Kaun hai jo sapno mein jo aaya (episode 10)


The epi starts with yuvi meeting rohan.

Yuvi: how r u buddy?

Rohan: I’m fine but my heart is stolen from me
Yuvi: oho…who stole it?

Rohan: u!!!….

Yuvi: what? What do u mean?

Rohan( laughing): yuvi , look at ur face….( he teases him)

Yuvi: sedhe sedhe se baat kar, mujhe kuch bhi samajh nahi aaraha.( tell me clearly, I’m not able to understand anything)

Rohan( laughing): agar dimaag hoga toh samajh aayga naa….( if u have brain then only u understand ,right).arey buddhu, It was a joke . I said that to see ur reaction after hearing that.

Yuvi: rohan , pls stop teasing me like that jungli billi …

Rohan: oho…..who is that jungli billi of urs?…

Yuvi: if I say her name , then my mood will be bad so I won’t say her name again…( just then suhani enters yuvi’s cabin with a heap of files without knocking)

Yuvi: jungli billi ki barey mein baat kiya aur jungli billi hazir..wah( I just mentioned about the wild cat and the wild cat is here…wah)…suhani, can’t u knock and enter?

Suhani: I’m sorry sir but u asked me to get all the files of the old products and I did. If I knocked then how would I hold all the files.

Yuvi: u r right but at least u could have asked someone’s help.

Suhani: sir I did but they are busy in their work and everybody is not free like u

Yuvi: what do u mean ? I ‘m always free….wow, look rohan u asked me about the jungli billi right? …she is the jungli billi.( rohan turns his chair and gets surprised seeing suhani)

Rohan: tum?….(he comes closer to suhani)

Suhani: tum?…( she also comes closer to rohan and both stare at each other for a while….yuvi looks at them and slightly pushes rohan and suhani apart)

Yuvi: hey, u both know each other? ( suddenly suhani starts to hit rohan with one of the files)

Suhani:bada amitabh bachchan banne ka shok hai na tumhe? Isiliye toh mere dress kharab kar diya tumne kichad se.( u wanted to be amitabh bachchan right? That’s why u ruined my dress with mud)

Yuvi: suhani…. Suhani , stop it.( yuvi tries to stop suhani)

Suhani: no sir I won’t leave him today…( she hits rohan more)

Yuvi: suhani…..suhani, he is my best friend Rohan. Rohan the rock star( suhani gets shocked and stops hitting rohan)

Suhani: sir u should have told me before…. sorry sir and I am very sorry Mr Rohan ( suhani leaves from there being embarrassed while rohan looks at her lovingly)

Later at evening, suhani goes to birla house to invite pratima and dadi for bhavna’s wedding. Gauri opens the door and gets shocked seeing suhani and suhani too gets shocked seeing her.

Gauri: u….?

Suhani( being shocked): u….?

Suhani : what’s ur name and what r u doing here?

Gauri: I’m gauri birla , pratima birla’s daughter and yuvraj birla’s sister. ( suhani gets shocked and starts to cry)

Suhani(crying): otteri! Mujhe maaf kado pls gauri.(pls forgive me gauri).I am very sorry for scolding u that day and I didn’t know that u r yuvraj sir’s sister.

Gauri( wiping suhani’s tears): ssh…what r u doing ma’am? I may be a birla but I love my work of hairstylist. And that was my fault that I spilled hair mixture on ur dress…that’s why u scolded me.

Suhani: gauri, I am supposed to call u ma’am and u r calling me ma’am when u r yuvraj sir’s sister.( gauri shuts her mouth with her hands)

Gauri: sshh…no one will call ma’am to anyone. My family doesn’t know that I work in parlour as a hairstylist and I don’t want them to know about it…pls don’t tell this to them

Suhani: ok …( dadi enters just then and hears them talking)

Dadi: don’t tell us about what ?( gauri and suhani gets nervous)

Suhani: that we both know each other…we r friends…( gauri gets relieved and signs thank u to suhani)

Dadi: arey suhani beta tum kab aayi?( suhani dear, when did u come?)

Suhani: just now…

Dadi: pls have a seat( suhani sits down and dadi calls pratima )

Dadi: ramesh get tea for us

Ramesh: OK dadi ji…

Suhani: no its ok dadi , I won’t have tea as I am in a hurry .

Dadi : u have to have tea beta…when we came to ur house, u made us drink tea so now its our turn..if u don’t then we will feel bad

Suhani: OK dadi as u wish

Pratima: beta, did u come here for an important work?

