Kaun hai jo sapno mein jo aaya (episode 11)


The episode starts with yuvi holding suhani under the shower and they both get wet. Just then pratima enters to find them staring at each other and smiles seeing them both…

Pratima: ahmmm…( suhani and yuvi move away from each other) I’m sorry suhani beta, I forgot today is Saturday and yuvi is at home taking his shower.

Suhani: its OK aunty ji but I am fully wet now and….

Pratima: don’t worry beta….I will ask gauri to give u a dress to change… Come with me( suhani leaves with pratima to gauri’s room)

At gauri’s room gauri and suhani have a talk after pratima leaves.

Gauri: I am very sorry ma’am , today again I ruined ur dress.

Suhani: koi baat nahi gauri, aur tum hi toh kaha ki hum mein se koi bhi kisiko ma’am nahi pukaregi toh phir tum mujhe ma’am bolkar qun pukar rahi ho?( it’s OK gauri, and u decided than none of us will call each other ma’am then why r u calling me ma’am ?)

Gauri: I have got a habit to call u ma’am that’s why…

Suhani: OK from now on u will call me suhani…

Gauri: OK ma’am….

Suhani: what’s this …? Still u r calling me ma’am . now practice saying suhani for 1 minute continuously.

Gauri: 1 minute!!

Suhani : yes! And ur time starts now( suhani starts the stopwatch)

Gauri:suhani…suhani…suhani…suhani….suhani…suhani……..( pratima comes in)

Pratima: gauri why r u continuously saying suhani’s name?

Suhani: actually aunty ji we r playing a game where the players need to say each other’s name for 1 minute. Gauri ur time’s up. U said my name 45 times…u won

Pratima: gauri, u still didn’t give anything to suhani to change .

Gauri: yes maa I was just going too…u go I will give her a dress( pratima leaves).

Gauri: u r very strict about time like my vyu bhaiyya…

Suhani: who is ur vyu bhaiyya?

Gauri: yuvraj bhaiyya…I call him vyu

Suhani: being with that sadu kumar I had to be punctual.

Gauri: u call vyu bhaiyya sadu..? ( gauri laughs)

Suhani: yes …

Gauri: I think this pink anarkali will suit u.

Suhani: thanks gauri.( suhani goes to change)

Later suhani comes out and yuvi looks at her .

Suhani ( snapping her finger in front of yuvi’s face): sir, where r u lost?

Yuvi: oh ….. suhani, we have a meeting with models who r representing our products so we need to go to goa for 3 days. U should accompany me in this .

Suhani: sorry sir but after a week its my bhavna di’s wedding and I need to make lots of arrangements .

Yuvi: if we leave early tomorrow, we will return on wednesday.

Suhani: on Wednesday it’s my di’s sangeet

Yuvi: we will return early in the morning and I will help u with the arrangements.

Suhani( being surprised): u will help me in the arrangements?

Yuvi: yes

Suhani: can’t believe that a sadu like u can help me…

Yuvi: if a jungli billi like u can take care of my mother when she fainted then what’s the big deal in helping u with the arrangements for ur sister’s wedding. Will u accompany me in this trip?

Suhani( thinks): mmnn…..OK…

Later suhani returns to her house and tells this news to everyone. Somya helps suhani packing her suitcase.

Somya: u will stay 3 whole days in goa…

Suhani: no I am going to stay there for 3 half days.

Somya: suhani pls mazaak mat kar …( suhani pls don’t joke). I said that because I will miss u.( somya gets upset)

Suhani: I will miss u too somu…but I will be keeping in touch with u and sending u pictures so u won’t feel bad.( somya hugs suhani)

Early in the morning the next day Suhani bids farewell to her family and goes to the airport where she reaches early.

Suhani: I have reached exactly on time but where is yuvraj sir…( she looks at yuvi as he comes towards her)

Suhani: sir u always give me lecture about being on time then why r u late today?

Yuvi: because of u….I have a question, …do u spread ur habits like germs?

Suhani: what do u think?

Yuvi: I think yes because after u came in my life, I started to have a habit of being late

Suhani: I was stupid to think a sadu like u would ever change but my guess was correct. By the way since u r a buffalo , ur habit of taunting could never change…

Yuvi: shut up jungli billi…don’t start here . I think its time for us to go .let’s go…( they go inside the airport and wait for sometime and enters the air plane. )

Suhani to the air hostess: excuse me, I want to cook fritters …do u know where can I find the kitchen in this aeroplane?

Yuvi( laughs): suhani, now u proved that u don’t have any brain….arey stupid, this is an airplane and not ur home that u will cook.( suhani makes faces)

Air hostess: yes ma’am sir is right…there is no kitchen here that u will cook food. I’m sorry…( the air hostess leaves)

Suhani: sir but I made u laugh ….( yuvi stops laughing)

Yuvi: u didn’t make me laugh , I laughed reading the joke on this magazine…but suhani don’t dream about cooking on the air plane…who knows, by cooking food u might also cook me…( he teases suhani)

Suhani gets annoyed and stays quiet for sometime and eventually falls asleep. As she is sleeping , her head falls on yuvi’s shoulder.

Yuvi: suhani,…( he tries making her head straight but again it lands on his shoulder)

A Punjabi old couple besides yuvani in the aeroplane sees them and they have a talk.

