Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki (tanshi forever) Prologue


Hi guys I am back with a new ff on kasam.This ff is focusing on after old tanu”s death and tanuja will be played by kratika only.

Rishi is sitting in his cabin.He is doing some work then a man comes inside.

Rishi:What you want?

Man:I want two days holiday as my wife is not well.

Rishi gets angry

Rishi:If these are the problems then why you joined the office.You are fired from your post.

Man:Rishi sir please don’t do like this.

Rishi:Just get out of my office.

Man:Sir please listen to me.

Rishi:Guards throw him out of the office.

Guards comes there and throws him out of the office.

Rishi:I just hate the people who give execuses.

He leaves his cabin.

Tanuja is seen running in the field of sunflower.She was very happy.She stops and says

Tanuja:Life is really beautiful.

She hears the voice of her mother Shardha.

Shardha:Tanuja come have your food.

Tanuja:Coming may

Tanuja goes to her house and sees Shardha waiting for her.

Tanuja sits on chair and haves her food.

Tanuja:Ma this is very tasty.

Shardha:Thanks beta

Precap:Rishi goes to Ahana and asks her to bring a file.Ahana goes to take his file when she is about to fall when Manpreet catches her.

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  1. This is one of My favourite Serial and i really find myself lucky to have someone one like you who help us manage our time once again thanks

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks sana

  2. Thnq siddhi 4 another ff. I luv tanshi/krasha a lot. Thnx 4 making kratika as tanuja

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks vansh

  3. Rithik

    Thanks siddhi i love this ff

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks ritik

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