Suhani: yes, actually my bhavna di’s wedding is next Saturday so I came here to invite u all at her wedding…here is the wedding card.

Dadi( looks at the card): oh, bhavna is getting married to Amit. Suhani, Amit is my sister in law’s grand son…so we will surely come at the wedding.( gauri brings tea and serves everyone….when she was about to give the tea to suhani, it slips from her hand and falls on suhani’s dress)

Dadi( shouting aloud): gauri……look what have u done.

Gauri: I ‘m very sorry ma’am…again something fell on ur dress because of me

Pratima: what do u mean gauri and why r u calling her ma’am?( gauri gets nervous)

Suhani: actually, sometimes we call each other ma’am when we do mistake…gauri ma’am u don’t worry its ok even I also spilled lassi on ur dress once…( gauri gets relieved)

Pratima: suhani, u go and clean ur dress from the washroom in the guest room….oh I forgot the door of the guest room is jammed so u can go to the washroom in yuvraj’s room. He is not at home right now.

Suhani : ok …( gauri shows her yuvi’s room and leaves)

Suhani enters yuvi’s room and sees everything neat and tidy.

Suhani: oh so this is Mr buffalo’s room…oops sorry, Mr perfect’s room..( she enters the bathroom and quickly turns around seeing yuvi having a shower. Yuvi quickly wrapped his towel around his waist being shocked)

Yuvi: suhani, what r u doing here…?

Suhani: sorry ,actually aunty ji sent me here to clean my dress and…….( suhani steps on a soap bar and slips and she lands on yuvi’s arms . The water from the shower falls on them both making them wet.

Precap: suhani : sir , I’m sorry but I can’t share a room with a sadu like u whatsoever.

Yuvi: do u think I am very eager to share a room with u jungli billi. (They get annoyed and face opposite directions)

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  1. Wow its fantabulous…everyone r good and therz lots of positivity in this epic ff…this episode is lyk Christmas gift for me…good luck

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks bhargavi…wait till I introduce rags and menka…

  2. Aqsxxh

    The romance was at peak Sanaa!
    It is beautiful and really funny!
    Wow, what a plot twist!
    GAuri a hairstylist!

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks aqsaah, yup more twists are on its way.

  3. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    wow…superb shower scene….. I really miss old ssel reading ur ff… these scenes were bhoat romantic n ssel.. I feel lik seeing ssel… thanku sanaa di fr this scenes..

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks subha, I too love the shower scene …u will be shocked reading the precap of the next epi so tune in to know more

  4. It is realy superb episode while reading the last lines i thinking y this epi completed so fast .yaar plz plz update nxt epi asap.i love yuvani’s nok-jok very much.plz plz unte them soon.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks sri , I can’t guarantee that they will unite very soon but I assure u that there will be plenty of yuvani nok jhoks and romance.

  5. so cute dear really again a twist with gauri being hairstylist nd loved the scene where yuvi separated rohan n suhani apart. u r amazng writer., lovng it a lot..

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks abi dear… Glad that u liked today’s epi and keep reading

  6. Wow …nice epiosde….update nxt episode soon…

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks suba…the next episode is on its way

  7. Sanaa dear its just fantabulouams episode.no one can beat u in writing yuvani nok joke scenes.they are truely amazing.i like it very much.all d very best dear

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks a lot radha, I liked ur complement ” fantabulouams….and keep supporting like this dear…most of the nok jhoks here is because of my elder sister Haya di…we both fight a lot and I get ideas from our fight.

  8. Sorry its a spelling mistake.ur so sweet that ur giving ctedit to ur sister also.u have very nice bonding with ur sister i think.god bless u both dear.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      radha, u r right I share a good bonding with my elder sister Haya but we fight like rat and cat. I’m especially jealous of her beauty…if u want to see my sis then click my name in the reply link

  9. Avanikamdar

    Nice episode dii

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks rashi dear…


    Each episode makes me smile and makes me laugh. Their romance is so light hearted and pure, and i love the concept of them seeing each other in their dreams it links them together in such a deep way and you write on it beautifully. I just cant wait when they find out that they are each others dream partners. Their nok johk in this episode was brilliant and shower scene was mind blowingly sweet. The cute simple old ssel is alive in your ff which i love x

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks shreya, I am soooo…happy to know that my ff has made someone laugh. Keep supporting me like this dear…love u <3

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