five shots u have written on shraman, devakshi and ishkara. If u hav written any other ffs plz do let me knw. I am wll be veryyyyyy glad to read them.

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey fanficholic that’s really sweet of u to read 15 chaps in one day ??? well yes i have written on twinj and thahaan before but not writing on them for Long and yes used to write a combo ff on KRPKAB and EDKV aka devakshi and shraman i will send u the link for the KRPKAB and EDKV one u can read all the epi with that link

  13. Y.balamirra

    hey, i loved the promo , i am so eager to read the next epi , so keep writing
    love , y.b

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey balamirra thanks for commenting and well i will upload the next epi on Sunday due to my surgery
      And love u too dear 🙂

  14. Hi fatarajo……..back with another ff ……well it seems really interesting and the characters are also amazing but only onproblem…………….Urvashi…….
    She is Shravans girlfriend really ………yaar really waiting for the update …….

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey sumo thanks for commenting well happy u liked all and don’t worry i am making some changes to that character too so no worries and well the next part i will upload on Sunday due to my surgery

  15. Yayyy you’re back.
    This is quite interesting. Can’t wait for 16th now. And about your writing style, any of them would work as you write amazingly well. Post the episode soon if possible.
    Much love

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey zainab thanks for commenting happy u liked it well I will post on Sunday and happy u liked both my writing style really means a lot to me 🙂
      Love u too 🙂

  16. And pls read my ff too on devakshi and shraman………….ill post it on tellyupdates after 27 of oct

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey will definitely read it though my lessons will resume on 17th but good news is this time mostly my lessons will be in afternoon so I can read ur ff but just send me the link

  17. hey
    it’s interesting
    sorry I m commenting so late

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Sami thanks for commenting
      Happy u liked it and well it’s okay at least u commented 🙂
      Btw my Cousin name is Sami also 🙂

      1. awwww
        when r u posting next epi……

      2. RANdomfANCreationz

        Yes sure friends 🙂
        I will post next epi on Sunday 🙂

  18. Hey Jo…
    How r u??All gud??
    Sorry for cmmnting late…
    as always m xcited to read ur story…
    Storyline is different… But it seems very very intresting…
    eagerly waiting for this…
    take care…
    Lots of Love…

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