Kaun Tujhe – A Swasan ss by Shreeyu & Tvisha ( CHAPTER 1 )


A very happy Diwali to all ….



Kaun Tujhe SS 


Sunrays fell on a room we could see nothing but a girl under a blanket ..
a calender is shown and it is marked 17 November the girl gets up and freshens up 

She goes downstairs towards the dining room
Girl – kaki my breakfast please 

Kaki – shona beti smile its 1 year since that happened so please smile 


Swara – kaki I’m getting late ok bye send the lunch 

Swara leaves with a sad smile and kaki thinks 

Kaki – god please bring those happy and jolly days where my beti was happy the whole time one incident changed her life plz bring an incident which changes this sadness into happiness 

Kaki thinks and finishes all her chores and sends swara’s lunch through the driver and leaves for her destination 


Swara is leaving in her car and sees an orphanage and stops and enters in happily and meets and greets some kids over there 

Kid 1 : Hello didi how r u and why didn’t you come this long time 

Swara – I’m sorry bachu I was busy all the day 

Kid 2 – come on we’re playing Catch catch you join us too 

Swara- no Dr u play I’ll c u all

Kid- no Didi u have to play otherwise we’ll also not play

Swara – ok baby coming 

Swara was playing with the kids when she sees one person walking towards her she stops smiling and makes a sad face 

Swara – what are you doing here? 

Lady – shona beta listen I did it for your happiness see your mousa ji left me I’m with his memories I don’t want you to suffer 

Swara -enough Urvashi Maasi I can also live with his memories you need to say this I’ll never forgive you and now please leave 

LADY FROM BACK – sahi kaha chori ne (the girl is right) 

Urvashi – Maa even you… you know how I suffered I did it for shona’s happiness 

Dadi – please leave I can handle her very well you have done a lot to us thanks and leave 

Urvashi leaves with a sad expression and swara hugs her Dadi and sobs hard and dadi all she can do is console swara from her grief 


Girl – Mummy and Daddy can I please go out for some shopping 
Mom- sure beta infact you should do so our class will increase 

Girl – thanks mom ji 

Dad – arrey ragini wait take this and Sonali come on give her some money and beta buy as much as you want 

Yeah they are Sonali and Vikram and the girl is Ragini 

Sonali – and beta buy the best brands I know my son is returning after so many day and after you come make sure all preps are done 

Ragini – ok thanks mom and dad Bye 

VikLi – bye beta 

Ragini leaves and they smile giving a proud and Richie rich smile and screen freezes there ….



Swara’s room

Swara was busy sitting on window sill caressing a pic

Swara’s POV

I m missing u a lot Sanskar …. I thought that u will surely accept my proposal but u betrayed me … I was so happy with u , and by seeing ur care towards me I thought that u have also fallen for me …. But

Suddenly her phone beeped

Swara composed herself and attended the call

Swara:Ya hello any progress…
Swara:from last one year u r asking me for time … How much more time u want …
Swara : Just zip ur mouth and I want results as soon as possible otherwise u r not going to get a penny even ..

She cut the call and kept the phone on the bed with a bang

She sat on the bed while resting her head on the headboard and began to recall her moments with Sanskar this was her daily routine to do so

Next day


Ragini’s side

Ragini was on a call

Ragini: when r u going to come m missing u so much…
Os: Oh Ragu IPL b coming soon don’t worry Dr ( with a evil
Ragini: oky then I’ll call u later ur brother is coming after a year so ur mother is irritating me
Os: Ragini how can u say like this abt my mother… From next tym I don’t want yo hear anything against her … I hope I cleared myself
Rag: yaya m sry … I was quite tired to just blurted…
Mom is calling bye
She dismissed the call
And went from there


Precap- Ragini’s husband’s death… Swasan scenes


Well sry for being late but me and Tvisha both r quite busy with r studies so its difficult for us to b regular….. I hope u people will surely understand … And coming to chapter we know it’s little short but will give long updates from next one …
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I have a short message for LHLH readers

I know u u r waiting for the next chapter but m seriously not getting tym…. So I’ll post a episode soon or if that is not possible I’ll b giving a author’s note do read it ….


Credit: Shreesha ( Shreeyu + Tvisha )

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