Kaun Tujhe Yun Pyaar Karenga Jaise Main Karti Hoon- Episode 1


Hi all. Fatarajo is back with the first episode of Kaun Tujhe Yun Pyaar Karenga Jaise Main Karti Hoon. I am really happy and overwhelemed with the response I receieved in the intro. characters in my fan fiction.

And as for the writing style I am going to use the one I used for my combo fan fiction as majority voted for this one. And as for other characters dont worry I wont add all in one go like one is for one epi, or some epi.
By any chance if you didn’t read the intro you can read it in this link:


Gonna make some changes which i will inform in the next epi.

Now that you all know the changes and style , so here is Episode 1.
Scene 1: Suman’s Residence
The fan fiction begins with a girl shown and she is crying. Just then a guy comes.
Guy: I love you.
Girl: I love you too.
And he hugs her. This scene is actually shown on TV. And the person who is watching TV is Preeti.
Preeti: Aww how romantic.

Just then Daboo comes
Daboo: Preeti Didi I want to watch cricket.
Preeti: Get lost. Watch it later.
On the other hand, Priya is shown cooking and she smiles seeing Preeti and Daboo.
Daboo: Preeti Didi please.
Preeti: Areh watch the match later.
Daboo: I will tell Suman Didi you are not letting me watch cricket.
Preeti gets nervous and convinces Daboo.
Preeti: Daboo, please don’t tell Dii anything.
Daboo: I will.
Preeti: I will give you chocolates
Daboo: Haw! Bribe?
Preeti: Daboo please.
Daboo: Let me think.
And as Daboo is thinking, just then a voice of a lady comes in.
Lady: Bribe is an offense.
Daboo looks and smiles, Preeti gets afraid and gets up.
Daboo: Suman Didi
Yes the girl is none other than Suman Tiwari. Suman comes to Daboo and Preeti, and takes the remote from Preeti and gives it to Daboo.
Sumo: Daboo give cricket channel match is going to start anytime.

Daboo smiles.
Daboo: Okay Suman didi.
Daboo takes the remote.
Suman comes and looks at Preeti angrily. Preeti looks down.
Sumo: How many times have I told you not to watch all these useless dramas and you still watch it?
Preeti: Sorry dii.
Sumo: There is no use of telling you, did you even see your results? All this lousy result is the result of watching serials.
Preeti: Now if I accidentally write 5 instead of 8 what is the mistake of serials?
Sumo: Have you seen your result Preeti madam? Hmm yes 5 instead of 8. That’s why you got 50 instead of 80.
Suman hits Preeti’s head.

Preeti: But at least I passed.
Sumo: Shut up! Pass is not enough. You must do well.
Preeti again puts her head down. And then the match begins.
Daboo: Suman didi the match began already.
Suman gets happy and sits down with Daboo to watch the match. Preeti makes a sad face and goes to Priya.
Priya: Oho, it’s okay when Sumo will go for work then watch the shows you want.
Preeti: But this is not fair.
Priya: Don’t worry. When the match will end that time we can watch TV.
Preeti smiles.
Sumo: Look Daboo, today definitely our team will win.
Daboo: Yes Dii.
And just then Nanu comes,
Nanu: So Sumo beta what is the score update.
Sumo: Nanu, all set today definately our team will win.
Nanu: Let’s see.
Suman sees the match happily.

Scene 2: Singapore
Its night. And then a field is shown as some car race is going on. Its a car race competition.
There Ramnath and Nirmala are shown worried, and the cars are racing. Nirmala smiles seeing a red car with a guy wearing black helmet and dressed in white car racing outfit,
Nirmala: That red car and white wala is our Shravu,
Ramu: Okay okay.
And the other cars are racing fast. Nirmala gets worried.
Nirmala: Aren’t these other guys driving their car way too fast? They are not even giving our Shravu way?
Ramu: Areh Nirmala this is a car race going on if they won’t drive fast then what would they do?
Nirmala: But still?
The guy is white outfit does quite well, and is in 3rd position. Just then someone overtakes the car and his car is about meet his accident.
Nirmala: That guy! He is cheating.
He manages well and continues racing fast. The opponent gets surprised and then in the end a huge intense match is going on as he comes 2nd now. Both get in a tough competition as they near the finishing line, Nirmala Ramnath and others are worried.
And on the other hand, Suman, Daboo and Nanu are watching cricket match and 9 wicket is down. One more wicket to go. And its the last ball. And the team they are supporting is batting. Suman Daboo and Nanu gets worried especially Suman and she starts praying.
And there the guy in white reaches the finishing line. And all cheers. Nirmala and Ramnath gets happy. And there the team Suman is supporting gets bold out. Suman is shocked. Daboo and Nanu are shocked too.

