Kaun hai jo sapno mein jo aaya (episode 7)


The episode starts with suhani taking pratima in her house after she fainted.

Suhani: maa, bhavna di , somu pls come and help me( they all rush to help suhani)

Lata: beta, from where did u bring her…

Suhani: maa, I was waiting near the bus stop when I saw this aunty fainting while she was coming from the temple. I took a taxi and came straight home…somu pls call the doctor..( suhani makes pratima lay down on bed and rubs her hand)

After a while the doctor comes and checks pratima.

Suhani: doctor , can u pls tell me what’s wrong with this Aunty’s health

Doc: look , there is nothing to worry now as I have given her some glucose solution. She had low blood pressure and that’s why she fainted.( pratima gains consciousness)

Pratima: where am I ?

Suhani: aunty ji , u fainted while coming from the temple and I brought u here at my house .

Pratima: thanks beta, u have done a lot for me even though I am a stranger. May god fulfill all your dreams.

Suhani: auntyji , now u have drink this kadha since u r unwell.

Pratima: no beta , its OK

Suhani: what’s this auntyji, u r calling me beta and u r not listening to me…pls drink this( pratima drinks it and suhani leaves as lata comes there)

Pratima: is this ur daughter?

Lata: yes..

Pratima: wo bohot pyaari aur ziddi hai bilkul mere beta jaisa. ( she is very lovely and stubborn like my son)

Lata : haan, meri suhani lakhon mein ek hai( yes my suhani is one in million)…. Leave all this and tell me behenji , how r u feeling now?

Pratima: I’m feeling better now. Oh I forgot to call maaji and tell her where I am otherwise she will be worried for me.( pratima calls dadi)

Dadi: pratima , where r u?( pratima tell dadi everything )

Dadi: pratima , tell me the address I’m on my way…( lata tells dadi the address of suhani’s house)

Dadi arrives and thanks lata for their hospitality and courtesy towards pratima.

Dadi: thanks a lot for taking care of pratima.

Lata: the one who deserves this thanks is suhani, my younger daughter.

Dadi: can I meet her?

Lata: sure , why not. Suhani ….suhani beta can u pls come here..( suhani arrives and gets worried seeing dadi)

Suhani: I’m very sorry dadi for yesterday’s incident I didn’t mean to….

Dadi( being surprised seeing her): beta, that was not your fault after all it was my yuvraj who was chasing u.

Lata: suhani…what r u talking about? Tell me clearly.

Dadi: its nothing at all … Thanks suhani beta for taking care of pratima and tell me what do u want?.

Suhani: u r calling me beta and now thanking me? How can anyone thank his beta…if u really want to give me something then give me ur blessings. It will be enough for me.( dadi smiles and blesses her)

Dadi and pratima: so now we will leave…

Suhani : how can u leave without having anything? ( suhani gets tea for dadi and pratima and they drink it)

Dadi: u make nice tea suhani…

Suhani: thanks, my bhavna di taught me…

Dadi: I think now we should leave( dadi and pratima leave for birla house)

Suhani gets a call from yuvi about some meeting .
Yuvi: suhani, u need to be in the office at 6 pm sharp

Suhani: is there something important ?

Yuvi: yes , there is a meeting with the foreign clients since tomorrow morning they r leaving India .

Suhani: ok sir…( I will be there).

Suhani gets ready to go to office and lata questions her.

Lata: beta, where r u going at this time?

Suhani: maa, I’m going to the office as there is an important meeting…

Lata: Ok beta , be careful and take this pepper spray for ur safety…

Suhani: thanks maa…( she hugs lata and leaves for office)

She arrives office 3 minutes late and yuvi gets angry at her.

Yuvi: why can’t u be punctual ?

Suhani: it wasn’t my fault ….the traffic made me late eventhough I started at 5:40pm

Yuvi:what?? u started just 20 mins before…. Wow

Suhani: where r ur clients..? I have got the presentation ready.

Yuvi: the meeting starts at 6:30 pm so they are coming.

Suhani : what?? U called me so early while I came here as fast as I could to reach on time.

Yuvi: what’s wrong in being early ? I thought to test u since u come late always..

Suhani: what will I do now? Sit and sleep..

Yuvi: do what ever u want but be in the conference room and don’t go out.

