Kaun hai jo sapno mein jo aaya (episode 5)


The chapter starts with Suhani going to asad and asking for nek in order to get his shoes back.

Suhani: u have to give us nek in order to get ur shoes back

Yuvi:Asad don’t bent in front of them , they r thieves

Suhani:how dare u call us thieves? …

Yuvi: what else should I call u …jungli billi

Suhani: hey Mr if I’m a jungli billi then u r a sadu

Yuvi: u….( pointing his finger at Suhani)

Suhani ( pointing her finger at Yuvraj): listen Mr it is u who started it by calling me a jungli billi so now don’t point your finger at me because I can also raise my finger and talk to u.

Asad: bas karo tum dono…Suhani batao tumhe kya chahiye .( stop it now…Suhani tell me what do u want)

Suhani: pehle aapko mujhe vaada karna hoga ki aap mujhe wo zaroor denge…( first u need to promise me that u will surely give it to me)

Yuvi: asad don’t listen to her..

Asad : bas bhi kar yaar…. theek hai suhani tumhe jo mangni hai tum mang sakte ho.( enough pls stop it…ok suhani whatever u want u can ask)

Suhani : u have to keep my friend zoya happy all her life and always be with her in her sadness and hapiness…promise?

Asad( smiles while zoya cries thinking about the times spent with suhani): promise…see yuvraj, this is our suhani who finds happiness in others happiness.

Yuvi: whatever…( suhani returns asad’s shoes )

Dadi notices all these and starts to have a soft corner for suhani…
Dadi: I think I have found the perfect match for my yuvraj.( she smiles).

Zoya’s bidaai is done and everyone from the bride’s side gets emotional. There r some emotional talks between zoya and her family members . zoya then comes to suhani.

Zoya( crying): suhani, mere shararat ki rani( my prankster queen), I have always considered u to be my good friend but it seems that u r more than a sister to me… I will really miss u and ur chirpy talks .

Suhani(crying): ab yeh sab baatein kar ke tu mujhe bhi rulayegi kya…(now by talking about such things will u also make me cry)

Zoya( smiles a bit): nahi pagli, how can I make u cry when u make others laugh..now pls smile for me ( suhani smiles)

Somya: wah…now u both forgot me .

Zoya :how can I forget u my samosa

Somya and suhani : we r really going to miss u a lot …keep visiting us from time to time.

Zoya: me too…going to miss u both a lot and sure I will visit whenever I can.( zoya hugs them and leaves in the car with asad.)

Next morning suhani wakes up with a sad face and gets ready to go to office.

Bhavna: suhani, tu apni mu latka ke qun ghoom rahi hai.( suhani, y r u roaming around with a sad face?)

Somu: ya suhani…pls tell me

Suhani : my Prince charming didn’t come in my dream today..

Bhavna: bas itni si baat( only that’s it)

Suhani: it is not a little thing. Now tell me how will I find my Prince charming?

Somu: u will see him next time maybe and now u go to office, u r getting late…( suhani leaves to go to office)

Yuvi comes to office and asks for the suhani .
Yuvi to the receptionist: when will Ms Shrivastav be here?

Receptionist: don’t know she never came on time…

Yuvi: tell her when she comes to come to my cabin and if she comes late again then he will fire her from the job.( he leaves to his cabin)

Suhani arrives to office and greets the receptionist.

Receptionist: suhani , sir wants to meet u at his cabin and he told me to tell u that if u r late again then he will fire u from ur job.by the way he seemed angry so be calm and talk to him gently.

Suhani: thanks neeti

Yuvi at his cabin was sitting on his chair facing the opposite direction when suhani enters in.

Suhani: may I come in sir?

Yuvi: come in….did u get the presentation ready?

Suhani: yes sir…

Yuvi:usually Anita submits the presentations but since she left the job yesterday, u r in charge of submitting the presentations from now on.OK …

Suhani: OK sir ( yuvi turns his chair and suddenly stands up seeing suhani)

Yuvi: tum…?

Suhani: tum….? U r yuvraj birla?

Yuvi: u work for me and u don’t know me?

Suhani( murmuring): o tteri, suhani tune kya kar di? Khud ki boss se hi jhagra kar di. Ab to tujhe bhagwaan hi bacha sacta hai .( suhani what have u done? U fought with your boss. Now only god can save u)

Yuvi: did u say anything ?

Suhani: No….I mean yes, I’m very sorry sir I didn’t know that u were u. …I mean u were the same Yuvraj yesterday.

Yuvi: u insulted me a lot yesterday and if i wish i can easily fire u from ur job for your misbehavior but I won’t do so because u didn’nt know that I was your boss.

Suhani( thinking in her mind): oho…bara ayaa mujhpe ehsaan karne. Mere bas chale toh main khud iss nokri ko chhor deti per papa ko kya jawab deyti. Isi liye chup rahi warna main kabhi kisiki agey maafi nahi maangti agar wo meri nahi ho toh.mmn…
( oho, he thinks he’s doing a favour on me . I would have resigned from the job myself but what would I answer papa. That’s y I kept quiet otherwise I would never ask forgiveness for the mistake that I did not do. Mnnn…)

Yuvi: Now show me the presentations ( suhani walks towards him with a file filled with papers when she slips and yuvi holds her by the waist resulting in an eye lock and the papers start falling all over them.

Precap: suhani scolds someone …

Suhani: I don’t want to know who r u …mmn
( she makes face and leaves).

Guys any guesses who the person might be? Pls drop ur comments below to let me know about your opinion.

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  1. A.Tejaswi

    What yuvraj suhani’s boss!!!Interesting. Please post the next episode asap.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      I will try to update asap dear tejaswi.

  2. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    wow di it’s really superbbb……

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks subha sis…

  3. Awesome…. Update soon

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks somi dear and keep supporting me through your comments

  4. Wow sanaa i like suhanis character very much.she is very very bubbly and what a twist yaar yuvi is suhanis boss.i am just crazy abt ur ff dear.i think thr person is either sambhav or rohan.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks radha sweetheart, good guess.

  5. superb epi! lookng forward for further story

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks abi , and keep commenting dear.


    Wow Suhani is sooo cute and bubbly and the couple are just on fire, Yuvraj is suhani’s boss? Its perfect! And for the precap…. IM SO EXCITED.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks shreya , tune in for the next epi and keep commenting.

  7. superb epi …..it is very interesting that yuvraj is suhani’s boss.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks sri dear and keep reading…

  8. Wow another fantastic episode..now they will b together for more tym..very interesting. ..plz update asap

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks bhargavi dear…and tune in for more romance and nokjhoks of yuvani.

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