Kaun hai jo sapno mein jo aaya (episode 14)

Guys I know that I took a long time to update this episode and I’m extremely sorry for this. I will have my external exam very soon in the beginning of May so I thought to publish an episode before I get busy again with my studies. Anyways keep supporting me by ur comments and I’ll try to update the next episode asap.

The epi starts with yuvi pulling suhani on top of him assuming her to be his dreamgirl while he is half awake. Suhani gets worried and tries to get free of his grip but the more she tries to get free from his hold , the more tightly he holds her. Yuvi then starts to speak being half awake…

Yuvi: I waited for u for a long time and at last I found u so now I won’t easily let u go

Suhani( thinking): looks like Mr sadu is taking to his dreamgirl…oh god how will I get free now…( she thinks and then gets an idea)

Suhani( in a soft voice): yuvraj…u love me right?

Yuvi( in sleep being half awake): yes, more than my life…

Suhani: then why r u hurting my hand ? Leave my hand I promise I will be next to u..

Yuvi: OK I will leave ur hand but u have to remember ur promise.

Suhani: ok fine…( he leaves suhani’s hand and she rushes to the bathroom quietly .)

Suhani ( in bathroom and waking up from her imagination): my god…I was going to take revenge by scaring him and what if my imagination comes true…..no, no …I need to find a different way to trouble him …but what( she thinks something and smiles).

Suhani lays down on bed with pillow border in the middle. She starts to act of getting a headache.

Suhani: aao…my head ( yuvi wakes up hearing her)

Yuvi: what’s wrong suhani?

Suhani: I am having headache…

Yuvi: I will go call that aunty and she is will give u the kada…then u might be fine( he teases her)

Suhani: this time its serious and…(she acts of getting nausea and rushes to the washroom while yuvi looks on)

After sometime suhani comes out of the washroom with a pale face. Yuvi gets worried seeing her.

Yuvi: suhani…what’s the matter? Y is ur face dull?

Suhani: because the news is like that that ur face will be dull hearing it.

Yuvi: tell me clearly…

Suhani: wo…..that aunty was right, I’m pregnant. ( yuvi gets super shocked)

Yuvi: what!!! But whose child is this…?

Suhani: truth might be bitter but the truth is its ur child …i mean maybe something happened between us before I captured the video.( yuvi gets worried and gets shocked )

Suhani starts to laugh making yuvraj more worried.

Yuvi: why r u laughing?

Suhani: look at ur face sir…my revenge is fulfilled.

Yuvi: what r u talking about?

Suhani: u made me drink kada and made me vomit it out …so I used vomit to trouble u. I was just joking…how can I be pregnant when nothing happened between us?. And it’s a common sense sir that a woman can be sure whether she’s pregnant or not only after a month.

Yuvi( getting angry): u…..(he points his finger towards her)

Suhani( pointing her finger at yuvi): why what will u do ? u started it so I should end it then why r u getting angry.? Anyways I am not in the mood to argue with u …I am very sleepy and pls don’t disturb me.( she lays on bed)

Yuvi: u r the one to disturb me and suhani don’t disturb me now after I fall asleep . If u do then….( he turns around to find suhani fast asleep on her side of the bed)

Yuvi goes near suhani to turn off the table lamp and gets mesmerised seeing suhani sleeping.

Yuvi( smiling): suhani u r so irritating at times but when u fall asleep u look like an innocent child.( he turns off the light and falls asleep)

The next day suhani’s photoshoot starts and yuvi gets mesmerized seeing her.

Photographer: brilliant shot Suhani…u r looking gorgeous . ( suhani goes to change her costume)

Yuvi( lost in his thoughts as he sees suhani arriving in a black western gown with her long straight hair left open in the cool breeze.)

Suhani( snapping her fingers in front of yuvi’s face): sir…where r u lost. I know I am beautiful but it doesn’t look good that u r staring at me like that.

Yuvi( coming back to his senses): oh… suhani , actually I don’t want to hurt ur feelings but to be honest u r looking like the witch of a horror movie and I was shocked seeing ur face.( suhani gets annoyed)

Suhani: sir, u may think that u look like sharukh khan but actually ur face is like a monkey and once u get angry ur nose gets red and swells which makes it look like a tomato. ( yuvi gets angry)

Suhani: exactly the way it is right now…

Yuvi: look suhani I don’t want to spoil the photoshoot now by arguing and u better be in ur limits ( suhani gets her photos clicked)

The next morning yuvani pack their bags and reach Allahabad. Soumya comes to receive suhani as lata and pankaj were busy with bhavna’s wedding arrangements. Krishna , yuvi’s friend comes to receive yuvi with pratima and dadi.

Somya( hugging suhani) : suhani….u don’t know how much I missed u.

Suhani: bas bas somu, u r squeezing me. U r acting as if I have returned after winning a war.

Somya: kuch bhi…anyways tell me how was ur trip to goa?

Suhani: that’s a long story…let’s go home and I’ll tell u on the way.( they leave for suhani’s house)

Yuvi meets pratima,dadi and Krishna and hugs them.

Pratima : how was ur business trip?

Yuvi: it was fine… But maa where is sharad? He usually comes to receive me.

Pratima dadi and Krishna look on being shocked.

Yuvi: why r u all staring at me like this?…

Meanwhile suhani and somya laugh after suhani narrates the entire story about the business trip.

Somya: don’t u get scared of being fired from ur job ?

Suhani: no ….why should I?… Mnnn , maybe sometimes but usually I get saved because of my luck.

