Kasautii Zindagii Kay 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Prerna worries for Anurag

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mohini saying Anurag is in problem, something is not right. Navin asks did anyone call you. She says no. He thinks she has a strong connection with Anurag, she will not be quiet if she knows this. He says he called me and said he is fine. She asks why do I feel stressed. He says weather is such, that’s why. Madhuri calls Navin and says I have seen Prerna there. He asks did Anurag die. She says no, he is taken to hospital, I will call you, control your anger. He says call me and inform me that he is dead, be alert. He thinks its better that Anurag dies.

Anurag is in ICU. Prerna comes running to the hospital. Anurag opens eyes. Doctor cleans his wounds. Anurag thinks I won’t come to you Lord, sorry, until I save Prerna. She sees him and cries. She wipes

her tears and goes in. She asks doctor what happened. Doctor says his condition is getting critical, be here, I will call a senior doctor and come. She says you will be fine, after that, I will never talk to you, this is not fair, you don’t know what I m feeling seeing you like this, open your eyes, please. She says you were trying to tell me about Navin, what did you want to tell me. She sees some paper in his hand and recalls his hands. She tries to get the paper. Doctor comes and asks her to leave the room. She says I won’t disturb. He says its against rules, go out and wiat, do you save him or not. She nods. She leaves. Chahat ke safar mein…plays…. Mohini worries. She gets a call. She says it would be Anurag. She gets shocked and asks which hospital. She drops the phone. Moloy asks what happened.

She says Anurag met with an accident, take me to my son. Navin says I will come along. Madhuri sees Prerna and hides. She thinks how to see if he is alive or not. Doctor asks are you Anurag’s wife. Prerna says no, I m his friend. Doctor says he has internal injuries, his body is behaving strange, it feels like he is desperate to divulge something and he is fighting for something, I haven’t seen such case. Madhuri thinks to go to Anurag’s room. Doctor asks Prerna to just pray for him. Prerna asks Anurag to come back to her, she needs him. Madhuri looks on and thinks Prerna loves him, but haven’t told him, and Anurag is giving his life for her and didn’t realize it, one has to be lucky to get such true love. Mohini and everyone come there. Madhuri sees them and runs out.

Mohini and everyone meet Anurag and cry. Prerna says he will get fine. Mohini asks what are you doing here, did you know about this accident, why didn’t you call us. She scolds Prerna. She asks doctor about her son. Doctor says he is critical. Navin thinks I m sure that Anurag has my marriage certificate in his hand, if Prerna finds out, then I will be in trouble, I have to take it. They talk to doctor. Navin tries to get the paper. Prerna thinks come back for me Anurag. Doctor asks all of them to go out. Mohini and Moloy talk to doctor. Moloy asks her to calm down. Navin prays that Anurag dies. Moloy asks doctor to call senior doctor for consulting. Prerna thinks I can’t leave you alone. Madhuri calls Navin.

Prerna is with Anurag. Madhuri and Navin argue. Madhuri says I couldn’t kill Anurag, Prerna is in love with Anurag, this is the truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. lol internet injury hahaahah well said amena ,u have made it so easy to make fun of this crap plot lol, even i know you have felt the same while updating
    bullshit plot ,nonsense old scenes # a big yawn on the plot and show # just repeating the old casette in new recorder lol
    wastage of time to see this crap plot
    ekta making z grade short films on alt balaji show lol times have changed and this crappy show has nothing new old was good though
    doctor was so funny ; overacting lol
    waste , flop ,no content, flop over actors this show is crap
    even motu patlu is better than this show hahahaha lol lol lol , just a jewellery exhibition nothing else flop !!!!

    1. Lokesh

      Baksh do modiji, kitna satoge Ekta Ko, par Desh ke liye jaruri hai aisa karna , karte Rahi ye.

    2. I think I should leave medical field and start watching ekta kapoor so i can tell that my pt. Is trying to tell something in critical position 😂😂😂 cz in icu all we get to asses pulses breaths and some imaging…

      1. Lokesh


  2. Lokesh

    Only gud thing about Ekta show is the pairing, pairs ke bond acche ban jaye , log connected fir uske Baad kuch bhi dikhate raho. Ppl will watch , like they doing for abhigya, Preetan, rishta , behir, etc.
    Kaha hota hai Aisa, MATLAB male lead Ko ammer Insan Bana do or show to middle class log dekhte hai, to jo bhi chahe dikha do logo ne to dekha nahi hai ki Ameer ke ghar me kya hota hai, so wo mante jate hai, jo bhi hota jaye, MATLAB ghar ka ek member truckekar jata hai, Apne hi bhanje Ko Jaan se marne or wo Bach jata hai , kyunki Ekta ke show me hero ka ek hi kaam hai heroine Ko bachana, so hero kaise marega. Ab bas yahi dikhate Jana hai, agar thodi bhi trp Kam huyi to kisika bhi bday celebrate kar do , shaadi karwa do or waha gunde bhej do. Log to dekhenge hi , kyunki viewers Garib hai, to wo to bas Ameer logo Ko follow karna chahta hai, so they will watch with much more curiosity ki shaadi kaise Hoti hai Ameer Gharo me, MATLAB itne modern age me aise bakwas kon dekhega.
    Last patta of Ekta is Garib female lead, koi bhi serial le lo Ekta ka, sabme ladki Garib hi milegi. Yaha PE log aur bhi jyada connected feel karte hai.ki koi to Garib hai to log uske liye bhi dekhte hai, sayad unhe bhi Anurag jaisa koi mil jaye ya Abhi Paragya, mahhir Bela, and some more, which is never gonna happen. Aaj na pata nahi bhadas nikalni thi bas , so sab likh Dia sorry to the prompt viewers

  3. Lokesh

    Mai agar Anurag hota to pakka us buddhe unkle Ko physical mar mar ke sach bulwa deta, faltu ka episodes badha rahe hai, really sad for Parth for playing in this isse behtar to Naagin 3 hai

  4. So much over acting by Prerna. I think I am done with this crap.:(

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