Lady: ae ji …dekho…kinna sona jodi hai. Kinna pyar hai us kuri aur munde mein. Deho kuch seekho…tenu menu se kabhi itna pyaar kabhi nahi aave ji. Kuch seekho unse…( look, how lovely couple they are. There is much love between them , u never loved me like that…learn something from them). ( the man makes faces)

Man: agar main jawaan hota to main us mundey se bhi zyada pyar jatata…( if I was young, then I would show much love than that guy)…( the lady blushes)

The lady talks to yuvraj.

Lady: is she ur wife?

Yuvi: actually….( suhani starts to speak in her dream )

Suhani: yes…we love each other a lot. Promise me u will be with me always…

Lady: promise her…

Yuvi: actually look….

Suhani: promise me.( she extends her hand asking for promise but as yuvi was about to promise her, she falls in deep sleep again and moves her hand away .)

Later when they arrive goa ,in a five star hotel they meet with the same old Punjabi couple…they go to the hotel receptionist to ask for the room keys.

Yuvi: can we have the room keys of room number 201 and 202 pls.

Lady: oye puttar, do do room ke ke jurrat? Tum dono to pati patni ho na?( what’s the need for 2 rooms …u both r husband and wife right?)

Suhani( being shocked): pati patni aur hum ? Kisne kaha…?( husband -wife and us…? Who said that?)( suhani looks at yuvi being angry)

Lady: puttar , ab natak na kar…o receptionist Hume doosri room ki chabiyan de do que ki inn dono toh pati – patni hai..( dear, don’t act now…receptionist give us the key for the other room as they don’t need it because they r husband and wife)

Yuvi and suhani: aunty ji, humare baat toh suniye…..( aunty, pls listen to us). ( the old couple takes the keys from the receptionist and leaves for their room.)

Lady and man: bye puttar, tum dono khush raho( bye dear, u both stay blessed )( suhani hits her head with her hand being upset)

Yuvi to the receptionist: do u have any extra room?

Receptionist: sorry sir, but at the moment we don’t have any vacant room. U have to share a room sir.

Suhani : kya…? sir , I’m sorry but I can’t share a room with a sadu like u whatsoever.

Yuvi: do u think I am very eager to share a room with u jungli billi. After all, all these happened because of u.(They get annoyed and face opposite directions)

Suhani: we will go to a different hotel

Yuvi: r u mad suhani? Do u know goa and its hotels…? Where will we find 2 hotel rooms in such a short time? Let’s go the the room first and then decide. ( yuvi takes the keys from the receptionist and goes to their room.)

Suhani and yuvi enter the hotel room to find a single bed and other necessities kept tidy.

Suhani: there is only a single bed, and I won’t share my bed with anyone. Sir u sleep on floor.

Yuvi: oh hello…I will sleep on bed and u will sleep on floor as u r the reason behind all this.

Suhani: what do u mean?

Yuvi: u slept in the air plane and kept ur head on my shoulder and blabbering ” I love u….promise me that u will always be with me” . that aunty heard u and mistaken us to be husband and wife.

Suhani: I was taking to my prince charming in my dream…and did u have ur mouth filled with food or what as u didn’t clear that Aunty’s misunderstanding? So it’s also ur fault and now I will sleep on bed

Yuvi: that aunty didn’t give me a chance to clear the misunderstanding and she later slept…and I will sleep on bed

Suhani: OK as u wish but don’t blame me later …. I will sleep on the left side of the bed.

Yuvi: what!! U will also sleep on bed?

Suhani: u wanted to sleep on bed so I allowed u….And besides there will be pillows between us. But think again before sleeping beside me.

Yuvi: why? r u a ghost…?

Suhani: may be…

Yuvi: what?…

Suhani: it depends on u , I mean how u think about me…. Anyways..bye now I’m sleepy and going to sleep now.( suhani goes to washroom to change and smiles thinking about something)

The screen then freezes on yuvi’s worried face.

Precap: suhani vomits…
Lady( to yuvi) : congrats , u r going to become papa…
Yuvi: what!!!!? …..( he gets the shock of his life and looks at suhani)

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  1. Aqsxxh

    Sanaa, what a twist!
    I am in love with this!

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks aqsaah and I am so happy to know that

  2. superb episode..
    its really very lovely nd funny .i love this epi so much.plz plz update nxt epi asap plz.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks sri dear and the next epi is on its way

  3. Wow sanaa today u completely nailed it dear.i cant tell u how much i liked todays episode.the old couple part was superb and precap is also very funny.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks radha and u r right the precap is funny but why was yuvi shocked and why did he look at suhani? Any guesses guys?

  4. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    wow wow itna kuch surprise ek KI episode mei…areeeyaar I can’t handle this happy….. love this episode very much!!! ummaahh sanaa di….

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Oooo… Thanks a lot subha , I never imagined that u will like this epi.. I thought that u all will find it boring as I found it boring while reading it…I wrote what was in my head and I am surprise to know that u all love this epi.

  5. Amazing … i love ur ff

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks rashi dear and ur ff is also amazing


    THIS WAS SUPER SUPER CUTE! the old couple scene was so sweet and funny. And that precap! Wow. Im sooo excited

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks shreya di and tune in for the next epi to know more about the precap

  7. Amazing….precap is funny

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks a lot suba dear

  8. superb! fabulous! excellent! enjoyed it to the core.. read it thrice. oh god, suhani tellng gauri to say her name for 1 min was funny n more than tat PRECAP jus amazing… am in love with ur ff. superb!!

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks a lot abi dear, I am so glad that u all loved today’s epi .

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