Kaun hai jo sapno mein jo aaya (episode 6)


The episode starts with yuvi holding suhani by the waist when suhani was about to fall. The papers from suhani’s file scatters and falls over them both when someone knocks on the door and they both move apart.

Yuvi: come in( sharad enters)

Sharad: guru…what’s going on ? Why r the papers scattered all over your cabin?

Suhani: actually , I slipped and the papers from the file fell from my hand…

Sharad: OK I will come after sometime then as u both have work.

Yuvi: its OK sharad…u can stay( this was inaudible to sharad and he leaves).

Suhani picks up papers and looks at yuvi.

Suhani: sir, mana ki aap mere boss hai per kamse kam mere madat toh kar sacte ho na app? ( sir, I know that u r my boss but u can at least help me in this)

Yuvi: ok , ok ( he helps suhani to pick up the papers when only one paper was left and both of them bent down to pick it up. As they bent down to pick it up they bumped with each other’s head.)

Suhani: aah, meri sar ( aah, my head)

Yuvi: ouch….., I was picking it up then why did u bend?

Suhani : sir, I was picking it up and u bent after me..

Yuvi: I was the first one to pick it up….

Suhani: sshhhh….( she puts her finger on yuvi’s lips and came closer and hits her head again with yuvi’s head)

Yuvi: aao…r u mad suhani?

Suhani: I’m not, but u will be when u have horns on your head and people will call u “Mr buffalo birla”.( suhani laughs)

Yuvi: u…( suhani can’t stop laughing seeing his angry face )

Suhani: hahaha ha ha…..sir u should see ur face , if u have horns on your head right now, then u will surely resemble a buffalo.

Yuvi: suhani…(still suhani can’t stop laughing while yuvi stares at suhani )

Yuvi( in mind): I had seen this smile before but can’t remember where…

Suhani: hahaha…sorry sir , I am very sorry mujhe aapko bhens nahi kehna chahiye tha per main kya karti agar aap suchmuch me hi bhens jaisi lagne lage toh.(sorry sir, I am very sorry, I shouldn’t have called u a buffalo. But what can I do If u really look like one .( suhani starts laughing again)

Suhani: sir here is the presentation….. Sir , I’m very sorry but ….ha ha ha ha ha ( she continues to laugh and leaves from there)

After a while sharad enters yuvi’s cabin.

Sharad: guru…tell me one thing…why did that girl come out of ur cabin laughing?

Yuvi: pagal hai wo ladki….( that girl is mad).

Sharad: who is she?

Yuvi: who else…the jungli billi suhani. Leave all this and tell me why did u come to my cabin all of a sudden?

Sharad: guru… Dadi gave u tiffin and u forgot so that’s why I came here.

Yuvi: I would have eaten food from cantine , what was the need to send tiffin…sharad, pls tell me the truth what’s the matter?

Sharad: Wo guru… U left without eating breakfast and dadi asked me to find out why u didn’t eat food in the morning as u don’t eat food when u r upset about something.

Yuvi: what to hide from u sharad…I did not see my dreamgirl in my dream today.

Sharad: only that’s it…

Yuvi: its not a little thing sharad, how will I find my dream girl now as I didn’t ever see her entire face?

Sharad: may be because u already met ur dream girl last night.

Yuvi: but I didn’t see her face and I didn’t ask her name…

Sharad : don’t worry guru…u’ll surely find her someday. Now smile …( yuvi frowns)

Later when the office was over suhani was on her way home when she passes by some crowd.

There is a huge concert where people r gathered to hear the songs of the Rockstar Rohan…(rohan is in his vanity van and is talking to his assistant)

Assistant: sir I always had a question….u always sing songs about love, but do u believe in it?

Rohan: ya…I do believe in love even though I never fell in love…my female fans r after me because of my fame and songs but the lady I fall in love, I will be after her to prove it to her…

Assistant: interesting…anyways sir I think now u should go on the stage for your performance
Rohan : ya( he goes to the stage and sings different songs and at the end the fans claps for him)

At the end of the performance Rohan notices suhani walking past the crowd without wanting to see his performance. He follows her with his car and passes by her and the mud gets on her dress.

Suhani: excuse me Mr… can’t u see and drive?

Rohan : sorry but don’t u know who I am?

Suhani: r u Amitabh Bachchan ? No right…. then I don’t want to know who r u…( she makes a face and walks away)

Rohan : interesting….( he smiles seeing her)

Suhani( murmuring): don’t know what mistake I did in the past 2 days as my dress gets messed up from people. First, that hair stylist and now this stupid clumsy man who thinks he is amitabh bachhan. He is not even near to bachhan sir.

Suhani walks past the bus stop and sees pratima coming from the temple stairs and it seemed that she was about to faint . suhani rushes towards her and holds her and asks help..

Suhani: help…koi taxi bulao

A taxi arrives after a while and suhani makes pratima sit in and takes her to her house.

The screen freezes on suhani being worried about pratima.

Precap: suhani and yuvi r stuck in ……

Suhani: hey bhagwaan where am I stuck..( oh god where am I stuck)

Yuvi: this is all because of u suhani…( he looks angrily at her).

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  1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    amazing episode aaj…nd rohan also entered to spice up..!!! wow…. ultimate love story…….

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks a lot subha di….

  2. Really interesting… New ssel is boring n r love sambhav track…. But u people remind the old ssel…. Mud track is funny… Keep it up

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks somi, hopefully u will love the next epi too.

  3. Aww..so cute nokjhok?…im mad abt this ff..plz entertain us lyk this always…keep it up

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Aww. …how sweet of u bhargavi di…. I get such ideas from your constant support so keep supporting di…

  4. Nice episode….waiting how will yuvi recognize suhani

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks suba,….. agar itni asaani se yuvraj suhani ko pehchaan legi toh phir kahani mein mazaa kaise aayegi?
      (If yuvraj recognises suhani easily, then how will the story be interesting ?)

  5. Thank u sooooooo much dear.i am waiting fr ur next update.infact i have checked this page fr 20 times iloved it very much.wow rohan alao entered.now it will be much more interesting.u r lovely dear.all d besy fr rest of the episodes

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks radha dear ,ur comment has made my day . I really feel on cloud nine reading all of comments so pls continue to support me like this always….love u

  6. funny epi! buffalo birla… hahaha… am also laughing.. love to c tis kind of suhani in show also bt what to do? superb epi!

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks abi, honestly I was also longing to see a chirpy and bubbly suhani in the show but the director has gone nuts. The concept was a nice and strong one at the start but now the show is crap….nevermind, enjoy reading the ffs dear

  7. amzing episode…

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks sri dear

  8. Aqsxxh

    sorry i am late di, but this is amazing

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks aqsaah but u don’t need to be sorry as I myself was not in contact with u for a long time. Anyways I am very happy about the fact that u atleast commented even being late….thanks a lot dear and continue supporting me like this

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