Hiiii everyone…here is your salluzz yet again with a wonderful one shot…it’s all about a family,how they all stand together,protect each other more over love and care each other…hope u all will enjoy……


DEENDAYAL GADODIA(83):Retired supreme court cheif justice

SHEKHAR GADODIA(60):Cheif justice;kolkata high court


VARUN GADODIA(37):Honourable educational minister of india,a dr by profession.


MANAV GADODIA(34):Commander at Naval Army

ALIA MANAV GADODIA(33):Secretary of human rights,a forensic surgeon

MILAN GADODIA(32):MLA of houra,a advocate(vakil)by profession

SHRADHA MILAN GADODIA(30):Criminal lawyer


AYESHA SAHIL GADODIA(26):Dr by profession

SWARA GADODIA(22):District collector of kolkata






SANSKAR MAHESWARY:(25)A.C.P. of kolkata

This is about main characters…and one more thing,i prepared two parts so choose the one which u like….one is happy ending other is happy ending bt emotional one…hope u guys will enjoy reading…..so lets move to our story……

KOLKATA,One of the oldest city. It is known as the ‘city of joy’. People of different caste, creed and religion live in harmony here. There are many exciting places to visit here. The National Library, Indian Museum, Alipore Zoological Garden, Marble Palace and Victoria Memorial Hall are some of them. People from all over the country come to visit these places.

Our story takes place in kolkata…….


Adv sharma:my lord,this is a fabricated story.The man who is suspected to be the convict is a handicaped man,how can a handicaped man rape and kill a girl.its all a blunder,the officers are wasting precious time of court


A girl stands up..


Shradha:thanku my lord…so mr sharma,u said that he Govinda rao is a handicaped man??

Adv sharma:do u have any objection in it

Shradha:no not at all….kk let me ask u one thing,u said that he is a handicaped man and its not possible to rape or kill someone who has no physical challenge ryt??

Adv sharma:do u have any hearing problem??i said it naa

Shradha:let me finish mr sharma…leave that all..now say me if he is not the culprit then how is it possible that his fingerprint present on the girl’s body??

Adv sharma looks down

Shradha:u will not have any answer..my lord,i would like to call the officer who investigated this case

Judge:yes proceed


a man comes there,salutes the judge

Shradha:so mr sahil,u are the one who investigated this case along with u were the one who take her to hospital ryt??


Shradha:can u describe what happend actually on that day

Sahil:i was coming after a small inaguration,when i reached anant nagar,i heard some chopping voice coming out,so i went to that direction,i didnt see anyone just saw a sack,i opened it and found a girl,she was half nude,and i immediately takes ber to hospital

Adv sharma:that doesnt mean govind is culprit

Sahil:before death,the girl said that the man was handicaped and also have a tatto on his back..

Shradha:u may go

Sahil leaves saluting judge

Shradha:now i would like to examine forensic surgen


another women comes there

Shrdha:so dr…u were the one who did the postmortum…are u sure that he is the culprit

Alia:ofcourse…..a person can be mistaken or framed for a murder bt no one can ever fabricated a person’s dna or fingerprints…it was a tough postmortum,all most all the internal organs were damaged,it was such a brutal murder….

Shradha goes govind

Shradha:dont u shame mr….how could u kill a innocent girl

Govind(shouting):she is not innocent,how dare she reject my proppsal,i did it..yes i did it…i will not leave u too…

He comes out of courts cage,and was about to attack shradha bt sahil comes there

He gives a tight slap

Sahil:dont dare touch them with ur dirty hands…

Judge:order order

Police takes him

Judge:its hereby announced that govind is the culprit and he has also accepted it,so he is sentenced to death on 17th december 2017…We also appreciate police officer who nab the culprit within 24hours…the court is adjourned…

Alia is moving out


Alia smiles and turns

Alia:kya hua shradha…are u happy

Shrdha:ofcourse…he deserves punishment

Alia:i knw it yaar…anyways let me leave,there is a awareness camp for children

Shrdha:haa badi bahabhi..take care

Alia:u too

Alia leaves….

Medias comes there

Media:how is ur feeling ryt now
Media:u havnt fail in any case
Media:what is ur next case

Shradha:will u allow me to speak

Media:sorry madom…

Shradha:its not about winning or losing,for me its just truth wins….and im so happy not because i won,bt because a parents got justice…thats it…..thanku

She leaves……

Medias:after a year,we can see police improving in their case….sahil gadodia has proved today that within a day any case can be solved….

