Kaun hai jo sapno mein jo aaya (episode 8)


The episode starts with suhani and yuvi thinking about their respective lovers who comes in their dreams. Suhani all of a sudden starts crying.

Yuvi: suhani, what’s wrong? Why r u crying?

Suhani: what else should I do ? My prince charming didn’t come in my dream today. How will I find him now? I’ve not seen his face except his eyes and his warm smile.

Yuvi( giving her a handkerchief): wow,a jungli billi like u can fall so weak about love….. what a coincidence… My dreamgirl didn’t come in my dream today too…( suhani wipes hers tears with the handkerchief)

Yuvi: u know what? I think I am ur prince charming as I am handsome and kind ….but let me tell u that u r not close to my dreamgirl ….my dreamgirl has the charm in her eyes that anyone can fall for her and she never taunts anyone…u r exactly the opposite of her, ur eyes r fiery and u always know how to pass taunts. Tumhe lagta hoga ki tum bohot khoobsurat ho per asliyat mein Tumhari shakal dekh ke ek kutta bhi dar jayega( u may think that u r very beautiful but the truth is that if a dog sees your face, the he will also get scared) (yuvi taunts suhani and she makes faces)

Suhani: oho, sir aapko lagta hoga ki aap bohot handsome hain per meri liye aap ek bandar jaisa dikhte ho. ( sir u may think that u r handsome but to me u look like a monkey..) Why will u be my prince charming anyways… the truth is my prince charming is handsome and knows how to smile unlike u who roams with a sadu face.

Yuvi: u….(he points finger at her and comes closer when the lift starts to work again and the door opens,)

Suhani( raising her finger and lowering yuvi’s down): bye sir, keep ur anger with u now as I don’t have enough time for that….and sorry if I hurt u by my words but u r indeed a sadu.( she leaves to her home and yuvi too leaves for birla house being annoyed)

At birla house in dadi’s room pratima and dadi have a talk .

Pratima: maaji, I liked that girl…what was her name , I forgot.

Dadi: suhani…me too, she is beautiful, sanskaari and kind. I think I should make her as my bahu for yuvraj.

Pratima: I totally agree with u maaji …but will yuvraj agree as he dreams about some girl who doesn’t let him live peacefully.

Dadi: don’t worry about that, I sent sharad to yuvraj’s office and he will give me his whereabouts.( sharad comes screaming )

Dadi: sharad…bachchon ki tarha que chillah rahe ho?( sharad…why r u screaming like kids?)

Sharad: dadi aur mausi …come with me to yuvraj’s room silently .( dadi , pratima and sharad come near yuvi’s room and stands outside his room)

Yuvi is looking at the mirror and trying to smile by stretching his lips with his fingers. Dadi , pratima and sharad smile seeing yuvi.( they all go back to dadi’s room)

Dadi: sharad, what made yuvi try to smile when in the morning he was upset about something?

Sharad: dadi, in the morning he left his breakfast because he didn’t see his dream girl in his dream today. And now I think he is trying to smile because of a girl at his office.( dadi and pratima look at each other being worried thinking who the girl might be)

Dadi and pratima: who is that girl?

Sharad: what was the name of that girl? Mmnn…..oh suhani, her name is suhani .

Dadi and pratima smile.

Dadi: pratima, looks like the destiny is also with us in this…

Pratima: yes maaji

Sharad: in what? What r u both talking about?

Dadi: nothing, I will tell u when the right time comes.(they both leave from there)

At yuvi’s room where he is forcing himself to smile is trying very hard to smile. Suddenly someone pats his back and he turns to find that it is none other than suhani.

Yuvi: u here …in my room?

Suhani: I came here to see whether u can smile or not.

Yuvi: for ur kind information, let me tell u that I can smile. ( he tries to force a smile on his face using his fingers)

Suhani: sir, u can’t smile by forcing yourself to smile. Your smile needs to come from your heart.

Suhani sees milkshake aside on yuvi’s table.

Suhani: sir if u don’t mind can I have the milkshake ?

Yuvi: go ahead , u can have it( suhani drinks it all in one gulp and some of it was above her lips)

Yuvi( laughing): now u r surely a jungli billi,

Suhani: what do u mean?

Yuv: look at urself in the mirror. U have a mustache made of milkshake just like a jungli billi. ( suhani looks at mirror and gets annoyed at yuvi but then smiles seeing him laughing)

Suhani: even though I have got a mustache, I made u laugh. ( yuvi notices he was smiling and stops for a second and erases the leftover milk from suhani ‘s face.)

Yuvi: u will never change suhani….u have got a habit to taunt me…( he smiles and takes water from the table and thinks something….and suddenly splashes it on suhani’s face)

Yuvi: this is my revenge for that day when u splashed water on my face ….now look at ur face , u r being a sadu now…( he comes out of his daydream when he sees sharad looking at him with his wet face)

Sharad: guru…what happened ? I was enjoying your talks and ur actions…pls continue

Yuvi notices that he had been dreaming about suhani and he had drunk the milkshake and he is the one to have the mustache. He also realises that he has splashed water on sharad’s face .