Somya: u didn’t do right .

Suhani: what do u mean somu?

Somya: if that old aunty and uncle meets u both again by coincidence in front of ur family then…..

Suhani: somu, r u out of ur mind? Why will they come to Allahabad and if they do what’s the guarantee that they will meet me and my family? Staying with maa and bhavna di u started worrying a lot about me. Anyways I want to focus on bhavna di’s marriage and not anything else right now especially about yuvraj sir.

Somya: wonder what would he be thinking about u right now after yesterdays incident .

Suhani( acting as yuvi) : I know about that..he’s going to say ” suhani , I won’t leave u for insulting me that day “.

They both burst into laughter and the screen freezes on both suhani and yuvi’s face.

Precap: Yuvi and suhani meet at suhani’s house under a table and get surprised seeing each other .
Yuvi: u here ?…
Suhani: sir u here?…

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  1. Avanikamdar

    Amazing !! Loved it plz post when you are free

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks rashi, I will try my best to update the next epi before I get busy again with my exams.

  2. firstly wlcm back di..
    i was waiting for ur ff… thank u for update..
    episode is superb… plz update asap

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks and glad to be with u all once again. Do I know u? Actually I can’t remember ur real name so can u pls tell me ur name.

  3. superb epi ye yuvAni nautanki khatam nhi hoti dono no. 1 nautankibaaz h

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks sarita. Haan sahi kahan tumne, both of them are drama king and queen.

  4. very very happy tat u r back awesome epi n pl dont stop writing tis whenever u r free try to update dear.. yuvani are always best..

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Me too I am very much happy to be with u all and thanks for commenting.

  5. Awesome… Pls do update asap

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks soni dear , will try my best to update.

  6. A.Tejaswi

    Superb epi.Enjoyed it a lot..
    i have been waiting since long for this ff..Thanks a lot for posting..Pls post regularly after ur exams..

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks dear, and once I finish my exams , I will post regularly. Thanks for supporting

  7. Samyukta

    It was so nice to read u again after aeons loved it…. Even I have a friend called sana

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks samyukta dear… Glad u loved it

  8. my name is anshi.. u dont knw me di.. i m new here past 2 or 3 months.. but i read ur ff as a silent reader

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks anshi and u r welcome here. I am very glad to know that u read my ff’s episodes. Keep supporting like this always.<3

  9. i very happy and very eagerly waited for this ff..i missed yuvani fighting. i’m happy that u r back with wonderful epi.waiting fr nxt epi…ALL THE BEST FOR UR COMING EXAM

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks sri , hope u’ll love the upcoming episodes that r yet to come.

  10. Hi sanaa sis.i miss u sooooooooooo much dear.how are u.very very very thanks fr posting this ff even u have busy schedule.i hope all ur exams go well.about ff asusual its very very nice.ur queen in writing yuvani nok joke scenes.yuvani scenes were tooo funny.now a days ssel is losting its charm.but u people are writting such beautiful ffs to remember our old yuvani.anyway dear come back soon.we will be waiting fr u.all d veryyyyyyyyyyy best fr ur exams.bye sis.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks radha sis, I also missed u a lot. I stopped reading written updates a long time ago and u r right the show lost its charm that it once had. By reading ur comment always motivates me to write more so I decided to write 1 more episode before I disappeare from here for a while. Love u radha sis and thanks for ur lovely wishes

  11. Hey ur back!!..as usual fantastic episode!!..its a fresh & unique love story…plz update asap dear

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks bhargavi sis and another episode is on its way.

  12. Yuvani_saraj

    super episode…yuVani r so cute…thank u so much

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks dear , keep supporting through ur comments

  13. Awesome episode. I was waiting for so long to read this plz update soon coz really excited to read the next

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks Khyati dear and I will update the next epi very soon and ur name reminded me of a friend I in Russia whose name was also khyati.

  14. ah sanaaaaa have you forgot me? i just read it alll and wow, it has blown me away, i love it x

    1. Sanaa.khan

      How can I forget u Aqsaah sis ….after all u r my teacher to write ffs so half of my credit goes to u. Thanks for reading …..

    2. Avanikamdar

      Where are you dii ? You are nkt reading any article or even you are not posting ?

    3. Avanikamdar

      Where are you dii ? You are not reading any article or even you are not posting ?

      1. Sanaa.khan

        Rashi, I am in Dubai and I keep my studies as my priority before everything else so once I ‘m done with my exams I’m surely going to read all of ur ffs

      2. Avanikamdar

        Yes sanna dii i know about you i m asking about aqsxxh dii


      Aqsaah! Oh my days…. my dearest friend… how i was missing you and your wonderful stories. I cant believe yoy could have left us all… How did your gcse mocks go and how are your gcses going? And what all is going on in your life now you have stopped your fanfictions ❤❤❤


    Sana di i missed you so very much…. this chapter was so beautiful. The nok-jhok, yuvraj admiring her, and speaking to her as his dream girl. You described it all so beautifully… you have made our old yuvAni come back to life… and now our yuvAni are over on the show (which im so sad about) we can surely keep them alive in our stories… (when i get round to having the time to post one…?) lots of love ❤

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks shreya, and believe me it had been a hard time for me too while I was not in touch with u all. I used to chat with my friends at school about the new group of virtual friend I made in this website. Some of them read ur ffs as a silent reader sometimes. Anyways thanks shreya . love u <3

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