Kasam-Tere Pyaar Ki (U r my Ki & I’m ur Ka)-Epi-3


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The Episode starts with———
In the Morning: _
@Felid: _
Raaj: Veeru I don’t know why I’m feeling bad today !!
Veeru: I Know You were worried for Rishi Right…!!!
Raaj: Yes, today is his B’Day. Saint Kalyani’s words make me feel that I losing my son Day by Day………………….
Veeru: Don’t Worry! My Daughter Tanu will take care of Rishi…
Raaj: I don’t have words to speak… U r an Ideal True Friend…… (with tears) …
Raaj and Veeru Hugged each other.
@Rishi’s House:
Rishi: Mom!! Today is Sunday and My B’Day too….
Rano: So what do you want on ur b’day?
Rishi: I want to see stage drama…that will be played by Hari on Vasantha Navratri.
Rano: Okay I will ask ur father’s permission.

Rishi (In Happy Mood): Thankq Soo much…
Rishi and Rano hug each other… While Tanu Enters Rishi’s house with Aahana and Manpreet…
Tanu: Happy B’Day Rishi Singh Bedi…
Rishi: Thankq Tanu
Then Everyone sings HBD Song to Rishi and Rishi cut the cake and he gave the 1st piece to Tanu. Raaj n Veeru looks on Happy.
@ Evening: _
Rano, Shanta, Veeru and Raaj take their child to see the stage drama. Rishi Goes to Hari (Rishi’s Friend).
Rishi: Hari ATB for ur stage performance…
Hari: Thankq Buddy…
Rishi and everyone sit down to watch the Drama. The Announcer said that the story is about Romeo and
Juliet and this will be played by Hari and Avantika.
Hari and Avantika played the Role successfully and Rishi can’t able to understand.
Rishi: Mom what means Love?

Rano: Love is just a name and see there your friend is playing the Romeo character and these are all fiction.
There is No True Love in the world… But there is Love which can’t see by mind, it can only see by heart and this is truth.
For e.g. u can take me n ur father. We love each other by heart and not by mind…. In this world and in today’s generations
Love were just fake… they only love for money, etc… and not and human being.
Rishi got bit confused but he smiled only. After the drama gets Overed Tanshi goes to play Hide and seek near the Ganges.
Tanu and Rishi got equal points. So, Rishi shares his plan to Tanu that if anyone run’s fast and touch

the bridge will be regarded as the winner. Tanu Agrees and they both runs fast.
Rishi beats Tanu in the race and he makes fun of Tanu. Tanu got angry and tries to leave.
But when she sees Rishi’s sound for help… she turns and see that Rishi is in Danger.
Rishi tries to fell off from the bridge but he holds the rope tightly. Tanu comes to his rescue and she takes her Dupatta
and ties it in large and strong rope that was near the neem tree and she ties the rope on the tree and she throws it to Rishi.
Tanu: Rishi Please hold my dupatta tight and don’t leave it.
Rishi fearfully nods and he hold her dupatta and he climbs up. Tanu gives her hand to Rishi and she hardly pulls him up.
While Veeru and Raaj feel bad Vibes and at that time their friend Teeraj comes running and says to VeeRaj that there
both child are at risk and ask them to come to bridge. The Tanshi Family got shocked and they came in running.
They reached the bridge and Raaj sees Tanu is struggling to take out Rishi from the Ganges. He Goes to them and everyone saves Tanshi.

Raaj: Thanks to lord that Tanu saved Rishi’s Life from Death today.
Rano: yeah u r rgt! Agar yeh nahi toh kya hota pata nahi. Thankq Tanu may god bless u.
Shanta: Yeh toh teak hai lekin…. Tanu n Rishi were suffering from cold we should protect them now…… what can we do now?
There is no place here and we reach home late too.
At that time Raaj sees Durga Mandir and shouts.
Raaj: hey everyone look at there…. Durga mandir is pass by and we can take our children there….
Veeru: Yeah hurry up everyone….
Tanshi were taken to mandir were Kalyani is seen. She is doing Kali raath ki pooja (Lord Kaali’s Night Pooja).
She suddenly senses the fresh rose flowers smell and she turns and see that the rose flowers were none other than

Tanshi…….she smiles looking at them.
Rano and Shantha cares for Tanshi and ask their respective husbands to do something. But Raaj and Veeru stands silent. Kalyani goes near them.
Kalyani: after 8 yrs they were back to kaali maa and back to me.
Raaj: You are the same lady right?…
Kalyani: Yes I’m. U all were returned to me by fate and no one can change the fate infront of Kaali.
Veeru: but our childrens were got hurt by the accident and I belive that only you can cure them please make them fine.

