Kaun hai jo sapno mein jo aaya (episode 12)


The episodes starts with suhani coming out of the washroom wearing a purple nightie. She arranges the pillow properly and yuvi looks on.

Yuvi: why do u have more space than me on bed. U r not that fat that u will have most of the spaces.

Suhani: oh hello, I’m not fat and for ur kind information someone is going to sleep with me…and that’s why I need 65% of the bed.

Yuvi( being shocked): what!! Who?…

Suhani: why should I tell u? R u being jealous …?

Yuvi: no way…but u r disgusting suhani

Suhani: what is there to be disgusted about if my Jaanu sleeps with me?

Yuvi: and where is ur Jaanu?

Suhani: right here….(she takes out a big fluffy teddy from her bag and yuvi gives a sigh of relief)

Yuvi: suhani….u r…u r …u r totally crazy…

Suhani: whatever, just say that u r jealous of me having jaanu as u don’t have one.

Yuvi: I am not a kid like u to have jaanu with me…and remember to keep ur jaanu within ur area since if it crosses ur border then I am going to kick your jaanu out of the window.

Suhani( making faces and caressing the teddy): don’t worry my jaanu , u will sleep next to me and I won’t let anything happen to u.( she hugs her teddy and sleeps)

Yuvi also sleeps. After a while suhani sits on bed and talks to her prince charming .

Suhani( pretending): come dear…I am all urs, take me away and make me urs forever…(she kicks yuvi’s back and makes him fall out of bed. Yuvi gets up at once being shocked on hearing suhani )

Yuvi( shaking suhani): suhani…wake up, suhani, suhani….( suhani acts of getting her senses)

Suhani: sir why did u wake me up ? I was seeing such a nice dream…

Yuvi: but u became my nightmare..suhani what’s wrong with u? Why do u disturb my sleep by taking to ur prince charming and kicking me out of the bed? Can’t u stay quiet and control urself?

Suhani: sorry sir, but whenever I sleep being hungry, I talk in my sleep and I become problem for others … That’s y I told u not to sleep next to me.

Yuvi( to himself): abbay yaar, this jungli billi will not even let me sleep with peace. I have to take her out to eat food… What a luck, it was better if I came alone but she has all the presentations and in charge of presenting them.

Suhani: sir did u say anything?

Yuvi: no…come let’s go out to have food otherwise u won’t let me sleep peacefully.( suhani smiles and changes her dress to go to the restaurant.)

Yuvi and suhani come to the restaurant and order food for them. The old Punjabi couple also comes their and orders wine for them

Lady to the waiter: oye..suno wo table dekh rahe ho na( pointing the table behind yuvani’s table but the waiter misunderstands it to be yuvani’s table)..usme 2 glass sharab bhi pesh karna.( also get 2 glasses of wine there )

Waiter: OK ma’am.

After a while the waiter gets yuvani’s order along with the wine but yuvani doesn’t pay any attention to that.

Suhani: sir, I am very hungry that I can eat all my food within 10 minutes.( she starts to eat in a hurry)

Yuvi: ya ya of course since u r a monster…( suddenly food gets stuck on suhani’s throat and she caughs)

Yuvi gives her water but it falls so he gives her wine by thinking it to be juice.( suhani drinks the wine all in one gulp.)

Suhani: sir, this juice is very tasty…u also taste it( she forcefully makes yuvi drink the wine)

Yuvi: u r right suhani…let us have some more..( he tells the waiter to get 8 more glasses of wine)

After a while after drinking all 8 glasses, they both r completely drunk and both of them lean on one another and reach their hotel room. Suhani lays on bed being full while yuvi watches her.

Yuvi( laying next to suhani): suhani …do u know that u r very beautiful? ( he caresses suhani’s hair)

Suhani: yes I know, but I didn’t know that a sadu like u could ever identify true beauty.

Yuvi( getting a bit angry): jungli billi, u r beautiful but ur words r ugly…

Suhani( touching yuvi’s nose): sir…do u know that u look like Pinocchio when u get angry because ur nose seem to be longer.

Yuvi: my nose is fine but ur brain is not…

Suhani: my brain is fine…by the way tell me one thing sir …do u have a gf?

Yuvi: no…I love my dreamgirl and I am only in search of her.

Suhani: me too, I am in search of my prince charming.( yuvi caresses suhani’s hair and smells it)

Yuvi: suhani, ur hair is very long and shiny…it also smells nice …what do u apply on ur hair?

Suhani: coconut oil , yogurt and banana and shampoo

Yuvi: yuck disgusting…

Suhani: what’s there to be disgusted? I only apply food items that r good for hair and not cow dung .

Yuvi:whatever…I’m very tired now and want to sleep…u also go to sleep suhani.

Suhani: OK…( they both turn opposite directions and turns being unable to sleep)

Yuvi : I ‘m not able to sleep

Suhani: me too… I have an idea, let us play hide and seek until we fall asleep.

Yuvi: how? ( suhani takes off her dupatta and keeps it on yuvis face)

Yuvi: suhani, what r u up to.

Suhani: sir tell me now, how many fingers do I have on my hand?


Suhani: correct…now it’s ur second turn , tell me how many fingers r there now?

Yuvi: 1 …

Suhani: wrong…

Yuvi: can I have a last chance pls…

Suhani: OK( she falls asleep and yuvi asks her to wake up and he also falls asleep with suhani’s dupatta on his face and his hand on suhani’s waist.)

