Kaun hai jo sapno mein jo aaya (episode 4)


The episode starts with suhani and yuvi staring at each other at the end of their dance performance.
Suhani: u really dance well

Yuvi: why not, I’m perfect in everything…

Suhani: waise yuvraj, let me tell u that no one is perfect in this world, not even u…

Yuvi: excuse me, how did u know my name…I never introduced myself to u…( sharad calls yuvi)

Sharad: guru.. Dadi aapko bula rahi hai( guru..dadi is calling u)

Yuvi: sorry..I need to go (he leaves)

Suhani:but…ajeeb insaan hai yeah, pehle khud hi khud ka naam bataya aur ab bhoolgaye…khair , mujhe kya ( he is a strange person, first he introduced himself to me and now he forgot about that…anyways, why should I care).

Suhani goes to somya and they have a talk.

Somya: kya baat hai suhani, tere dance performance dekh ke sare ladke tujhpe latto hogae( what an amazing performance suhani, seeing your dance performance most of the boys here have a crush on u)

Suhani: somu wo to pehle se hi tha ab bass bhi kar( somu what’s new about that now pls stop it).Don’t u think we should bringbring some more excitement in this nikah?

Somya: what do u mean?

Suhani: let me tell u my plan ( she tells something in somya’s ears)

Suhani: somu , will u help me in this?

Somya: ur wish is my command( somya and suhani smile and give hi five)

Suhani and somya come to asad and they have a talk.
Suhani: jiju, the kazi( muslim priest)did not arrive yet… I don’t think the nikah will take place.

Asad: what!! What r u saying suhani?

Somya: she is right asad jiju…the kazi is not here.( asad gets worried and calls the kazi mean while suhani winks at somya and goes away)

Somya silently steals asad’s shoes seeing him busy in call and slips away and goes to suhani…suhani and somya meet and hide the shoes in the basket of flower and fill thethe basket with flowers…

Somya: now, none can find the dulha’s shoes( the do hi five and yuvi passes by.)

Yuvi: why r u both so happy about?

Suhani: nothing…

Yuvi: I know there is something.. Pls tell me suhani

Suhani: how did u know my name?

Yuvi: ayaan announced it before the dance performance.

Suhani: oh, OK bye… ( suhani and somya go to zoya)

Yuvi: what happed to them ? Don’t know…

The nikah proceeds and the kazi asks for asad’s constent in marriage.
Kazi: do u agree for this marriage

Asad: qubool hai…( I agree)

Kazi to zoya: do u agree for this marriage?

Zoya( silently blushes and whispers): qubool hai

Kazi: congratulations, u both r now husband and wife. ( zoya’s sister and ayaan distribute sweets to other guests)

Asad: where r my shoes?( suhani and somya smile while yuvi looks at suhani. )

Yuvi: asad, u don’t worry I will surely find them for u.

Somu and suhani go aside and talk and yuvi follows.

Somu: no one will ever know about the shoes

Suhani: yup..( yuvi hears them)

Yuvi: achha , so u r the one who stole the shoes

Somu: actually….

Suhani: why…what will u do.

Yuvi: this is a wedding not a market that u will create a scene

Suhani: is this ur marriage? No right , then don’t bother about it

Yuvi: looks like ur parents didn’t teach u any manners to talk to guests

Suhani: hey don’t involve my parents in this… The truth is u r the one who is insulting us not we..

Yuvi: u started it…give the shoes back or else…

Suhani: what will u do ? ( she take a glass of water from a waiter and spills it on yuvi’s face)

Yuvi: u jungli billi , u wait..( he chases suhani as she runs)

Suhani: what will u do sadu?…

Yuvi: don’t call me that …

Suhani: sadu sadu…( they run like tom and jerry and bump with dadi who looks at them with fixed eyes)

Dadi: ouch…

Suhani: sorry, did u get much hurt?( she takes ice from a waiter and applies it on dadi wound on her hand)

Yuvi: look what u did to my dadi now…I will not leave u

Dadi: yuvraj… She said sorry and why were u running behind her like a goon?( suhani smiles a bit)

Yuvi: dadi…that’s not fair u r calling me a goon for that wild cat.

Suhani: hey… don’t call me a wild cat..it was my mistake who thought that u will be a kind person in the beginning when u….

Yuvi: I’m always kind to women…it was u who stole asad’s shoes and spilled water on my face…

Suhani: u r the to blame my parents even when i didnt bother u…so u started it all

Yuvi: u started it

Suhani : no u did

Yuvi : no u did( dadi shouts)

Dadi: stop it!!…. This is a wedding and I don’t want any drama here , behave like adults here not kids.

Suhani: sorry dadi…

Yuvi: sorry dadi…( they make faces and goes to opposite directions)

Dadi: yuvraj and that girl fight like kids but there is something about that girl that has brought my fun loving yuvraj back who used to daydream about some lady…( she thinks about some thing and smiles)

Precap: yuvi and suhani meet again
Suhani: u…?
Suhani: I’m very sorry I shouldn’t have said that to u..

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  1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    superbbb di…. dadi s liking suhani…. wow!!!!

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks subha di…

  2. wow sanaa episode was rocked.iliked it very much when yuvi calls suhani jangli billy.its very funny.i think dadi is some how positive here right.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks radha sweetie, can’t say anything but u will get to see more yuvani nok jhoks.

  3. Again super episode….plz make yuvraj recognise his dreamgirl suhani…good to see that dadi likes her and wanting to unite them

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks bhargavi dear I hope u will enjoy the next epi too.

  4. wow sana it is really wonderful.i enjoyed thier fighting and mostly good see that dadi like suhani.plz plz yuvraj relaize that suhani is his dream girl.am very excited abt nxt epi update asap.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks sri , I will try to update the next epi dear.

  5. Good one

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks mars …keep commenting

  6. Do u write any oter ff ?

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Yes mars, I also wrote “pyar ki yeh ek anokhi kahani” on ssel before and if u want to read it then simply search in google the name of my ff and the chapter number.

  7. A.Tejaswi

    Just loved the episode.It was too good….

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks tejaswi dear and keep supporting through your comments.

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