Kaun Tujhe – A Swasan ss by Shreeyu & Tvisha ( CHAPTER 2 )


Kaun Tujhe – A Swasan ss by Shreeyu & Tvisha


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Hello guys sorry for the delay here you go with chapter 2

Scene Starts From…….

Ragini – yes mom ji what happened?

Sonali – ragini laksh is coming after so many years so can you please make his favorite Rajma?

Ragini – yeah sure mummy ji (She leaves a mumurs) Her son is coming not any American president when Darling comes home she never does this huhhuhuhuhu

Ragini gets in the preparation of making food and means irritating faces hearing Sonali’s demands and her dreams about laksh

Ragini on phone – ek tho this lady is greedy and more over she lives over my husband’s money that laksh By god he just went for studies and my hubby gave him money now I’m pissed lets meet in the café and have a green tea chat

She ends the call and goes to get ready so that she can reach and gossip with her friends (rich people you know)

Here At The Other Side………

A greedy Man is shown sitting and playing cards and putting girls on Stake he is enjoying not thinking about the game but thinking about the girl he’ll get


She opens a box and finds a bracelet and reads it says her flashback story

(FLASHBACK) P.S. Guys this is a flashback of college days

A girl is dancing and suddenly the music goes off

Girl – aye how dare you of the music you know right I love that song

Boy – oh Pataka Kuddi remember that song may lead to break up

Girl – hahahaha very funny

Boy – Bugs Bunny

Girl – Sanskar Please na play the song

Boy – first say I’m your BF(best friend)Forever and ever Say na Swara

Swara – ok my BFF Please

Boy – ok but here have this

Swara -whats that
Sanskar – friendship band

Swara – I promise it will be with me till me death

Sanskar -Dhath swara no death

Swara – sorry sorry

They laugh and get into a friendly hug


Swara – Sanskar I miss you a lot you were the only person who I could share everything with and now you must be having a wife kids everything but I promise I’ll always stay urs

Other side

A cabin is shown

A man is seen scolding his staff member (employee)

Man: What hell u did?

Employee: Sir m sorry just give me a last chance, I ensure I won’t repeat it again

Man: Wat will I do giving u second chance because of u I had a great loss , it would have also spoiled my reputation in business world …
Just get lost u r fired

The employee join his hands and then starts pleading

Employee: M sorry sir , I promise it won’t happen again. My friend was in need and if I would have refused he may have lost his life … Sir pls don’t do this …
I have a younger sister for whose marriage I have to collect fund ( listening sister the man became somewhat emotional)

Later the man granted him a pardon after giving a warning that the mistake must not b repeated again

After sometime

We can c the same man sitting while resting his head back on his chair

Sanskar: (monologue)
Everyone is so much concerned abt their sisters and c the unlucky man whose sister only turned his life upside down …
I never thought that my sister will do something unexpected like this … Just because of her m all alone in this world now
Sanskar Maheshwari is all alone with no one beside him to console him , to love him

(Yes the man is Sanskar Maheshwari)


Sanskar was seen sleeping but not peacefully….
He was clutching the bed sheet tightly in his fist it seemed as if he is seeing a dream or a night mare

After a while he wakes up with a jerk sweating heavily

Sanskar’s POV starts

Again I saw that nightmare ….. From so many years m seeing that …. I can’t handle more
The memory of the incident where my parents were murdered mercilessly I can’t forget. … It is all because of the girl… I don’t even want to take her name from my mouth

(He lies down again thinking something )

Flashback starts

A girl is seen tying a Rakhi on a boy’s wrist

The boy gives her peck on the girl’s cheek and then forwards a gift and says in his cute voice
Boy: Thnk u Ragu Di… I love u so much

Girl: I also love u my bro …

Flashback ends


Thnks for reading it and we r really sorry for the delay but we both were stuck with the exams …. I guess u all will surely understand….

Will b waiting for feedback


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