Kalyani: why I should cure. Tanu is always there for Rishi and no one can hurt Rishi when Tanu is Present.
See now also Tanu becomes sheild and she saves Rishi… Look at her hand.
Shanta cries seeing at her hand. Tanu’s hand gets hurt by saving Rishi.
Kalyani: Don’t cry. This is all fate and one thing I want to say that they both made for each other and
no one can break their bondage. Tommorow is the best day for Roka and they should be one.
Rano was curt by the words of Kalyani but she pretend to be happy. Everyone gets Happy about Tanshi’s Roka.

In the Morning:-
All preparations were done and they bring Tanu and Rishi.
Tanu wored a beautiful long Red lehenga gown and Rishi wored Red with checked kurtha.
They were Perfect. Here Rano was unable to digest but when she Tanshi. Her Evil Thoughts vanished by their cute smile.
Rano and Shanta does Kaala Teeka of Tanshi. Kalyani make Tanshi sit and she keep the one chunri on the both heads.

Tanshi doesn’t know about the happenings but they smile seeing each other.
Tanshi’s Roka is done.
Kalyani: This Jodi were made in 1000 yrs before and Rishi will be reborn again and again to get his love and no one can stop them from uniting.
Raaj: I’ve doubt! can you clear my doubt?
Kalyani: I know what u want to say. Rishi is having Kaal in his kundali and he has to marry the girl with opposite planets of him and
Tanu is the one who is having and there is a love story that remained for years and the story will be out when Tanu Dies when she
got married to Rishi and it will be reaveled for sure on the same Kaali ki Raath. This is the Divine love that is soo precious
than even Kohinoor Diamond. When Rishi not get married to Tanu there will be a big problem that even normal people can’t survive

in this world and what will happen I will not reveal.
Kalyani warns and bless Tanshi for a happy Life.Raaj and everyone got surprised and shock. Kalyani blesses them and leaves.
After Kalyani leaves Raaj and Veeru have a emotional talk i.e., They both were going to separate for 15 yrs.
Raaj: I still sad for our childs. Who were going to separate for 15 yrs because I’m taking Rishi and Rano with me for
Canada for a good job and I will miss your affectionate love(friendship).
Veeru: Don’t worry. Even I’m also going to London and I’m leaving my family here. My Shanta is here to take care of them
and she is part of the Patiyala’s Panchayat. So she knows how take care of her child.
Raaj n Veeru smile and hugs each other and They go to their respective home for packing Items.After that
Tanu ask about Roka that happened with Rishi to her mother Shanta.
Shanta: Your soul is made for Rishi and his soul is made for you. You both will not separate even when you both far away.
Do u remember about the love that you asked me.
Tanu nods her head.

Shanta: You finally got your love Rishi and he is the one who is going to marry you. You both were made for each other and
both of your kundali says the same. You are the Destination of Love for him… for your Love he will take rebirth many times
and this is love when he miss you . One of things will be attached to him that he will not spare anyone who touches your things nor even you.
Tanu is amazed by the comment. She runs to the same neem tree where they both used to sit and talk. Tanu stands @
the big rock and she sees Rishi comming infront of her.
Rishi and Tanu suddenly talks the same matter that there parents told. But Rishi was confused about the love.
Tanu gives the nice explanation.

Tanu: When the Lovers miss eachother there only messenger will help them i.e., none other than Chanduji(Moon).
The moon is there only timepass and they can see there face this moon. When they meet as strangers they both will feel some
connection b/w them and finds about eachother and finally they will meet at one situvation were they can’t belive to eachother and
their love blossoms and gets even more strong from that moment. This is the love.
Rishi can’t understand but he still smiles looking at Tanu.

Precap:- The Time Flies and @Canada…. Raaj and his young son Manpreet shouts n cheers @ Rishi… Rishi is shown.

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Credit to: SriRanjani

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