Kaun Tujhe (Swasan/Raglak) – Prologue


Kaun Tujhe-Prologue


Hey guys:) So idk how many of u know me as the writer of Ek Prem Kahani (EPK) but yea I am. I was reading through the story I had written myself and realised something- IT IS THE MOST BORING STORY ON PLANET EARTH! I’m so sorry for boring u guys out with that piece of nonsense. But EPK was my first FF ever. I’m feeling horrible in deleting it but I had to coz a) I didn’t like it myself and b) I was to lazy to re type it in English for all u Telly Update readers. And for all ppl who’ve read my EPK before on g+ sorry sorry sorry but I’m not finishing that FF on g+ or on TU.

But no worries. I’m here with a new FF called Kaun Tujhe. I’m very nostalgic about EPK so I’m gonna call this Kaun Tujhe and add a hashtag saying #RevivalOfEPK

I wanted to end EPK and not write anything for a while. Just finish my Yeh Hai Aashiqui and be done. But the thing is there r ppl who care about my writing like Arunika. Damn this girl goes on asking me to update EPK. So I didn’t want to upset her as she’s my friend so I thought I’ll do this. Btw this FF is for all of u also do read? And do read my Yeh Hai Aashiqui. It’s based on the idea of online friends falling in love but facing hurdles. It’s a short story guys. Not a FF. So do read it if u have time:)

The story is gonna be very similar but but but! Twist toh baaki hai mere dost! Twist yeh hai ki there is gonna be a hint of mystery and all interesting stuff here. Coz it’ll be an insult to my image of myself as a writer if there’s no drama!

And how can I forget to add the icing to the cake here? OFCOURSE it’s a Swasan and Raglak FF. Knowing me, u all will know I am not biased between the couples. I love both equally. So I’ll add both couples. And no! Swaragini are not the normal bubbly innocent babies who are good, sanskari (culture minded), traditional girls who fall in love with buisness tycoon’s sons and then impress everyone with their good nature and spirit of brother and sisterhood. NO! WAYS! No no no! They’re different. They’re gonna be nice and bold and realistic and fun loving and modern. And not the normal cliché characters as they’ve been portrayed in every damn FF. EVERY!

Now TU readers: there will be some Hindi in the story. And ik some of u don’t know Hindi. But no worries. Rain ki FF hai aur Rain dusro ki khayal Na rakhe? Yeh toh Ho Nahi sakta! So don’t worry I’ll explain the meaning of those words also. After all, it’s no harm to learn a new language. Rite?

So ANYWAYS, I talk to much! And u guys have probably been waiting for te prologue for all eternity. Sorry and thanks for bearing through that rant. Here’s a cookie ? for u if you’ve reached the end of it:) Enjoy:)


“Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharti hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon

Hawa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon
Kaun tujhe yoon pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon”

A boy, in his mid twenties sat on his rocking chair. His eyes were closed as he listened to a sweet voice sing this song. Silent tears were running down his cheeks. The song brought back a lot of memories which he desperately wanted to re-live in. Those black, expressive eyes of his spoke a lot about what he had been through and what he’s going through now. After all, loosing your love isn’t an easy thing.

Another boy walked into the room. He looked younger than the boy on the rocking chair.

“Bhai”, was all he whispered. The boy looked up and saw his younger brother. He immediately switched the recording off.

“Laksh you?”


Laksh Maheshwari- sole heir of the Maheshwari Company. Currently completing his Honours in Economics and Business. 25years old.


“Bhai, what are you doing here? Come on! The Inspector Sinha and his wife have found some clues about her!”

The other boy jumped up. “What? They found her?”

“Didn’t find her. But found some clues. Come on Sanskar Bhai!”


Sanskar Maheshwari- supposed to be the heir of Maheshwari Company but his passion lies in Airforce. Squadron Leader. Youngest Airforce officer (27years) and most capable officer.


“Maa! Come fastttttt! Look at this!”

A woman comes running out to see her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend carry another young girl in with them. The young girl looked about the same age as her daughter. She was unconscious.

“What- where- wh-”

“Aunty we don’t know what’s happened. We found her unconscious in the shed near Shankar Chacha’s house”

“That shed? Ragini! Raghav! What were you two doing there!? How many times have I told u not to go there. It’s dangerous! And the proof is here! U found her unconscious in that shed!”


