Kasam-Tere Pyaar Ki (U r my Ki & I’m ur Ka)-Epi-2


The Epi starts with the leap:————-
After 8yrs: _
Veeru, Raaj, Rano and Shanta goes to theatre for watching new film. While Tanshi plays Gilli-danda.
Tanu: Rishi u r playing well.
Rishi: Same to u
and the both laughs. After some time, the both gets tired and goes near neem tree for refreshing themselves. Suddenly Rishi wants to play with Tanu’s dupatta. He takes the dupatta and makes the turban on his head and calls Tanu.
Tanu (surprised): Rishi give my dupatta back
but Rishi doesn’t listen and he runs. Tanu follows him and calls him Rishi seven times. At last Rishi turns and climbs on the mango tree and makes Tanu angry. Tanu pleads him to return.
Rishi: Okay…
and tries to get down but suddenly he goes to fall but he holds the branch.
Tanu (shocked): Rishi not take off ur hands from that branch.
But Rishi feels pain and he loses the balance and he falls down.
Tanu comes to him and gives her hand and hold him up.
Tanu (laughs): Rishi I got my dupatta now.
Rishi (smirked): Okay Okay let’s go n continue the Gilli-danda.
Tanu (denies): I want to have some food as I’m feeling Hungry. Does u want have food? Then come along with me.
Rishi also feels hungry and the both go to their respective house.
@ Rishi’s House✨
Rishi: Maa I’m really hungry give me some food.
Rano: Wait my Puppy…Here it is.
Rishi? (In angry mood): Maa don’t call me puppy and I am not a puppy, U got it!!
Rano: Every mom will give a nick name to their child and I Love u n ur Brother a lot….
Rishi: U call my Brother Mannu as Puppy and call me as Rishi…
Rano? (laughs): This is my decision. I will call Manpreet as Mannu and U as Puppy.
Rishi? (angrier than before): Let it be. One day I will leave u and go somewhere with someone with good heart.
Rano? (laughs): Ohh…. Is It Lets see who wins in the life race.
@ Tanu’s House✨
Shanta: Tanu why u came soo early? Is everything being fine.
Tanu: Yes,Mom….
Veeru: Then we four can have food together. Tanu and Ahana come and sit with ur dad.
Tanu n Ahana sit together with their father and Shanta serves the food.
Veeru: Tanu n Ahana open ur mouth. I will feed u both today. ?
Tanu n Ahana gets Happy?, They play Sudoku while eating. Then They finished their lunches.

@ Tanu n Ahana’s Room✨
Ahana: Didi… Help me to write… I can’t Understand the tough sums…Plz teach me.
Tanu: Okay come n sit with me…I will teach u…
Ahana: Thank u Didi…?
Tanu: Ur welcome…?
In the Night Raaj n Veeru Have a chat with the New Movie Kasam (My Imagination Guys?)
There Tanshi and their Mothers holding their Siblings come to the Yard where Raaj n Veeru have a Chatting.
Tanshi sits beside their Respective Fathers.
Raaj: Veeru did u see that the hero made a promise to that heroine that he will be back in some days or some years.
Veeru: Yes. But I thought he will not return but the he returns only for that heroine who is waiting for years. The film is Kasam (Promise) and the hero fulfilled his promise that he gave to that heroine and they finally get married without any troubles.
Tanshi (Interrupts): What is Kasam Dad?
Raaj: Kasam means Promise… for eg: if I promise ur mom that I will give her a 1000’s of Roses. That promise has to be fulfilled. And by fate I should get the 1000’s of Roses for ur mom.
Rishi? (laughs): Dad how can mummaa carry 1000’s of roses in her short hair? Did u make any dress for her with that 1000’s of roses????
Veeru?(laughs): Yes, I helped ur dad to buy 1000’s of tiny duplicate roses and we made a nice Frock with that roses and with extra roses we made a T-Shirt for ur Mom n Dad.
Rishi: but why dad gift that dress to mom?
Raaj n Rano Blushed with eachother…. ?
Veeru: The Both loves eachother and they fight with eachother and their Love increases doubled and me n shanta help the both to marry. When Marriage gets over they want to gift eachother so that’s why ur Dad give one promise to ur Mom. Ur mom promised that she will gave a birth to a child with lots of love and a sign for their love.
Rishi? (gets confused): Ohh that’s it… we want to sleep for some time and take us for that movie too.
Veeru: sure but before get a good sleep…
Everyone tell their Good Nights and leaves…
@Rishi n Manpreet’s Room✨
Rishi? (to himself): What is love? Where it can be seen? (he gets thoughtful n thinks to find out by himself)
@Tanu n Ahana’s Room✨
Tanu: Mom!! what is love? where it can be seen?
Shanta: Love means it is a bond of a 2 souls. One Prince/Princess will search for his only Princess/Prince and that to with difficulty. They will feel some connection btw the both… but they can’t realize that his/her pair is behind them. By fate they meet each other n Promise eachother that they will not leave him/her in their life. They may have some problems to unite… but all the problems will get solved when they believe their soulmate n their power of Love.
Tanu: Wow Nice Mom. When I will feel that my Love soul is here?
Shanta? (smiles): Still U have some more years to find ur Soulmate and U need not to worry. I will tell u at the right time when u will get ur love.
Tanu ?(smiles): Maa I know about one Love (i.e.,) My Parents Love for their child… Love U mummaa…
Shanta (with all happiness): Love u to beta……. ?

Precap: Tanu holds Rishi’s hands Tight and holds him up by saving Rishi she gets hurt.

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Credit to: Sriranjani

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