Here the guy in white comes out of his car and opens his helmet. He is none other than Shravan. Shravan smiles and gives flying kisses to all. Nirmala and Ramnath smiles.
Commentor: And the winner is Shravan Malhotra.
All claps.

Scene 3: Suman’s Residence
Here Daboo and Nanu look at each other afraid.
Daboo: Now no one can save from Suman Didi’s anger.
Suman fumes,
Sumo: He don’t know how to bat! How can they take this kind of player in the team!
Daboo: But he did well in bowling.
Sumo: Whatever. He is a cricket player. National cricket player. He should at least know the basic of batting. So what he is a good bowler? Because of him we lost today’s match!
Preeti: That’s why I was saying let me watch my daily soaps.
Sumo: Shut up! Look I am in very bad mood now. Don’t make it worse.
Suman gets up and goes,

Nanu: Where did Sumo went?
Daboo: Dont know.
Suman comes and brings a bat. Daboo swallows. Nanu is surprised.
Suman gets angry and breaks the TV, the TV breaks into pieces, All closes their ear.
It turns out to be Daboo’s imagination, as he sees Suman with the bat.
Daboo: Are you going break the TV now?
Sumo: No buddhu, catch this ball.
Daboo takes the ball. Suman gets up.
Sumo: Daboo do the bowling.
Daboo: Okay Dii.
Daboo does the bowling. Priya comes and serves the food.
Priya: The food is served. Everyone come and eat.
Sumo: Mom we will eat later,
Priya: Cricket and here? Now what do you want to break?
Sumo: No need to worry about that mom. Daboo do the bowling. We will play at least one over,
Daboo does the bowling. And Suman hits the ball for four.
Sumo: See this is batting, even I can bat better than that stupid guy.
Daboo continues. This time Suman hits the ball high in the air, Suman and Daboo looks at the ball and some lady comes to their house and it hits her head. Suman and Daboo gets shocked.

Scene 4: Car Racing
The host presents the award and medal to others.
Commentor: And now its time for the winner Mr.Shravan Malhotra to collect his award.
Shravan happily comes and collects his award. Nirmala gets super happy. Ramnath smiles.
Host: So Mr, Shravan Malhotra who would you love to dedicate for this win?
Shravan: I would love to dedicate my dad who made me fall in love with driving and my mom who was always there and let me do whatever I want. So this win is dedicated to my parents. And also my little sister who was also there for me, but unfortunately she is not present here today.
Nirmala and Ramnath gets emotional over Shravan’s speech.
Host: Wow that’s great. And I must say you Indians are amazing in sports,
Shravan gets angry,
Shravan: I have something to say,
Host: Sure
Shravan: I am not an Indian, I am a Singaporean,
The host gets surprised.Nirmala and Ramnath gets sad
Shravan: Thank you,
Shravan leaves from there angrily.

Scene 5: Suman’s Residence
The ball hits the lady and she puts her hand on her head,
Daboo: This is
Sumo: Mamiji!
Yes that lady is none other than Mamiji,
Mami: Hai Hai, you welcome guests like this.
Daboo: Sorry Mamiji!
Priya whispers to Suman,
Priya: Say sorry to her,

Suman unwillingly apologizes to her.
Sumo: Sorry.
Mami: Ok fine,
Priya: Bhabi you and at this time.
Suman whispers
Sumo: She must have come to eat dinner for free.
Priya: Shh Sumo, she is your Mamiji don’t say like this.
Priya: Come in Bhabi.
Mamiji smiles.
Mami: Today my son got promotion in USA, I am so happy,
Nanu and Priya gets happy.
Priya: That’s a great news.
Mami: So in that happiness I came to feed sweets to all of you.
Mamiji feeds Nanu, Priya, Preeti and Daboo. And as she was about to feed Suman she gets surprised.

Scene 6: Shravan’s Residence
Shravan comes homes and sits in the sofa, and thinks how that guy called him Indian. Just then someone comes and sits besides him and passes him his tablet, Shravan looks at her. She is Shravan’s sister Sasha.
Shravan: Sasha?
Sasha: I know you are in bad mood Bhaia, so I am letting you play with my tablet.
Shravan smiles.
Shravan: By the way, why you never come to support me today?
Sasha makes some excuses,
Sasha: Bhaia, actually what happened was that? You see its so hot in the stadium, and then I will sweat and it will have an adverse effect on my skin na?
Shravan: You will never change, its night anyways.

