Kaun hai jo sapno mein jo aaya (episode 13)


The episode starts with suhani and yuvi having a meeting with the model. The model, named barbie has a crush on yuvi.

Suhani: so all in all, this cream will not only remove dark circles but also prevents acne from being made.

Yuvi: superb, well done suhani

Suhani: thanks sir…

Barbie: ya, the presentation was amazing Ms Shrivastav

Suhani : sir I think we should make barbie sign the contract.

Barbie: sorry, but signing the contract is an important thing so I think I need some time to read the policies and I shall inform u tomorrow about it.

Yuvi: sure, suhani I think we should leave now…

Suhani: yes sir..

Barbie: wait … I am free now so I was wondering to have lunch with u both.

Yuvi: sure…

They arrive to the same restaurant for lunch where yuvani had breakfast . Barbie sits very close to yuvi making him uncomfortable. The old Punjabi couple is also present there…

Waiter: what would u like to have…?

Yuvi: for me it’s 2 sandwiches , a glass of orange juice , a mango smoothie and pasta.

Barbie: I would like to order same food that Mr birla ordered.

Waiter( to suhani): what would u like to have?

Suhani: fritters, a glass of mango juice, one badam pista ice cream and a plate of pav bhaji.( the waiter leaves)

Barbie comes close to yuvraj and holds his hand..

Suhani( in mind): this Barbie is trying to lure sir and laying a trap for him…I won’t let that happen.( she gets an idea and goes to the old Punjabi couple)

Suhani( thinking): now, I will take advantage of this misunderstanding to save sir from this Barbie.

Suhani acts of getting dizzy near the old couple’s table…

Lady( holding suhani): puttar…r u OK?

Suhani: I’m fine , I’m just a bit dizzy…

Lady: u need to take care of urself at this stage of pregnancy… and where is ur husband?

Suhani: he is busy eating lunch over there( the lady sees barbie very close to yuvi and holding his hands and gets angry)

Lady: ur husband is enjoying time with some lady when he is supposed to be with u …I will see him now( she heads to go to yuvi but suhani stops her)

Suhani: aunty ji don’t disturb them…let them be how they r….after that model came in our life my relation with my husband became sour. I don’t know what to do…I think I should abort this baby(suhani sheds fake tears and hugs the lady)

Lady( consoling suhani and wiping her tears): puttar, u don’t worry I will take class of that model…u go I will just come.

Suhani goes back to their table and haves the mango juice and stays quiet. Barbie starts to touch yuvi’s face sensually as he sweats. The old lady and her husband come to yuvani’s table…

Lady shouting aloud making others hear( she insults Barbie): oye kudi, tenu sharam na aavey ek shadi shuda mard ke saat waqt guzarne mein jab uske patni khud uske saath ho?( oh girl, don’t u have any shame to spend time with a married man when his wife is present with him)

Barbie: what do u mean?

Lady: I know such type of women like u who try to lure married man by wearing short dresses.( suhani smiles )

Yuvi: look aunty…

Lady: tussi chup kar besharam.( shut up u shameless). U r spending time with another woman when ur wife is pregnant.

Barbie: what!! He is married and his wife is pregnant. Where is his wife?( the lady points towards suhani and Barbie gets shocked)

Barbie: Mr birla , u never told me that ur PA is ur wife and she is pregnant. Since u hid this matter from me , I won’t work with u…( she tears the contract papers and leaves from there. Suhani controls her laugh seeing the drama)

Lady: suhani puttar, I hope u won’t have any problem in ur married life now…and u , yuvraj I believe u will take proper care of ur wife..( yuvi looks on stunned and nods. The lady leaves)

Yuvi( being angry): suhani, only because of u we didn’t get Barbie’s contract…now where will I find a model in such a short time…

Suhani: sir, u r blaming me…I saved u from a big loss..

Yuvi : what do u mean?( suhani shows him the torn contract papers where the check had payment of 1 lakh in advance but barbie made added a 0 and made it 10 lakhs. She came closer to u so that ur focus will be on her and not on the contact. This way she can get much money…

Yuvi: thanks a lot suhani, but how did u know about this ?

