Kasam- Tanu’s reincarnation story (Episode 6)

Recap: Whole Bedi family, Sarah(Tanu’s lookalike) and her friend Ashley sit in the dining table and r having breakfast
Manpreet’s daughter Sandy enters and looks at Sarah and Ashley.
Sandy(to Ahana): Mom, who r these two guests?
Ahana:Dear, She works in ur dad’s office.
Sarah(looking at Sandy): Manpreet Sir, ur daughter is really cute.
Manpreet: Thanks Sarah.
Sandy gazes at Sarah.
Sandy(to Ahana): Mom, isnt she Tanu mausi whose photo is in Rishi Chachu’s room with garland?
Everyone gets tensed hearing this.

Sarah(surprised): What she said ?
Sandy said that in Hindi and as Sarah and Ashley r Americans they didnt knew Hindi.
Ahana(to Sandy): Dear, go and get ready for school.
Sandy leaves.
Sarah: Im first time seeing an American girl speaking Hindi so efficiently.
Manpreet: We taught her after adopting her from an orphanage.
Everyone finishes the breakfast.
Sarah(to Rishi): Thanks for the breakfast sir, we are leaving and again sorry for all the troubles.
Rishi: I said u, no need to say sorry,see u in the office.

Sarah: Okay sir. Goodbye Mr and Mrs Bedi.
Raj: Okay dear, u can come to our house whenever u want.
Sarah: Thanku Mr Bedi.
Sarah and Ashley leave.
Raj(thinking): Her behaviour isnt like Tanu but still she looks like a good girl.
Rishi and Manpreet r going to the office in the car.
Manpreet: Bhai? I cant believe u went to a bar last night.

Rishi: What’s wrong in going to a bar ?
Manpreet: Bhai, When was the last time u went to a bar?
Rishi: uh, Sarah was forcing me, so I couldnt say no.
Manpreet(smiling): Bhai, do u like her?
Rishi: Have u gone mad ? She is half of my age and u know very well that I only love Tanu.
Manpreet: Bhai, Im seeing u happy after so many years and it just happened after u met Sarah.
Rishi: Its nothing like that. She is very friendly and has a very good sense of humour.
Manpreet: Bhai, if u feel happy spending time with her, then its fine. And this age difference is just bullshit. We r
living in America, not India and here its no big deal.

Rishi: Chote, I told u na, there is nothing between us.
Manpreet(thinking): Accept it Bhai, u have really started liking her.
Rishi and Manpreet reach office. Rishi is doin some work in his chamber Sarah enters.
Sarah: Sir, Please have a look at these documents.
Rishi: Okay
Sarah: Sir, will u have lunch with me today?

Rishi: Uh…
Sarah: Sir, Please dont say no. I had breakfast with ur family today, so will have to do lunch with me.
Rishi(smiling): Uh, okay.
Rishi and Sarah go to a nearby restaurant.
Sarah: U know sir, here’s speciality is Italian food and I love Italian. Do u like it?
Rishi: Yeah, I also love Italian.
Sarah: Sir, Can I ask u a personal question ?
Rishi: Oh, dont mind, please ask.
Sarah: Sir, Why are u still single? Uh, I mean such a good looking and handsome man like u isnt married yet. Ther must be
some reason behind it.
Rishi gets tensed hearing this.

Rishi: Now u have asked then I will not hide anything. I passionately loved a girl and I lost her in a car accident.
Now I cant marry anyone because I cant forget her.
Sarah gets shocked and starts getting hallucinations of her previous birth.
Sarah: Oh, Im really sorry sir, I shouldnt have asked.
Rishi: No need of saying sorry. What can we do ? It was written in our fate.
Sarah: Its really a big tragedy.
Rishi: Okay, u knew my story, now its ur turn. Did u ever fall in love?
Sarah: No sir, though I had many affairs. Just left my ex-boyfriend 2 weeks ago.
Rishi: So, do u believe in love?
Sarah: Honestly, I dont. I dont want to get married or have kids. I dont want any family. I want to live life to its fullest.
Rishi: So, any other question for me?
Sarah: Yeah sir, but I think its too personal.
Rishi: I said to u, dont mind.
Sarah: uh okay, r u a virgin?
Rishi gets shocked and starts laughing.
Rishi: u r really naughty.
Sarah: U said not to mind.
Rishi: Okay, no.
Sarah: And when did u loosed it?
Rishi: Oh God, why did I said you to ask? Okay, At 20 a one night stand. Well u dont know it but I was a big casanova once.
Sarah: No doubt on that. u can still look more handsome than today’s generation.
Rishi: U know, u r a big flirt.
Sarah: Yeah, I know.

Rishi: So I told u about mine, now its ur turn. r u a virgin?
Sarah: What do u think? definitely not.
Rishi: And when did u loosed it?
Sarah: On my 12th birthday with my ex-boyfriend.
Rish(smiling and thinking): Sarah is so different than my Tanu but still I see my Tanu in her. Why I feel happy when I spend time
her? What’s wrong with me?

To Be Continued………..

Credit to: Luna


  1. kelly

    i am very grateful and thankful for this update . especially the fact that you give more dialogue as i do not speak hindi and the only way i understand what is going on is by reading recaps. Please continue the good work. and i missed the last two episodes are ahana and manpreet together??.

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