Sasha: But still in ten?
Shravan looks at Sasha.
Shravan: Tension?
Sasha: So what I could have done? You know I get tensed at such situations Bhaia, I can’t take it I love to stay happy.
Shravan: Okay baba, but what was the need of taking tension?
Sasha: Its just like that but thank you for mentioning me.
Shravan: You saw it on TV?
Sasha: Only your interview.
Shravan smiles.
Nirmala: Shravan! Sasha! Its dinner time, I have cooked your favorite pasta Shravan for celebrating today’s win
Shravan and Sasha smiles.

Scene 7: Suman’s Residence
As Mamiji was about to feed Suman sweets she stops.
Mami: Sorry. I forgot that you are,
Others look at Mamiji, Suman looks on.
Preeti: Let’s eat I am hungry.
Mamiji sits with the family and have dinner with Suman’s family.
Priya brings something for Suman and gives it to her,
Priya: It’s time for your insulin.
Suman smiles and takes the insulin.
Priya: Sumo have you checked your sugar level today?
Sumo: Yes mom, just its a little bit high.
Priya: Be careful next time.
Mamiji stares at Suman weirdly and feels a little bad fof her while she gives the insulin. Suman after taking the insulin she sits for dinner. And happily eats dinner with her family.
Sumo: Daboo pass me the dal.
Daboo does so.

Mami: I feel so blessed that my son is staying in USA. If not the situation in India is not good.
Sumo: Well I feel so bad for your son because of staying in USA.
Mami: Why?
Sumo: I read in the news. Everyday there are gun attacks and racism there. Yes there maybe problems in India, but according to a survey its one of the most fast growing countries unlike USA.

Mamiji gets surprised.

Scene 8: Shravan’s Residence
Ramnath is watching TV and watching Indian news. And then Shravan finishes his dinner and goes back to his room and he sees Ramnath watching Indian news and that too on politics.
Shravan: What is the use of even watching Indian news? This India is so corrupted.
Ramu: Shravan don’t say like this. Its your country.
Shravan: No my country is not India. This is my country.
Ramu: Shravan okay fine. But that was the place where you were born at least respect it.
Shravan: Respect? What have the country left things worthy to respect?
Ramu: Do you even know the history?
Shravan: Oh cmon dad its history that’s past. And this is the present if currently its like that I wonder what will happen in the future.
Ramnath gets surprised at Shravan.
Shravan: India is the worst

On the other hand,
Sumo: India is the best.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shravan is talking with someone on the phone. Suman gets a phone call and gets shocked.

Hey all I have a good news. That is I will publish this fan fiction twice a week. And that will be on weekends, every Saturday and Sunday. So yes the next episode will be published on Saturday, 22nd October. As you all have to wait for long in Sundays, so I will update a new promo every Sunday only which will show what will happen in the next two episodes.

Promo: We have seen the story of two individuals. One is Suman Tiwari and one is Shravan Malhotra. Suman lives in Delhi and Shravan lives in Singapore. Suman loves talking as she is talking and Shravan hates talking as he gets irritated with his talkative sister . Shravan likes romance as he smiles seeing two couples romancing and Suman hates romance as she switches off the TV while Preeti is watching romantic movie.Suman loves cricket as she plays street cricket with the kids and Shravan loves car racing as he does so. Suman hates Hindi serials so does Shravan. As they look at Preeti and Nirmala angrily respectively.
Shravan gets into a fight with someone over a racist remark and Suman eyes the ice cream while opening the fridge but takes out the insulin. Then one day Suman and Shravan meet each other in the airport as they see each other they keep staring. Now what will happen when these two different individuals meet?

For that stay tuned with Kaun Tujhe Yun Pyaar Karega, Jaise Main Karti Hoon.
Remember every Saturday and Sunday.
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That’s how you can find my fan fiction.

Sorry for not adding Shraman scenes after all this is the first episode na. Wanted to show a glimpse of Shraman’s family. And also the good news is that this time my lessons are mostly in the afternoon and also I have 6 modules instead of 8 modules last time so its quite possible for me to publish this ff twice a week.

And also I want apology for publishing this ff late as I had my root canal surgery done. I would love to share with you all that when I went to the dentist the dentist was surprised when he did an x-ray for my teeth. That is I had 6 wisdom teeth whereas normal people had 4. So in total I had 34 tooth and this is like the first case the dentist saw in his 10 years case. I know you all must be thinking that I must be crazy for saying all this, but what to do you all readers are my friends. That’s why I decided to share this.