Suhani: I saw her writing something carefully on the contract before coming for lunch and I got to know her trick.

Yuvi: but how will we find a model now?

Suhani: u don’t take any tension sir…everything will be fine.

Yuvi: suhani, u r saying like that as if u r going to be the model.

Suhani( saying in a rush): why not sir …( suhani realises what she just said)

Yuvi: perfect then ….u r going to be the model.. Tomorrow is ur photoshoot so get ready…

Suhani: sir , I said it in a hurry …I didn’t mean to…

Yuvi: no excuses suhani , u r going to be the model for launching our new product.( suhani makes faces)

Suhani( in mind): this sadu Kumar always orders me to do things that I don’t like. Oh, why am I blaming him after all I am such a stupid to give this idea to sir so it’s all my fault.( she hits her head on being angry with herself)

Yuvi: what’s wrong suhani? Y r u hitting ur head…

Suhani: nothing,….it’s just that my head is aching …( the Punjabi lady hears suhani)

Lady: puttar, I will get a kada that will cure ur headache…its bitter but it will cure it very quickly.( she gets kada for suhani)

Suhani( to herself): suhani, kahan phas gayi tu…yeh tere jhut bolne ka saza hai…ab kya karegi tu…( suhani, where r u stuck…this is ur punishment for lying… What will u do now…

Lady: did u say anything dear?

Suhani: no auntyji..

Lady: drink this kada now…

Yuvi( teasing suhani): ya ya suhani…drink it..come I will make u drink it with love as I am ur husband.( he forcefully makes suhani drink it and smiles)

Suhani( making faces and then smiles): thanks aunty ji…

Lady: what’s there to thank me…I am like ur mother… I bless u and ur baby to stay healthy and that the baby comes soon and completes ur family. U both stay blessed.( the lady leaves and suhani quickly rushes to washroom to vomit out the kada)
Yuvi smiles at suhani’s antics..

Later at night when yuvi is asleep suhani plans to take revenge on yuvi for making her drink kada . she looks at yuvi and gets an idea and smiles…

She changes her dress and wears a black kurta and covers her face with a black dupatta with her eyes being exposed. she sits next to yuvi and tries to scare him but before she could do anything….yuvi slightly wakes up and gets mesmerized seeing his dreamgirl and pulls her towards him making suhani land on top of him. The screen freezes on suhani’s worried face.

Precap: rags and menka’s entry…
Rags and menka arrive at the parlour where gauri worries seeing them.

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  1. A.Tejaswi

    Awesome episode.loved it.Can’t wait for the next episode.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks tejaswi dear

  2. Aqsxxh

    Wow, Di, it is amazing!
    The dream girl Suhaniiii

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks aqsaah sis

  3. Omg..this punjabi aunty dialogues r hilarious…such a lovely episode….hope yuvraj recognises his dreamgirl suhani….suhani as a model…great idea….good job dear

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks bhargavi and ya I like the way that punjabi people are jolly and their language is also very simple.

  4. Superb… Update soon

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks somi dear and I will try to update asap

  5. every ideas u r introducing r amazing., everything is the best.. waiting for the nxt.. what is yuvi gong to do to suhani thnkng its a dream?

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks abi but there is a twist and to know that tune in for the next epi

  6. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    wow di.

    superb ….aaj..!!!

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks subha sis

  7. Sanaa dear ummah.this is veryyyyyyyyyyyy nice dear.i completely enjoyed this.yuvani moments were too much funny.i love suhanid character very much dear.its really good.last scene was very nice.finally yuv finds suhani.i cant wait fr nxt epi pls post it asap dear.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thank a lot radha…always reading ur comments make my day…but don’t be disappointed about the next epi as there is a twist in the tale.

  8. sanaa ur really an amzing writer .it is really very fablous epi.i enjoyed each and every line which is filled with full of fun and care.specially punjabi anty dialogues r awsome yaar .plz plzmake yuvraj realise that his dreamgirl is suhani very soon.update nxt soon as am very eagerly waiting for it plz.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks sri and I love to speak punjabi…but no one in my house speaks Punjabi so I write the things that comes to my mind.

  9. Gud.. Amazing

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks dear and keep commenting

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