Kaun hai jo sapno mein jo aaya (episode 3)


The episode starts with suhani and yuvi reaching the wedding venue. Suhani thanks yuvi.

Suhani: thanks…Mr ??
Yuvi: yuvraj …Yuvraj Bi…..(somya sees suhani and calls her aside)

Suhani( still covering her face with a veil ): sorry … I have to go my friend is calling me

Yuvi: at least tell me your name…( suhani rushes toward Somya and didn’t hear yuvi)

Yuvi( to himself): interesting, finally my wait is over… I have got my dreamgirl . ( he smiles)

Somya takes suhani aside and talks with her.

Somya: what’s wrong with u suhani? Why are u wearing this black lehanga in the the wedding and why were u late?

Suhani: somu calm down…. let me tell u the whole incident.FLASHBACK….
Suhani goes to parlour and gets ready in 30 minutes but suddenly a hair stylist drops a mixture of banana and yogurt on suhani’ s dress.

Hair stylist: sorry mam

Suhani: look what have u done….

Hair stylist: I’m very sorry..

Suhani : sirf sorry se kaam nahi chalega…( only sorry won’t work). U have to clean it…

Hair stylist: but how?

Suhani : by dry cleaning

Hairstylist: but mam it will take time…

Suhani: OK u go and give it for dry cleaning but give me a dress till then.( the hairstylist gives her a black lehanga to wear until her dress is clean.)
Suhani: oh god where am I stuck…somu would have been waiting for me and…let me call her.
What there is no network here..( suhani roams around but there is no network)

Suhani: let me quickly go to my house and get another dress to wear.( she is about to go and remembers about the traffic)

Suhani: now I’m surely stuck here…( suddenly she gets an idea)

Suhani: listen..do u have any shopping malls nearby?

Makeup stylist: yes its just five minutes from here( she tells suhani the address )

Suhani: thanks a lot…( she leaves for shopping and finds a similar orange and dark blue lehanga that somya gave her to wear in zoya’s nikah. Suhani calls Somya and in a hurry searches for taxi .
Suhani tells the rest of the incident. FLASHBACK ENDS………

Somya: oh so this was the reason for u being late…now quickly change your dress and come , everyone is waiting for u… ( suhani nods and goes to change and after a little while comes out)

Somya: wow suhani…u look amazing , I’m sure I’ll find your Mr charming in the wedding today itself.

Suhani: somu bass bhi kar…..chal zoya we milte hain ( somu, stop it now….let’s go and meet zoya)

Suhani is wearing a blue and orange lehanga and most of the young men have a crush on her seeing her beauty.

Suhani: congrats zoya…

Zoya: thanks Suhani.. But why r u late?

Suhani: its a long story…I will tell u some other time…( lata comes to suhani)

Lata: suhani beta, why r u late…u know we were really very worried for u.

Suhani: somu if I keep giving my explanationexplanation to everyone who asks me this question then I might become mad at some point…somu can u pls explain maa.( somya smiles and tells lata to ask suhani later about it. Suhani and zoya have a talk)

Meanwhile yuvi meets sharad and asad.

Sharad: guru… U r exactly on time everywhere then y r u late in your friend’s wedding?

Yuvi: sharad I started my journey early but since my car’s fuel finished I had to stop near a petrol station to get fuel…when I reached there I was surprised to see 30 cars already waiting. Also after taking fuel , I continued on my way but this traffic is sooo exhausting..what to tell yaar.

Yuvi tells about suhani and the whole incident onwards to sharad.

Sharad: guru…what !!! really , u found your dreamgirl. ( yuvi nods)

Yuvi: I only saw her eyes that were the ones that I saw in my dream…I forgot to ask her name but I know she is here in this wedding.

Sharad: guru don’t u want to meet asad?

Yuvi: yes sure…where is our dulhae raja..( yuvi meets asad and congratulates him)

Asad : yuvi why were u late?

Yuvi: long story yaar…I will tell u some other time .( pratima comes in search of yuvi)

Pratima: yuvraj beta, where were u..y r u so late?

Yuvi: sharad , if everyone asks me to give explanation for this question that at a point I might be mad. U explain it to your maasi…( sharad smiles and tells pratima that yuvi will explain it to pratima later)

An announcement is made by ayan..( asad’s brother)
Ayaan: guys I know its nikah and to increase the excitement let us have some fun. Please give a big hand of applause for the dulha’s friend yuvraj and dulhan’s friend suhani for a dance performance. ( everybody claps for them)

Suhani and yuvi dance on the song ” yeh ladki hai Allah”

Suhani recognises yuvi but yuvi didnt recognise her .

The screen ends at the end of their dance performance at both of their faces.

Precap: yuvi and suhani fight like tom and jerry
Yuvi: u wait u jungli billi….( he runs after suhani)
Suhani: what will u do u sadu…( she teases yuvi)they run andand suddenly bumps with dadi who looks at them with fixed eyes.

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  1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    wow di it’s really awsm….

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks subha di, u have a nice name

  2. Wow its totally unique…hatsoff to ur creation…waiting for ur next update

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks bhargavibhargavi di, hope u’ll like the next epi too.

  3. NAPSHa J

    What a writing.. Precap is also very cute.. Yuvi turned into Don’t for his Roma.. 😀 update asap.. BTW wats ur good name dear?

  4. NAPSHa J

    What a writing.. Wonderful epi.. Precap is also very cute.. Yuvi turned into Don’t for his Roma.. 😀 update asap.. BTW wats ur good name dear?

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks di….my name is sanaa and my younger sister calls me saniya since she was not able to say ” Sanaa” when she was a baby. Today also she calls me ” Saniya di”. If u wish u can also call me “saniya” but I usually prefer to be called by my name ” Sanaa”.

  5. Hi dear its very nice.finally u revealed secret behind suhanis stay in parlour.actually they meet today and started fighting the very next day.anyway yuvani are so cute.dear pls post daily like this.i luv this ff very much.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks radha, u will get to know why ,when and where they fought in the next epi dear. Thanks for supporting dear

  6. its really lovely epi…….plz plz nxt epi update it asap

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks sri , I will try my best to update it asap.

  7. Its amazing epiosde…try update it reguarly

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks suba dear….I’ll try my best

  8. Aqsxxh

    Sanaaaa you killed it!
    It was amazing!

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks Aqsaah, I was waiting for your comment for a long time. Keep supporting me like this sis. Love u loads.<3

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks dear but may I know your name

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