Did you all like the starting?
And please do feel free to express your opinions via your comments. Criticism is open here. But no offensive words and slangs allowed.
Sorry I did any mistake.

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  1. The msd songs r just fab n ur ff r as good

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Trishita thanks for commenting
      And I also love msd movie song
      But that song kaun tujhe just touched my heart ??? so addicted to it and love phir kabhi too
      And happy u liked my ff πŸ™‚

  2. Ufffo…
    It was not at all less than any grand films of bolly wood..
    First of all…it was so grand..yaar..
    And the car race if shravu remind me Tara rumpum film..and said Ali khans race???
    And i didn’t like shravu to hate India…as I am an Indian..I can’t hear it..of course..no doubt..everyone including you too..feel it..
    And ya..I knw..its a part of story..so no arguments??and those flying kisses of shravu..???aawww…
    I wish..I could catch it..much?????????
    And suman using insulin tablets..??its the most unexpected thing..
    And about the precap..it was cool..mostly the next week promo u gave to us that the meeting of shraman at airport..??i didn’t get it…shravu ka India k liye Jo hardness..bus sey tho saaf jaahir hai..he is not gng to come India..not so easily..dpes it means sumo going to Singapore..
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    But it will b on next sat..it was damn late yaar..????
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    Over all..
    It was excellent ..
    Aur..tumhari is ff ki pehli part padney k baadh..mujhey..poor a yakeen hogaya..abh him sabh ko..hamari dosti ko..sarey edkvians fandom ko koi kabhi nahi this Sakta..jab tak Teri ye ff..hai..tab tak..aur Teri ye ff..100 mahiney jiye..(saal lambi ho jaayegi na..isiliye)?????????
    Vaisey..tumney bahut acha kiya..Jo humey.. Ye baathakar ki..tumharey pass 6 wisdom tooth hai..??
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    Well..wisdom teeth k saharey..hi sahi..kabhi…tumey mulakaat ho jaaye..kya pata..
    Kabhi him miley..anjaanry mey ..aur mujhey tumhari..wisdom teeth k baatey paths chalet..aur my fatak sey ????kahi..ki..sarey yesa 6 wisdowisdom tooth tho surf merry dosthon fatarajo k pass hai..
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    Tumhari mehbath k liye..tumhari talented dhimaak..haha sey ye stories nikaltey hai..uskey liye ye banta hai..????????
    Thanks for thus ff..and keep in touch. With ur ff..
    Love u loads..
    My friend??????

    1. Diya

      Sona di ………itnaaaaaaaa baraaaaaaa commet !!!!..??????

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Areh sona I have just one thing to say i thought I can write the biggest comment but tumne Toh yahan baazi palat Diya ??? wow i have some serious competition here ? Maine kabhi nahi Socha tha will get to read this big comment on my ff thank u so much dear πŸ™‚ main Toh kush Hoon i m impressed ?
      And no less than Bollywood movie ??? itna Bari Baath ? Well inshallah i also hope i continue writing this ff and this is my first infinite ff i m writing ?
      Well shravu la hatred u will know more about it and sumo well let’s see the story ya she is suffering from diabetics
      And haha 5 star i love the chocolate but kyan karoon due to the surgery cannot even eat chocolates ?? I see masterchef i m so jealous of those contestants chocolates ??
      Well i will continue dear πŸ™‚

  3. WeirdSister

    Amazingggggg fatarajo..
    I loved it..nd wasnt expecting shraman meet in d first epi…
    I love it..how u work on d details…
    Saturday is too late..I suggest u postpost one epi on one weekday…nd oother on weekend…
    Anyway..ur wish..
    Loved it totally…
    Love u loads..
    Take care..
    Post soon..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey weirdsister thanks for commenting happy u liked it and well this is my first infinite ff so that’s why they won’t meet so easily agar finite Hota then they would have met ???
      Well okay I will rethink about this because i write the episodes on weekends as i finish all my homeworks and assignments for the weekdays so that I m free in weekends
      Well will post the next on on Sat hopefully πŸ™‚

  4. Diya

    Glad that u r back !!!
    Amazing title. By beginning its really interesting and the fact that bith the individuals r different by all tastes it will be really fun to know how thet’ll like each other !!

    1. Diya

      its both not bith and its they’ll not thet’ll !! Sry typing error !