Yuvi: sharad …that’s not funny…

Sharad: by the way guru…I saw u happy after a long time because of that girl suhani…

Yuvi: what nonsense…I told u I love my dreamgirl and not that stupid,disrespectful jungli billi…did u get that sharad?( yuvi leaves and sharad goes to tell this incident to dadi and pratima)

Dadi and pratima does hi five with sharad and r happy with this news.

Dadi: now its confirmed that I will make suhani my bahu for yuvi…( pratima and sharad smiles)

On the other side at suhani’s house, in somya’s room suhani sees a hair band with horns and imagines her making yuvi wear it.

Suhani( laughing): Mr sadu became Mr baffalo..

Yuvi: ha ha very funny…( he gets annoyed)

Suhani: yuvraj sir , u should look at ur face in the mirror … U look both like a sadu and a buffalo…( she continues laughing until she hears somya laughing with her)

Suhani( realising it was her imagination): somu , y r u laughing?

Somya: first look at urself in the mirror( suhani looks at the mirror to find herself wearing the hair band with horns.)

Somya: waisey suhani, I was enjoying ur talks with ur lover.

Suhani: lover? And that too a buffalo?…I told u naa that I love my prince charming who appears in my dreams.( suhani leaves from there)

Somya tells this incident to lata and bhavna and they smile hearing that.

Lata: waisey, yuvraj toh pratima ji ka beta hai na jo meri beti ki zindagi mein khushian laya?( by the way yuvi is pratima’s son right who got happiness back in my suhani’s life?)

Bhavna: yes maa…

Lata: I hope suhani realises her feelings for him soon and her relation gets fixed with him ….( they all smile)

In the morning the next day yuvi goes for a walk and sees a girl in blue anarkali loosing her handkerchief and goes to return it to her . He only saw her back and follows her to return it to her when her dupatta’s end gets stuck with his bracelet .

Yuvi: excuse me… Hey ( the girls is revealed to be suhani but she is unable to hear him as she is listening to music with her earphones in her ear.

Suhani takes of her earphones and goes to the flower shop to get some flowers for lata. Yuvi keeps following her in the flower shop .

As suhani enters the shop she slips because the floor is wet as the cleaner cleaned it . yuvi held her in his arms and they have an eye lock with rose petals shower over them both from an heart shaped balloon.

Precap: yuvi meets his best friend rohan

Yuvi: how r u buddy?

Rohan: I’m fine but my heart is stolen from me
Yuvi: oho…who stole it?

Rohan: u ….!!!

Guys what do u think about the precap? Drop in your comments to let me know.

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  1. Omg im extremely happy…..hats off to u..birla family is good ….yuvi frnd rohan…this is awesome and he obviously fall for our princess suhani. …plz plz update asap

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks bhargavi dear, I am just writing the next epi…once I’m done I’ll surely update it dear. I’m very happy by the fact that u r always the first one to comment and by reading ur comments I feel to update it regularly…so keep supporting like this always dear.

  2. Super ….epiosde was nice with there nokjoks…update nxt part soon Sanaa

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks suba dear and the next epi is on its way…

  3. Sanaa first of all today i like ur dp a loooot.coming to episode it is very very good.i luv yuvani funny moments.i am eagerly waiting to see that how u are going to make yuvani love confession.ur really a very very good writer dear.u make another twist by making rohans entry.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks dear radha, ur comments always make my day and yuvani love confession won’t happen so soon because “kahani abhi baaki hai”. Don’t worry I want to make this ff enjoyable so just to spice up the story it will take time but there will surely be romance.

  4. I can see it in front of my eyes. What a epi ! ssel writer’s should take advice from u. Really it is superb. Please try to update daily. I think rohan started to love suhani & there will be a love triangle between suhani yuvraaj rohan.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks dear for ur lovely compliment and keep supporting through ur comments.

  5. Aqsxxh

    Sanaa, you absolutely rock everything xo!
    I enjoyed this thoroughly, I visualised every part of the FF, And, god it is amazing x

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks aqsaah di, I’m glad u liked it and continue to support in this way. By the way in which grade are u?

      1. Aqsxxh

        I am in year 11 (idk what grade that is)

      2. Sanaa.khan

        Aqsaah , u r in grade 10 or year 11 and I’m in year 12 or grade 11. My school also follows UK’s system . so u will be also busy like me in May. U will have igcse examinations and I will have As external exam.good to know that

  6. Avanikamdar

    U r an amazing writter

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks rashi dear, and ur ff is also amazing.

  7. Awesome n nice….good keep it up

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks somi dear…

  8. u r an amzing writer.words r not enough to describe this lovely epi.i love it plz plz made them realise their love and plz don’t enter rohan between them plz plz .update soon.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks sri, don’t worry u will be happy with the next epis for sure so keep reading.

  9. A.Tejaswi

    The episode was really really really very good.Loved the nok jhok.Felt as if I was watching it. It was an excellent one.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks tejaswi dear…I am glad that u liked it …


    Wow. You are such a fantastic writer di! I wish i was as good as you! Its was a fantastic episode

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks shreya but u r an amazing writer. U put ur emotions in each episode which I love the most and I seriously can’t write as good as u

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