Kaun hai jo sapno mein jo aaya (episode 9)

The episode starts with yuvi holding suhani by the waist as she was about to fall with rose petals falling all over them from a heart shaped balloon.

Florist: mam and sir, congrats…ur wedding will be happening soon.( suhani and yuvi move away)

Suhani: what do u mean?

Florist: my grandma used to say any couple who ever walks under flowers and the flower petals fall over them will get married soon.

Yuvi: what nonsense?…

Suhani: leave all this and sir what r u doing here? Why were u following me?

Yuvi: do I look like a crazy lover who would follow u everywhere …

Suhani: why not , maybe u r….first the wedding, then the elevator and now the flower shop…( yuvi shows her the end of her dupatta that is stuck with yuvi’s bracelet . suhani frees her dupatta’s end from his bracelet)

Suhani: sir , u could have told me about this… What was the need to follow me ?

Yuvi: u were listening to music so u couldn’t hear me. Oh I forgot u to return ur handkerchief.( he hands over the handkerchief and she doesn’t take it)

Yuvi: y aren’t u taking ur handkerchief?

Suhani: I will take the things that are mine (yuvi looks at the handkerchief and remembers that it is his handkerchief that he gave it to her yesterday.)

Suhani : I was supposed to return it too u but I forgot and now u got ur handkerchief

Suhani: can u pls give me a bouquet of red roses.

Florist: sure mam…

Yuvi:anyways for whom r u taking the red roses for?

Suhani: why ? For my lover, who else.

Yuvi: did u meet ur prince charming?

Suhani: no

Yuvi: then for whom?.

Suhani: for my maa…who else?

Yuvi: she is ur lover?

Suhani: why not? I love her and she loves me so she is my lover…anyways why does this bother u?

Yuvi: i’m just asking but suhani u need to go get a checkup from a psychiatrist…u r becoming crazy day by day, better take care of yourself

Suhani: u too sir, take some sleeping pills since u worry about me a lot

Yuvi: there is nothing like that, just think if u become mad then I have to suffer ur stupid acts so that’s why I was giving u an advice

Suhani: and my advice to u is to follow ur own advice…bye…..( suhani takes red roses from the florist and leaves)

Yuvi: I also want to get roses for my mom. Pls pack for me some white roses.( yuvi leaves)

On the way suhani meets with yuvi again .

Suhani: sir why do u keep following me?

Yuvi: I didn’t follow u… I just stopped for the bus to arrive.

Suhani: seriously… U and bus. Where is ur car?

Yuvi: actually all the cars have become dirty and are given for cleaning and ramesh didn’t finish cleaning the cars so that’s why I will go by bus today.

Suhani: interesting…( suhani sees an ice cream cart )

Suhani: sir do u want to have ice cream?

Yuvi: no thanks, I don’t eat street food as they are unhygienic.

Suhani: OK fine , I’ll go and have some…( she goes and buys 2 ice creams)

Yuvi: y did u buy 2 ice creams…?

Suhani : to eat them of course…( suhani enjoys eating ice cream while yuvi looks at her being hungry for it.)

Yuvi: OK suhani, I will leave now …( suhani stops yuvi)

Suhani: sir, here u go have this ice cream

Yuvi: but this is urs…

Suhani: when did I say both of them r mine? Besides u seem thirsty so u have this one( she gives him the ice cream and yuvi haves it )

Yuvi: thanks suhani…. there is ice cream on ur nose…( he takes out a tissue and wipes her nose)

Suhani: thanks sir…I will leave( she leaves)

Suhani reaches her house and gives the red roses to pratima and pankaj as it is their 24th wedding anniversary.

Suhani: happy wedding aniversary maa and papa…( she hugs them both as they smile)

Bhavna: u forgot me…happy wedding anniversary maa and papa. Oh ..here is the cake…. suhani made it with her own hands very early in the morning.

Somya: and here r the gifts that suhani got while returning home from office after the meeting yesterday.

Pankaj: suhani, what was the need for all these beta?

Suhani: why ? Is there any problem? U both r my parents and u both fulfilled all my wishes that I had when I was a kid. So now its my turn to surprise u all and fulfill all your wishes…( lata and pankaj gets emotional and look at each other with teary eyes)

Lata: really suhani?

Suhani: yes maa…just go ahead and ask for anything.

Lata: my wish is to see u getting married …( suhani’s face turned pale)

Suhani: maa, ur this wish will be fulfilled….( lata and pankaj smile) but, after I find my prince charming. I will only marry him.( lata smile fades away)

Lata: but beta try to understand….

Suhani: maa after 6 days its bhavna di’s sangeet and u r talking about my marriage now. I think u want to get rid of me and want to send me far from u…( she leaves getting upset and bhavna and somya follows her while lata looks at pankaj with teary eyes)

Lata: pankaj ji , do u think we should tell the truth to suhani?

Pankaj: no we can’t…if we do , we might loose suhani forever.

Lata: but till when will we hide about the matter that suhani is our adopted child and we r not her real parents.

Pankaj : we have to hide this matter from suhani as I don’t want to loose my another daughter…( lata nods and they both hug)

Suhani goes to her room being upset and is followed by Somya and bhavna. Suhani turns her face other side making bhavna and somya think that she is crying)

Bhavna: suhani don’t cry…(suddenly suhani turns and starts to laugh)

Somya: why r u laughing suhani?

Suhani: u all thought that I would be upset but…I used this trick to escape from there otherwise maa will start blackmailing me emotionally and I might agree to her wish.