Sahil comes there

Sahil:plz…no more question…i need to reach secretariat…..and haa,with all gods graze we were able to nab the criminal

He too leaves

A girl is watching this on tv

Girl:i will not leave u….i need u sahil….i love u more than that blo*dy aeysha…..

Another girl turns with a bump on stomach

Girl:did u call me leena

Leena:no ayesh..actually see ur husband is on tv naa

AyeshA smiles

All hospital staffs congratulate ayesha for sahil’s success whereas leena is fuming in jeaolous..

Same time at a hall

host:so it has been 3 years since our honourable supreme court chief justice has retired,bt still he is there in our all mind,he have done a lot to people,so i invite mr deen dayal gadodia to come on the stage

A old man comes there

Host:now i call our honorable educational minister varun to give a speech

A man comes to mike point

Varun:im so happy to stand in front of u all like this..the first time when i stand on stage was in my 5th age..and due to fear i pee on the stage

All laughs

Varun:bt then my father comez to me and removed all my fears…and see now im seeing u all taking with u all without any fear….we need to fear in one thing that is justice…if we are ryt then we will never get afraid of justice….i,from the bottom of my heart give gratitudes to the honorable supreme court chief justice..even though u r retired u will remain same as chief justice……………….time cant come back..time is more imporatant..ti

He stops and all turns and looks in that direction,find a girl coming,she wore a jeans along with a white kurta…

She comes near stage

Varun:whats the time now


Varun:do u knw that,the program is on 10:00

Girl looks down

Varun:did u hear me swara…

Swara nodes

Varun:u r the district collector,still being so irresponsible….

Swara:im so sirry sir

Varun:just because of ur sorry,the time will come back…..u r the head of a district

Swara closes her eyes and looks down……

Varun looks around and find all are taking videos…..

Varun:i will take leave and u miss swara,dont repeat this again

Swara nodes….

After sometime

A couple is travelling in car

They are hearing news of both insult of swara and soumya case

A boy who is around 26 looks out and finds a girl fighting with some boy

They are in traffic

Boy:lady don..looks like the law is not much correct here..the girl is fighting with boys and no one cares

Driver:she must have a reason for that sanskar sir


Driver:they must have teased or distubed anyone

Sanskar nodes

Dp:that govind deserves the punishment

Ap:yea…bt i think varun sir have did wrong with collector

Driver:u all are new here naa..thats y


Driver:just now sanskar sir have called lady don..she is our district collector

All are shocked

Driver:swara gadodia and the educational minister is swara’s elder brother varun,varun gadodia..the program conducted was for chief justice deendayal and he is their grandfather


Driver:haa madom…not only that,the soumya case na…it was judged by shekhar gadodia who is father to varun and swara…Nd that lawyer and forensic doctor is two of the daughter in law of gadodias…the officer who investicated this was gadodia’s younger son,sahil

Dp:such a family

Driver:not finished sir,gadodia’s first daughter in law is uthara,a DEO….2nd son manav gadodia,commander and his wife is alia that forensic doctor…milan gadodia our MLA along with a lawyer is 3rd son,shradha is his wife..4th sahil and his wife cardiacologist ayesha….

Dp:so last one is collector

Driver:yes sir

Ap:then her husband

Driver:she is just 22…..

Dp:small age

Driver:haa sir….u knw sir,if i had. Son,i will surely get him married to swara

Ap:are u kidding….they are such high class people

Driver:bt they dont want any high class businessman for their princess bt they need someone who can lives happily with them without breaking their unity…..we dont want Swara for her richness bt for her heart which is filled with love…..

Sanskar smiles

Driver:they travel without any security…this swara naa..she will travel in scooty only…once they reached gadodia mansion,they are just varun manav milan sahil and shonu……

Dp:we cNt find such a family now

Driver:absolutely correct sir….after sharmishta madom’s death,uthara have given all love of a mother…swara was just 12 year old…..

Dp:swara’s mother

Driver:haa sir,she was RDO,she died infront of uthara and swara’s eyes..not died bt killed…..

Dp:does no one arrested him

Driver:no sir….bt if he again comes infront of swara naa,then he is gone..she has taken an oath that he will die only by her hands…

Sanskar: violating law

Driver:they will never show any mercy if someone dare to attack on family..they can die each other……bt will never let Anyone to break their unity…sir,u r assigning as ACP naa,slowly u all will undersatnd their love…..thier kasam……


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