Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Anurag and Madhuri reveal the truth

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The Episode starts with Navin asking where is Prerna. Shivani says she is at home, Anurag tried to kidnap her, but didn’t take her away. Anurag says I tried to convince her, but she didn’t back out, she said she was helpless, I had no other option than this, sorry, my ways was wrong, but my intentions was right, Madhuri helped me today, this happened suddenly, I was going from the room and saw her. FB shows Anurag going to see Madhuri. She cries. He holds her. She gets shocked. He says you are crying, what happened, is everything fine. She says yes, I m fine. He says I understand, your husband is marrying someone else. She says Navin isn’t my husband. He says I know, you got married to him, if this marriage happens today, your life will be ruined as well, if you be silent, the truth

won’t change, you love Navin, I care for Prerna. She says I wish I had a friend like you, I did everything for Navin, but now… He says you don’t want this to happen, stop this, please, save Prerna, I have nothing, I m helpless, you can help me, tell me who is Navin. She says he is a very dangerous man. He says I know, we can’t let anyone’s life get ruined because of this fear, I beg you, I need your help, I have to stop this marriage. She asks but how will you stop Prerna. He says she is sleeping now. She asks what shall I help. FB ends.

Navin says she is lying, she is my Bhabhi, why did she do this drama in mandap. Anurag says it was imp to save Prerna’s life and exposing your true face. Navin says they are lying. Moloy says if they are lying, you are only one to say truth, Anurag has seen you making Madhuri wear mangalsutra, Madhuri is saying she is your wife, she isn’t lying. Navin thinks I just want Prerna, I don’t care for them, its good Prerna isn’t here, everything will be fine, Prerna will come with me, if Anurag can kidnap her, I can’t spare her, how shall I go to her.

Prerna looks for her phone. Veena says thank God, our daughter got saved, she didn’t marry this man, thanks Anurag. Rajesh says we didn’t wish this to happen, Navin doesn’t deserve any girl. He scolds Navin. He asks Anurag to call Prerna, she should see Navin’s poison. He gets shouting in anger. Everyone holds him and calms him down. Prerna calls Shivani and asks her to answer. Shivani says Prerna is calling. Anurag says go and get her, she should know this too. Shivani goes. Anurag says relax uncle, Prerna got saved. Prerna asks Shivani to come and unlock the door. Shivani goes to window. Prerna asks her to open the door, she has to get married, Anurag has locked her. She scolds Shivani for telling truth to Anurag. Prerna says its my marriage, open the door, people would be finding me. Shivani says Navin has got married, nobody is finding you.

Prerna asks what, Navin got married, no, how can this happen, I m here. Shivani says listen to me, he has got married to Madhuri. Prerna gets shocked and says no. Shivani tells her everything. FB shows Shivani and Anupam coming to Prerna. Anurag says she is resting, Madhuri will be marrying Navin now. Anupam asks what, don’t marry Navin, he is a bad man. Anurag says don’t question much, Shivani observe Prerna, we have to get same clothes and jewellery for Madhuri. Shivani says we may get sample lahenga in Mohini’s cupboard. Anupam asks Madhuri to do bridal makeup until they come. They try to find bridal clothes for Madhuri. Anupam sees Mohini and worries. Mohini asks what are you doing with this sample lahenga. Anupam says I have come to take this. She asks why. He signs Anurag and Shivani. They quickly hide. She asks Anupam to answer her. FB ends. Prerna says it means Anupam told the truth to her.

Shivani says no, Anurag has saved him. FB shows Anurag signing Anupam. Anupam says I wanted to try this lahenga, I love this. Anurag comes calling Mohini and says pandit is calling you. Anupam keeps lahenga and goes. Anurag says I have a request, send Veena to get Prerna to mandap, she is Prerna’s mum, she will like it. Mohini says fine. Shivani asks did you involve mum in this plan. FB ends. Prerna says so mum agreed for Navin and Madhuri’s marriage. Shivani says no. Prerna says but how did mum take Madhuri to mandap. Shivani says just Anurag, Anupam and I knew this, so we had lied to mum. Prerna says you got Navin married to Madhuri, its bad, how did Madhuri agree for this marriage. Shivani says the real picture is still left, we will watch it with everyone.

Navin says Madhuri needed a man and married me to fulfill her need, Anurag and Madhuri have this deal, I got caught in this, strange, Mohini trust me, there is no proof or evidence. Sid comes and says I m the witness, I have seen Madhuri and your marriage certificate. Anurag hugs him and asks are you fine. Sid says Anupam called me. Mohini says everyone knew about this. Anurag says no, I told him, Navin is acting like a victim, truth is that he traps innocent girls like Prerna and sells them abroad, Ronita was his wife, this is Navin’s business, he doesn’t value girls, Navin is Pradeep. He shows the fake passports of Navin. Navin and everyone get shocked.

Anurag says Navin and Pradeep are same person. Madhuri says I compelled Ronita to change her statement, I had no other way, I had stolen this passport from Anurag that time. Veena says you knew his intentions and motives, we were not ready for this marriage, Prerna felt Navin will give her a good life, why did she agree for this marriage, tell me the truth.

Anurag says police is coming in some time. Navin holds him at the point of a knife. He threatens to kill Anurag. Mohini and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. yeh prerna to overacting ki tukan nikli… naira is far better from her… haha… and prerna ki wedding dress madhuri pe bohath achi lagra ha he. pathetic prerna.. aur kitni din dekna padtha he is dress pe prerna ko….!!!

    1. Lokesh

      Yes u r ryt, Madhuri is beautiful she is not that much old to be wife of unkle wo 2010 me cllg student play Karti thi in pkyek.

    2. Naira is far more better? I hate Naira from the core of my heart.. yeh rishta ruining character. Ng krishnakumari where are you today? waiting for your comments,

  2. Lokesh

    We have to wait till Friday .

  3. So many drama… These all r not required, but what can we expect from ekta😂. Boring… Story is not moving forward..

  4. So many drama… These are not at all required, but what can we expect from ekta😂. Boring… Story is not moving forward..

  5. plot of the story is a total crap ,lead pairs are full of overacting and its just a jewellery exhibition
    fatso ekta is serving boring and yawn shows and fools are watching this flop show , no matter how many emojis u put u fool fans this crap show and forced parica is unacceptable to viewers day by day #most brainless fans of kzk

  6. yes Munu metoo. naira is a spoilt brat. but prerna ko dhek kar meri perception for naira changed. ohh mera phn… phnnn phnnn… phn kaha he… shivi shivi shivi… moment. only she want to marry navin. kisiko trust nai karna he.

    1. @ Barathi. I used to love old Kasauti so I come in this forum to read the updates only. Otherwise, I haven’t seen the single episode and I don’t know the characters yet. Actually, reading only updates, I don’t have that guts to watch it hehehe… The episodes are not on you tube so I am out of the country so can’t watch it on TV, too. Ekta maam’s serials used to be watchable for about a year. But, I guess this serial is something else.

      and talking about Naira,, That character lead me to dislike Shivanngi and Moshin, too. The only serial that i used to love ruined after their marriage.

  7. Horrible acting! Highly recommend you to discontinue this stupid serial with everyone acting horribly especially the dumb Prerna. First time on television I just can’t watch someone’s acting. So stupid and over the top.

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