Kasam-Tere Pyaar Ki (U r my Ki & I’m ur Ka)-Epi-1


The episode starts with Raaj and Veeru having a cup of coffee and share some news of the village patiala and laughs of their childhood incidents. Just then Shanta comes with 3 yr old Tanu on her hands and Rano comes with 3 yr old Rishi. The 4 have funny chats and eat food together under the tree shadow. Raaj ask Veeru to come to Durga maa Temple for preparations of Holi and leaves. Veeru ask Shanta and Rano to take of their child’s and leaves. Shanta and Rano plays with Tanshi.
Veeru and Raaj goes to Temple and Prepares for the Holi Function. Their friend Teeraj appears and he says to Raaj and Veeru that he has called one Women who can calculate their future and tell us about it and she is a great Tantric in doing Durga maa’s Pooja and she is great bhakth of Durga maa/Kaali maa.
Raaj and Veeru get glad and ask Teeraj for welcome preparation. Teeraj says the work has been done and ask them to relax. Veeru and Raaj gets happy. Veeru says to Shanta about the women and so does Raaj to Rano. They all get happy.
The whole village get ready for the preparation of Holi Dhakan.
In the morning; Raaj and Veeru goes to the temple for welcoming the maa kaali bhakth. All were curious to know about their future.
The women enter into the temple and the place gets pin drop silent. The women come near kaali maa and says Jai kaali maa and throws the sindoor happily. Everyone too says Jai kaali maa and falls on the women’s feet. The women blessed them and introduces herself as kalyani. Kalyani sees Tanshi lying near the pillar and she turns to kaali maa and says Kaali maa u r really great and goes to Raaj and Veeru and says to them that they were really lucky to get these children. The Tanshi’s parents gets happy. Kalyani ask them not to smile too much as she is going to about their miserable and excitement future. Their smile vanishes and Kalyani further says to Raaj and Veeru that Rishi will die in his 24th age as he has dosh in his kundali becoz of his previous birth problem and she can’t tell them. Raaj and Rano gets shocked. Raaj ask for the solution from Kalyani. Kalyani says that Tannushree will be his protective shield and whenever Rishi is in problem she will feel it and she will save Rishi from the death. But whenever she saves Rishi, she will get hurt and Rishi will rescue her from dying but one day he will not save her instead he will lose her. Veeru and Raaj gets shocked and gets teary eyes. Kalyani says they have to do roka for them at their age of 8 and she will be waiting for them; in this kaali maa temple and goes to do meditation.
Raaj and Veeru discuss about the happenings and gets worried. Veeru consoles himself and Raaj too. The time flies.

Precap:- Tanu Holds Rishi’s Hand tight and lifts him up from the river and she gets hurt.

Guys Please leave ur comments and ur comments may encourage me to give more romance btw Tanshi…. 😀 🙂
I hope U enjoyed the 1st part. the starting may looks sad but sad is the step stone for happiness (this is my words but that’s true for everyone in every manner)…
Leave ur comments below 😀 🙂 …. <3 Credit to: Sriranjani

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  1. You did an amazing job!! I love it! Pls continue to do this good of a job!

  2. Luv it sree pls continue

  3. Yr….it was nice but I am really confused…Is there any fiction added in this?its all same to real one…its fan fiction..U should add somewhat fiction..u r just repeating same story.???

  4. Really good one continue ur writings

  5. Guys the starting may looks exactly same but after that I will change the story line and it looks more interesting……..Wait for some days my cutie pies….. 😀 🙂

  6. Im really feeling as if the story is the same i am really sorry to say i didnt feel any new story in this …

  7. Shri it is very nice i loved it and u dont have to worry with d others comments as kasam is a story related these so if u add this in ur ff it will become more gud …

  8. Woooo!!!! Continue ur gud works … amazing thanks so much and….. waiting to see what happens next…. I’m sooooo excited!!!! ;-);-);-)

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