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey sonai thanks for commenting happy u liked it and yes well ‘opposites attract’ is my fav type of stories πŸ™‚

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    Heya..watsup?? Hope ol gud..its amazing tat u r back bt plzzz be back wid krpkab…
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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey yashfeen i m fine how r u dear?
      Well i will be back soon for KRPKAB
      But maybe i may write a few shots for that
      The reason why i wrote ff for EDKV it’s because that show ended that’s why
      And happy u remember me πŸ™‚

      1. Yashfeen

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      2. Yashfeen

        N I shud ask ds question tat u remember me or nt…as being a writer u get appreciation frm many so its tough to remember wheras readers do remember gud writers..

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      OMG yashfeen that’s really sweet of u looks like u love badams a lot ??? but unfortunalty u must wait a little while for the KRPKAB one
      And of course i remember u dear yashfeen ? And it really means a lot to me that u called me a good writer ? It makes me smile when i see ur comment thank u once again dear πŸ™‚

      1. Yashfeen

        U seem to b a lover of cricket…even me, bt jst worldcups of ol format n ipl… so wch team u support(mother land i guess)…n ur fav player..n do u watch IPL???

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      I m also more of World Cup and ipl fans and i watch the ODI and t20 series of my fav team and the Asian teams sometimes
      And IPL i just love it ????
      My fav is KKR, SRH and the team Dhoni is in

      1. Yashfeen

        Bingo…same pinch..KKR..I lyk coz of srk…bt morkel,shakib n narine r my fav in kkr…n thr r many fav of my in olmost ol teams( world teams aprt ipl).n virat offcourse….d perfect combo of attitude n determination….whse ur fav player???nt in ipl bt overol..

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    Beginning is superb!
    Love u?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey laddoo thanks for commenting happy u liked the beginning
      Love u too πŸ™‚

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey fatimagulesarfraz thanks for commenting happy u liked it πŸ™‚

  8. hey
    amazing episode
    this is the best epi I have ever read
    seems like intezaar ka phal sach mein meetha hota hai
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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Sami thanks for commenting
      Happy u liked the epi πŸ™‚
      And OMG best episode ???
      That really means a lot to me ?
      Love u too ?

  9. Ariana

    omg it’s such a sweet start. ShraMan shares complete different thoughts. It’s amazing. I just can’t stop myself from wondering how they’ll end up together. Superb
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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Ariana thanks for commenting happy u liked it ? And well i understand u comment that’s enough for me ? And thanks dear once again will post on sat love u too ?

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      Hey zainab thanks for commenting happy u liked the start and story the next epi i will post on sat and well i understand so that’s fine and thanks again dear ?

  11. Rukhsar

    Its mindblowing farin amazing……love it to the core ❀❀❀❀❀ the best part of this os is that both shr and sumo are really different from each other and it seems that their love story can not happen but that is what we call destiny it can make impossible possible so lets see how destiny will bring them together……and here the destiny is our very own “farin” so no need to worry story will go according to our choice ???????….right farin ?????

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey rukhsar thanks for commenting happy u liked it and ya love that opposites attract thingy so i used it here and haha me ??? and that u have to wait and watch ???

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    Jo iske undar bhi cricket interesting loved the way u framed
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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey prettypreeti Kya karooon Cricket is my life na ? And hahha ya sumo is serious wala khadoos fan ?? will post on sat
      And ya in insta i saw some EDKV fan page post pic of Preeti of EDKV aka aditi and caption was pretty Preeti that time it reminded me of u πŸ™‚

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      It actually took me almost 2 days to write this epi ??? daath nahi chal Raha isliye haath zyaada use kiya ? And hahah well not 100% sumo character is mixture of my friends and me also ? and well i would love to romance with namik ???? joking Shravan Ke saath sirf sumo best hain ???
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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey fanficholic thanks for commenting happy u liked it and haha sure u can call me that and that will be revealed soon why he hates India and haha i m very open minded ? And i understand even i will be busy from this week onwards as my lessons resumed already love u too

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    The start was quite interesting!
    I’m glad in fact that ShraMan did not meet in the first ep
    I want everything to happen slowly, cause, aapko iss baar rok ke rakhna hai..
    Precap seems interesting!
    Do post soon

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Nikita thanks for commenting happy u liked it and i k fine Nikki and ya well as i said this time epi is infinite ? And will try my best on sat can’t promise because this time my studies r quite tough but sun Pakka sat still not sure maybe i may get late love u too Nikki

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