Ragini Gadoddia- Modern girl. She loves her family, friends, sports (especially cricket) and her boyfriend Raghav. Also loves Hockey and aspires to become an international level Hockey player and get into the women’s team to represent India. 24years old. Finishing college (honours in economics and business) only coz she needs a financial backup in life. Extremely pretty!

Raghav Sengupta: Brother of Sahil Sengupta. Nice caring boy. 25 years old. Finishing studies in Psychology. Loves Ragini a lot! Writing is his hobby.

Their ship name can be RagRag (u know Raghav Ragini?)


“Actually Maa-” Ragini grinned sheepishly. “I had finished hockey practice but saw them playing cricket so I went to join them. We were playing and Chotu hit a SIX! Amazing rite? Anyways it went to te shed so we went to collect it and-”

“Cricket again? Offo! And Chotu? Where is he? Still playing cricket? Nice great! Let him come home” RagRag looked awkwardly with the girl in his arms. “Ok ok fine I won’t scold u coz otherwise u couldn’t have saved her. Take her to the room. I’ll call the doctor”.

RagRag went inside and Raghav placed her carelessly on the bed. Ragini cleared the hair off the girl’s eyes and saw an angelic face lying unconscious. “Wow she’s so pretty! Just like me” Ragini giggled slightly.

“U won’t change will u? U love praising yourself!”

“No why shud I change? I know I’m pretty. I don’t care about what the world says. I’m not being arrogant. I just know the ppl who truly love me will never leave me whatever happens. So haters gonna hate and I don’t even care”.

“And that’s why I love u. Ur not like the other girls who go around talking about how fat and ugly they r even when they’re not. Ur confident. Which is what I love the most in you”.

Ragini smiled her cute smile at Raghav. “Ok ok stop ur cheesy romance now. Lets remove her sandals and make her lie properly on the bed”.

Raghav nodded and both got to work. Raghav lifted the girl off the bed and Ragini softened the creases on the mattress. Raghav slowly put her on the bed. He saw a chain on her neck. Ragini saw it too. They went closer to it and saw a name written on it. Swara.


Swara Gadoddia- youngest child of the Gadoddia’s. Adopted and lived with the Bose’s all her life. Dark past. Dark past connected with Sanskar Maheshwari and the girl he loves. Doesn’t know about her relationship with the Gadoddia’s. Very pretty. Charming modern girl but the weight of her past has down trodden her true nature. 24years old.


Other Characters:-

Sahil Sengupta: Raghav’s older brother. 26years old. Idiot as usual (JK he’s actually a nice character for now. Idk what it’ll be later)

Shomi and Shekhar Gadoddia- Ragini’s parents.

Maya Sengupta: Raghil’s (Raghav and Sahil) mom. Dad passed away.

DP-AP- Mom and dad of Laksh and Adarsh.

Ram-Suju- Mom and dad of SanUtt

Uttara- Sanskar’s sister who is loved by all. 22yrs old. Key to the girl’s disappearance.

Inspector Sinha and his wife- Aka Adarsh Sinha and Parineeta Sinha. Close family friends of Maheshwaris and Gadoddia’s through parents connection. (Adarsh’s parents who r dead due to an accident now).


So here is the plot. How do U feel? Pls do comment!


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  1. Fairy

    Wohooooo!!!kya baat hai yaaaar…..totalllly in love wid dis ff from intro nly…??? u r a magical writer yaaar…m feeelng so connected wid each charecter after readng dis…??? n rags charecter is sooooo awesomeeeee!!!n wtttt???? Rags ka boyfrnd….dats reallly somethng diff.. Lets see how”ll raglak meeet!!!! Feelng sad for swasan,waitng to know about dere story….. N dat ragrag name ws soooo cute hehehehhe? n bst part of dis intro ws ragini’s dialouge about self lovng!!!! ….love ragini to d core….waitng for d frst chapppy…keeep rockng n sty blessed sweety?????????????☺☺??

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Awww tysmmmmm. Sure RagRag?
      Will update soon

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    Interesting dear

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    sounds soo cool,,
    wondering how RagLak will unite when RagRag seem so happy together +
    wondering what SwaSan’s past link is???
    plz do update soon as it’s a really interesting concept.xx

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Lol Haan. But u never know when a happy relationship can become a burden rite? Or maybe something else can happen. Will update soon

  7. Awesome
    Continue it dear .

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      Thank u Ashnoor:)

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