Next morning suhani wakes up with a headache and sees yuvi holding her waist tightly with her dupatta on his face. She gets shocked and tries to wake yuvi up.

Suhani: sir….sir. Leave me

Yuvi(waking up): aao, my head aches ….(he wakes up to find him crossing the pillow border and holding suhani’s waist and her dupatta on his face. He gets shocked and removes his grip on suhani’s waist )

Suhani: sir , what’s all this? U tried to take my advantage in this situation when I was …..( she remembers yuvi giving her juice to drink when the food was stuck on her throat). So u were the one who made me drink wine.

Yuvi( taking off suhani’s dupatta from his face): oh hello , u were the one who made me drink the wine forcefully assuming it to be juice…

Suhani: sir but I was drunk but u had ur sense then why did u..

Yuvi: I have no idea what u r talking about….

Suhani: I don’t remember what happened last night between us …I hope u didn’t cross ur limits.

Yuvi: me too I can’t remember and I know my limits very well…

Suhani: anyways I’m going to bath…I don’t have time for all these. ( she goes to have bath and after a while yuvi too goes to have a bath)

Later yuvi and suhani go to the restaurant to have breakfast when they see the old Punjabi lady scolding a waiter. Suhani and yuvi go to check what’s wrong and find that the old couple ordered wine for themselves and the waiter by mistakenly got the wine for yuvani.

The old couple later finds that there r no separate tables for them so they ask yuvani whether they could join them. Yuvani agrees. The waiter brings their order and they all have food.

Lady: by the way r u both here for ur honeymoon?

Suhani: no, for a business trip

Man: from where r u both?

Suhani: from Allahabad…( suhani drinks milkshake and feels uneasy)

Lady: how long it has been that u both r married?

Yuvi: Wo….( suhani feels nauseated and rushes to the washroom)

Lady: what happened to her …let me go and check.

In the washroom suhani vomits and the lady notices her being dizzy.

Lady: r u fine puttar?

Suhani: ya, just a bit dizzy.( the lady smiles)

Lady: come puttar , ur husband is waiting for u..

Suhani: he is not my husband….

Lady: chal jhooti, mazak na kar…main jab mere pati per gussa hoti thi toh main bhi yahi kehti thi.( liar, don’t joke…when I used to get angry on my hubby then I also used to say this. )

Suhani: but ur case is different…

Lady: I think u had a fight with him but I have a news that will make u both happy.( suhani looks on )

The Punjabi lady and suhani come to their table and the lady talks to yuvi.

Lady( to yuvi) : congrats , u r going to become papa…

Yuvi: what!!!!? …..( he gets the shock of his life and looks at suhani)

Yuvi: how can this be possible?

Lady: I know u r very surprised and happy… U both go to ur room and sort out ur differences.

Yuvani goes to their hotel room.

Yuvi: suhani, what was that lady saying?

Suhani: that aunty is mad…she made a small thing into a big issue. I vomited because the first thing I drank in the morning is the milkshake. And after I vomit, usually I feel weak that’s why I felt dizzy.

Yuvi: but still I’m worried about last night.

Suhani: u r a girl right that’s why u worry more than me. And I am a boy that’s why i have no tension. Sir, i am much worried than u…oh I forgot to call maa and tell her I have arrived goa safely otherwise she will be worried. ( suhani check her smartphone and sees a video of her and yuvi when they were drunk and gets relieved seeing it. She shows the video to yuvi and yuvi gives a sigh of relief.)

Yuvi: when did u capture the video?

Suhani: I don’t know, maybe when I was drunk.

Yuvi: anyways suhani go get the presentations ready , we r getting late for the meeting.

Suhani: OK sir…

They leave for the meeting.

Precap: yuvi pulls suhani closer making her land on top of yuvi on bed…..

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  1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    wow di it’s really romantic…. ful of love.. superb episode aaj.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks subha , kal kuch khas twist hai so tune in for the next epi..

  2. Aqsxxh


    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks aqsaah sweetheart. Muuahhh….

  3. Omg!!!..im constantly smiling reading this awesome story…..mindblowing episode…i loved it to d infinity….good luck dear

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks bhargavi and I am super happy that u all loved it…more twists ahead

  4. Sanaa day by day i am being addicted to ur ff.its such a wonderful episode yaar.i think this teddy idea is also from ur sistera.right.anyway that was superb.u r writing precap in such a waythat we will be madly waiting fr next episode.pls update nxt epi asap dear.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks radha and I got the Teddy idea from myself . I can’t sleep without my jaanu (my Teddy’s name) and my di always taunts me for that. So I tried this idea on this ff.

  5. very romantic sanaa i loved it.it is really nice episode and full with fun,love .

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks sri dear hopefully u will also love tomorrow’s episode as much as this one.

  6. romantic epi… love ur ff a lot dear. day by day ur precaps are interestng n makng me curious to knw the nxt epi.. waiting for ur nxt..

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks abi dear…keep reading


    Such a funny cute and romantic epi! I was blown away. This ff and its romance and nok-jhok is filled with the old ssel! After the last precap i was so excited for this epi and you didnt dissapoint all ? i really loved it. And now this precap made me so excited for the next epi!

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks shreya di but don’t expect a lot romance in the next epi…

    2. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks shreya di but don’t expect a lot of romance in the next epi…

  8. Avanikamdar

    Fabulous …

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks rashi dear

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