Bhavna: u r an amazing drama queen suhani…( somya smiles and suddenly suhani gets a call from the hairstylist)

Hair stylist : ma’am, ur lehenga is back and just tell me the address of ur house and I will send it to u..

Suhani: no need for that… U can keep my lehenga, i have one which looks similar to it….

Hair stylist: it was my mistake, I spilled the hair mixture on ur lehenga so…..

Suhani: it wasn’t ur fault, u dropped it by mistakely and I also scolded u a lot….sorry for that.

Hairstylist: but…

Suhani: u gave me ur black lehenga right the why can’t I give u my lehenga…I will also return ur black lehenga… If u really forgave me for scolding u, then u have to except it as a token of apology.

Hairstylist: OK but only on one condition. U have to keep that black lehenga with u as a memory of me.

Suhani: OK fine….bye.

Later suhani goes to office on time and goes to yuvi’s cabin.

Suhani: sir, I exactly came on time today.

Yuvi: so what should I do…? Announce it aloud to the whole world with a mike that ” Ms Suhani Shrivastav came on time today for the first time in her entire life…pls clap for her”. And give u an award for that.( suhani gets annoyed)

Suhani: I said it to prove u that I can also be punctual. U can’t even prove that u can smile in front of me.

Yuvi: I smiled in front of u yesterday when u came to my house…..

Suhani: what? When did I come to ur house yesterday? ( yuvi realises that it was his imagination)

Suhani: instead,sir u came to my house with a sadu face and I made u wear a hair band with horns and u were looking both like a sadu and buffalo…

Yuvi: what ? when did I come to ur house? ( suhani remembers her imagination) u were thinking about me..

Suhani: u were thinking about me…anyways sir here is the presentation about the new product that our company is launching

Yuvi: OK I will check that and u can leave ( suhani leaves and yuvi too goes after her when suhani turns back and bumps her head with yuvi.

Yuvi and suhani : aao…..my head

Yuvi( bumping his head on suhani’s head again): I did that before u call me a buffalo or a sadu( suhani looks at him being astonished)

Suhani : sir r u a magician? , how did u know that I will call u a buffalo again after u hit my head?

Yuvi: because I already heard it many times from u.

Suhani: so u admit that u r indeed a buffalo

Yuvi: stop it ….u jungli billi

Suhani : by the way u r the one to follow me now

Yuvi: oh hello, u must be dreaming to even think about that….I was going to meet Avinash and get some names of models who could try our products on the ramp show. Then u turned back suddenly and hit my head.

Suhani: sorry sir I didn’t know that u were behind me

Yuvi : y r u saying sorry? For u it has no meaning right and that’s why u always taunt me and say sorry after that. Then again u repeat ur mistake…

Suhani: sir what can I do if u give me a chance to taunt u by making a sadu face always? That’s why ur pet name buffalo suits u a lot.

Yuvi: suhani u r crossing ur limits now….( yuvi gets super angry)

Suhani: aww…how cute , u r looking cute when u get angry today..before u used to look like a buffalo. If I get a dog in front of u now then he’s going to lick u up seeing ur cuteness . ( she teases him )

Yuvi: don’t start it now again suhani…..go and do ur work
Suhani: OK sir,( she smiles and leaves)

Later rohan goes to meets yuvi , his best friend at his office where he sees suhani working. He walks towards her but bumps with a man and his files fall down. Rohan apologises to him and helps him in picking up the files from the ground . the man recognises him as rockstar Rohan and asks for an autograph. Rohan signs the autograph and looks for suhani to find suhani gone. He considers it to be his imagination and shakes his head and goes to yuvi’s cabin.

Yuvi: hey , what’s up? how r u buddy?

Rohan: I’m fine but my heart is stolen from me
Yuvi: oho…who stole it?

Rohan: u ….!!!

Precap: suhani goes to birla house to….. and gauri opens the door and gets shocked seeing suhani.

Gauri: u….?

Suhani( being shocked): u….?

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  1. Nok jok of YuvAni r so cute…. Pls don’t make rohan villain…. Nice n interesting epic… Keep it up.?

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks somi….dont worry u will be happy with rohan’s character.

  2. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    I think suhani gauri friends…. nd rohan entry n yuvani life s superb… I lik rohan more than sambv character… superbbb di….

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks subha, good guess but still there is a twist about gauri meeting suhani…

  3. Aqsxxh

    Sanaa this is fabulous, i really love that you added all the people from the old SSEL, it makes me extremely happy, like I miss Ramesh, he was one of my favourites, and I am in love with YuvAni’s nok-jok!
    it is gorgeous

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks aqsaah di but ur comments keep me going and u can’t imagine how happy I become when I read ur comments. I was one from ur ff readers who commented on ur ff ” finding my angel ” and by luck i got to know that our names are same ….from then I got inspired to write an ff…so whatever I write have of the credit goes to u ….love u aqsaah and keep supporting me like this always.

  4. Oh my god sana its mind blowing.do many twists in only one episode.thats very interesting.any i am enjoying ur ff a lot because of yuvani nok joke.they are much more cute in ur ff than any other ff.u r too good dear.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks radha dear…u will get to see more funny nok jhoks in the upcoming epis so keep reading.

  5. again a cute episode with suhani yuvaraj nok-jok, rohan entry. really so nice. yuvani r so cute..

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks abi dear….continue commenting like this

  6. Mind blowing episode….

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks suba dear..,..

  7. amzing epi…i really love their fight nd it is so funny.it reminds the old episode ssle.i really miss them.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks sri dear,…I also miss the old ssel. But what to do, thats we create new ssel in our ffs to cheer up the audience from the ongoing sambhav track in the serial.

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