Suhani ( makes face): ok sir..( later they have the meeting and suhani presents the presentation and they get the contract. The clients leave from there )

Yuvi: great job suhani…see being with me u r becoming smart.

Suhani( murmuring): wah, I made the presentations and he took all the credit. mmn….

Yuvi: did u say anything?

Suhani: no sir..I think I should leave .( she goes in the elevator following by yuvi).

The elevator stops suddenly and suhani panics.

Suhani: hey bhagwan , kaha phas gaye hum.(oh god where am I stuck)

Yuvi: this lift had to stop right now. This is all because of u suhani.( he gets angry at her)

Suhani: what do u mean? U came in the lift after me so what’s my fault in this?

Yuvi: that’s what I’m saying… U r unlucky

Suhani: wah, before 3 minuted u were praising me and now blaming me for the lift to stop. Anyway why am I talking to u? anyone’s mood will be bad seeing your sadu face.

Yuvi: suhani, stop calling me that…

Suhani: what else should I call u ? Did u ever see your face in the mirror. I think u never smiled in ur entire life. right?

Yuvi: I smiled and why do u care about this?

Suhani: I promise if u smile today in front of me even once I will stop calling u sadu.

Yuvi: ok , what’s the big deal in smiling? Anyone can do that. ( he tries to smile but can’t hide his anger and fails to smile)

Suhani: see sir, I told u …u can’t smile .

Suhani : anyways calling u sadu is better than calling u a buffalo or do u prefer me calling u a buffalo?( suhani teases yuvi and smiles)

Yuvi: u ….( he comes close to suhani and corners her in the corner of the lift)

Suhani: what r u doing? Stay away from me .. U got that ? ( she takes out the pepper spray that lata gave her)

Suhani: stay away or else I will spray the pepper spray on ur eyes.( yuvi still comes closer and closer making suhani nervous and he hits the cockroach behind suhani)

Yuvi: look I came closer to kill this cockroach . what did u think ?

Suhani: nothing….

Yuvi: u thought that I will take ur advantage in this situation but u r wrong…..let me tell u that u may be beautiful but u can’t impress me. Pata nahi wo bechara ka kya haal hoga jo tumse shadi karega.(don’t know what will happen to that poor guy who will marry u.)

Suhani: let me tell u that I will not marry any random guy , I will only marry my prince charming who comes in my dreams .

Yuvi: looks like we both have at least something in common. I will also only marry my dreamgirl who comes in my dreams.

Suhani: really …did u meet her?

Yuvi: yes only once… The moment I saw her eyes I was lost in it.

Suhani: what’s her name?

Yuvi: don’t know …I never asked her ..she came like an angel and went away like the cool breeze.

The screen then freezes on both suhani and yuvraj’s faces with them thinking about their respective lovers in their dreams.

Precap: flowers shower from the heart shaped balloon from the top as yuvi holds suhani by her waist when she was about to fall.

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  1. What to say there r no words left to describe this lovely ff…u r awesome…yuvaani r adorable….keep it up

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks bhargavi dear…..u too keep supporting me like this.

  2. i left with no words to describe after reading this epi .it is really amzing.last few lines that both r telling abt their lovers that is so cute.u r really an amzing writter.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks sri for ur lovely and valuable comment

  3. Really interesting… Do update without fail

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks somi dear and don’t worry I will update on a regular basis if I have enough time.

  4. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    wow precap was awsm di….

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks subha dear….

  5. Wow wow sanaa what a perfect luv story dear.ur too good.yuvani are really made fr each other.episode is outstanding.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks radha sis…u always make me happy by ur lovely comments dear.

  6. Wow super….that too both discussing abt their dream lovers was nice….

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks suba…keep reading to find more twists ahead.

  7. A.Tejaswi

    Very nice episode. Loved their nok jhok.Dadi seems impressed with suhani.Can I ask something?? Where do u belong to???

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks tejaswi dear, I’m from Dubai…and my nationality is Indian. Where r u from?

      1. A.Tejaswi

        I am from Andhra Pradesh,South India

    2. Sanaa.khan

      Good to know that tejaswi …

  8. jus awesome!! loved the lift scene a lot… keep going…

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks abi dear, keep commenting.

  9. Aqsxxh

    It is absolutely beautiful x

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks aqsaah di. I was waiting for ur comment

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